Name: Nala (Nalani)
Age: 32 (born 176 AT)
Hair: Black with blue tints.
Height: 5’6″
Place of Birth: Bitra Hold
Place of Residence: Honshu Weyrhold
Weyr Rank: Wingsecond
Dragon: Jaeger Tech Blue Jynth
Played-by: Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori


Willowy and long of limb, Nala is not exceptionally tall at 5’6″, though this puts her at just above the average height for a woman. Not particularly curvy, her figure leans towards the more lithe end of the spectrum, her hips slim and waist faintly hollowed, limbs graced with the subtle muscle of a body used to work. Her hair is dark and cut into a savagely precise bob in line with her jaw, though it is sometimes tamed with black pins. The very front of her hair finds its last couple of inches dyed a blue to match her lifemate. Her eyes are likewise dark and often lined with kohl, adding a sharpness to an already angular face.


A daughter of Bitra, Nalani was expected to grow up and marry well. However, she was also expected to serve her Hold and Blood, so she was trained in the art of how to run a variety of gambling games to assist with the running of Bitra’s gaming rooms, taught sleight of hand and how to charm as well as the feminine arts.

…A shame most of the latter were lost on her.

When she was sixteen, she was sent to another major Hold as a potential pride for their new, young Lord, Bitra hoping that she would manage to secure a profitable alliance. However, what Nalani did was strike up an affair with the Hold’s Journeyman Harper, the relationship one that lasted until a bride – not her – was chosen and she was sent home. The consequences of that relationship, she was soon to face, her family assuming she had been taken advantage of by her potential husband and willing to accept a Blooded bastard as leverage, only for the child she birthed to plainly not be his. The baby was taken from her and sent away, while she was put back to work at the gaming tables.

Nalani could only tolerate her situation for so long. Though her eldest brother tried to still her wilder instincts by instructing her in combat, it was soon apparent that she was not in a fit state to continue living at Bitra – not if she was to continue living at all. Quietly, he arranged for his dragonrider lover to steal her away to Fort, and all others assumed that Nalani had run away.

At Fort, next to nothing about Nalani’s background was common knowledge. She arrived with letters of recommendation that earned her a job as a headwoman’s assistant and soon settled to her work without causing much of a scene or any hassle, only going by the name of ‘Faye’. What was seen of Nalani during those days usually found her in the training room or in the bar. She was not a drunkard by any stretch of the imagination, but she was known to enjoy quality spirits beyond her salary and spend her time people-watching. Despite her variable income, she continued to wear the well-tailored, high-fashion clothing that she’d been noted for since her arrival (even if her fashion wasn’t particularly feminine).

Searched for the next clutch to arrive on the Sands, she Impressed Jaeger Tech Blue Jynth… and arguably continued her downward spiral. Outwardly, she and Jynth were not what one would want in a dragonrider pair. Content with only each other’s company and too in sync for comfort, they were considered a danger to themselves and others. When Jynth flinched, so would Nala, and vice versa. When Nala flew into a rage, Jynth would only support her, unwilling to go against her wishes. It reached a point where Jynth was little more than an extension of Nala to anyone who didn’t bother to try and understand them, the bluerider seeming to control his every move. They adored each other. They belonged together. That, Nala believed, was all that mattered.

They became more and more reckless, including an attempt to pursue a queen in flight, when Nala inadvertently slammed Jynth into the wall of the bowl to try and keep him on the ground. Months of physical therapy and mindhealing followed, the two forced to practise keeping enough physical and mental distance between them to function independently. They hated it, but they did it. Towards the end of their ‘retraining’, Jynth caught green Ryerith and Nala found someone with the softness to tame her: namely, Ryerith’s rider, Aislara. However, with Nala’s attitude clashing more and more with the restrictive nature of the elder of Fort’s Weyrwomen, transferring to Honshu seemed only natural.

Having learned exactly what not to do, now they spend their days imparting what they’ve learned to weyrlings. …Even if Nala and Jynth don’t always practice what they preach.

In year 203 AT, Jynth once again got it into his head to chase a queen, something that Nala was this time unable to deter him from without risking serious injury once more. He caught Inaskashath, one of Honshu’s junior queens, provoking the Weyr Council to determine that only bronzes would be permitted to chase queens.

Jaeger Tech Blue Jynth

This chrome-dusted blue is a stocky, sturdy example of his colour, though he posesses a certain steady grace despite his build. There are few angles to him, his cornflower blue athletic form robust and faintly curvy, the beginnings of sound muscles already visible in strong limbs supported by generous, cushioned paws. His vast wings are lined with a darker, smokey blue that blends neatly with his oil-smudged hide, but, when unfurled, the opaque, cloudy grey of his wingsails is a stark contrast to his subdued brightness. This same faded shade whirls around the tip of his tail, forming distinct, sharp rings at odd intervals. A brighter, sapphire blue sweeps across his eyes and back towards his neat, slim headkobs, hints of those jewel tones visible in the rust-textured edges of his wings and along his broad shoulders.

Selfish and Brave Egg

This egg looks as if it’s been left in the embers of a hearth to blacken. Its base is consumed by the darkness of coals, rising up around the shell on all sides, until black fades to smoky grey and then an odd, translucent shade that makes it seem unfinished. Through the smoke, flames dance in ambers and richer, golden tones, burning low over the rocky, rough patches of coal. It looks a little threatening, its final taint the streaks of blood-red that fall from top to bottom.