Listen to the Darkness Gold Amorenth

Listen To The Darkness Gold Amorenth

A striking figure of auric beauty, this gold’s body is sharpened by accents of rich burnished gold that makes one think of an archaic statute, furthered by the unnatural stillness she is prone to holding.  Muted taperings of rust along her eye-ridges and shoulders swoop into a distinct coral-cream splash of rich color along her flank.  Lighter hints of rose gold encompass her underbelly and float down sturdy forelegs.  Her unnaturally light gray talons will often be sharpened against rocky surfaces, the only movement she favors when not called to stretch her elegant honey-hued wings in flight.  It may be her variant coloring or her unnatural stillness that draws people’s gaze when she is lounging in the sunshine.  When her attention is fixated on someone, they will feel an unnatural chill in the air, noticing the otherworldly quality to her draconic gaze.  


It is true that rumors will circulate when Amorenth claims you on the Sands of Honshu, for you are Fortian, and there is no denying your Harper heritage.  This will annoy, not distress, your young queen when she becomes aware of them.  She will not be like her siblings or most young dragons, she will have no questions about the world around her.  << I know that because it is in your mind and now it is in mine. >>

Her immediate denial of her clutchsiblings will isolate you from the rest of your class. She Is Other, They Are Not.  You’ll find her insistence of difference exhausting when all you want to do is prove you are the same as the other weyrlings.  << I do not care if you think we need to fit in.  We have nothing to prove to these creatures.  We are unique.   >>   It is not about status to Amorenth, but about her deep feelings that you are both outsiders to this place, despite her lineage saying otherwise.  This will not help your cause when you try to deny the claims that circulate about your spying for Fortian goals.  If she is asked directly or indirectly about your thoughts and feelings regarding your //true// intentions, she will only reiterate that you are both different.

Your Weyrlingmasters will become frustrated when Amorenth refuses to take part in physical lessons on the ground.   << Those are for mortals. >>  You will have to work out how to accomplish the assignments she refuses to do.  Likely, bribery will finally get her to do what is required of her, for Amorenth will never acquiesce to threats.  Your approach to handling situations by operating from the place of the heart will most likely sway her to your cause faster than if you were to try and bully her into submission.

Amorenth will only find vague interest in other dragons as she grows and matures, denying most contact when offered and focusing instead on you and your interests.  She will become entranced by your skills as a Harper.  Even when mature, she’ll request a nightly lullaby before she can sleep.  Though she has little interest in social interactions and will never truly understand your need for friendships, she will make it clear she is proud of you when others gather to watch you perform.  << Do you not see?  They cannot sing as you can.  They cannot dance as you dance.  This is why you are special. >>

Amorenth will show no interest in males, even when she begins to glow and their affections and attempts to draw her attention are at their highest.  She will deny them by ignoring their physical antics, and when they reach for her mind-to-mind, they will find a blank wall of shimmering silver.  The only time her interest will shift is when a male learns of her weakness for jewels.  Even then, it will take someone truly unique to draw her focus and claim her in the way you want to be claimed by love.  If you love another different than her chosen mate, you may face additional hardship for she will never approve of your choice.  

You are not the sort who fancies the fine things – you’re too practical to fuss over decorative clothes outside of performances – but Amorenth will want to hoard a collection of fine jewels, necklaces, and other items that are quite expensive.  You may try and keep her from this pursuit, but it will become clear she will find ways to acquire the items that she fancies.  It will come as no surprise to you that when you acquire firelizards, Amorenth will quickly train them to steal jewelry that she has her eyes on.  Your reprimands will not bother her in the least.  << They were mine. >>  You’ll have to explain this to those who find out about her tactics or you’ll have to save all your extra money to acquire replicates to deter her from such pursuits.

When Amorenth reaches maturity, she will be larger than almost every dragon at Honshu save for a handful of bronzes.  She will be disdainful of those males that don’t match her in size – but this should be no surprise to you, for it has been her nature since she was shelled.  It may distress you to find that Amorenth will be apathetic about clutching and her children, leaving much of the work to the clutchsires.  
Her first clutch she will abandon on the Sands, refusing to guard them, or check on them.  It will be up to the clutchsire to tend to the eggs.  << I belong in the sky, not on the sands.  Leave it to him. >>  Since Amorenth is not an attentive mother, it may cause speculation as to one of the reasons why she seems to clutch few metallic dragons.  She will always clutch few eggs, and mostly blues and greens will hatch from them.  People may assume that you have a hand in this, by making her flights shorter than they should be, or by not having a tighter control on your gold to keep her on the Sands and properly tend to her eggs.  It will be another source of issue with your Fortian roots.  What better way for Fort to ruin Honshu than make its Senior gold unable to produce the bronzes, browns and golds that bring prestige to a Weyr?


Amorenth’s mind is a blank slate to other dragons, a cool, metal wall of silver separating her from those around her.  To those she gives entrance to, her mental voice will be husky and rich, tones of sensuality imbedded in a ripple of a distant song.  There is the hint of an echo to her words, the harmony of another voice lending hers the richness of backup vocals.  The many layers of her touch will narrow and focus to a single voice when she is feeling emotions she rarely shows – like love or fear – with only the tickle of piano keys to lend focus to her meaning.  It is sounds that will focus her mental touch, never colors, or seasons and this may be the largest source of comfort she is able to give.



Amren, from A Court of Mist and Fury.

Amorenth is based on Amren from A Court of Mist and Fury by Sara J Maas.  A focus is given to the otherworldly qualities that are often mentioned in ACOMAF, as well as her coveting of jewels.  Amren may look like other High Fae, but her mannerisms (and desire for blood), as well as her vast age makes it clear she is Different.  She is vain and cunning, but not without compassion nor a belief in being selfless to those she cares about.


Amorenth’s voice is based on the song It’s Quiet Uptown, sung by Kelly Clarkson on the Hamilton Mixtape album.