Name: Jet (Jeltje)
Place of Birth: Kadross Hold, Lemos Territory
Age: 34 as of 208 AT
Place of Residence: Court of Shadows, Honshu Territory
Weyrmate: M’tan, rider of bronze Sirhyth
Safiye (unnamed bronzerider)
Arlet (L’or)
Khyrisan (M’tan)
Craft: Smithcraft
Craft rank: Journeyman
Played-by: Lana Parrilla

Even at 5’7″, there’s something about the manner in which Jeltje carries herself that makes her seem taller. Narrow shoulders are most often held back to match the rigid straightness of her carriage, her stride one that is not particularly delicate for a woman. Black hair prone to waves towards its ends falls to the base of her shoulder blades at its longest, her eyes only just perceptible as a deep, dark brown and not that same shadowy shade. While her nose is slim, her jaw is not particularly so, seemingly rather square until she chooses to smile. Edging into the top of her lip lies a diagonal scar, almost invisible save for the clear indentation it leaves.


For day to day wear, she tends to favour pale blouses and loose corsets in richer colours, worn over dark trousers and heeled leather boots. Visible at the low neckline of her blouse sits an oval fragment of a highly-polished black gemstone, encased in an elaborate setting of silver wire wrapping, its chain composed of generous silver links.

What is Known About Jet

* She uses her bronze firelizards, Blaze and Inferno, as sentinels, and isn’t above feeding them firestone to make them deadly.
* Jet is not exactly what one would call ‘personable’.
* She avoids physical contact with most people whenever possible.
* She almost always carries a particular sword set with garnets and jet stones.
* Kyramith’s flights are sudden and fast.

If one were to listen to Jeltje’s parents, somewhere way back along the line they were from good, Blooded stock. But then, most families probably have a legend of that sort somewhere along the way. Holding at Kadross, in Lemos’ territory, her family brought her up to believe that a good marriage was in her future; was her only future. She would marry young and create a good alliance for the family… except, before she was thirteen, one of her older sisters caught they eye of the boy she was supposed to eventually marry and Jeltje became… surplus to requirements.

Rather than mope, on the advice of a maiden aunt she decided that she would find a way to make her own way in the world and not be dependent on her family or marriage to forge her future. Perhaps she deliberately chose a craft so centred around the fire that could so easily destroy her home, but, conscious choice or not, Jeltje was soon bound for the Smith Hall to apprentice. She was a hardworking, if not immediately apt, student, the scars of her early efforts ones she still bears, the most prominent a faint, diagonal line that edges into her top lip. By the end of her years as an apprentice, much of her work was signed by the inclusion of pieces of jet as much as any official craft stamp, and she began to go just as easily by the nickname of Jet as much as her real name.

Towards the end of her seventeenth year, she had earned her Journeyman knot and was beginning to focus on a specialism in jewellery, her pieces ones made to look deceptively beautiful, to conceal hidden functions. A tiny flask here, a blade there… It wasn’t always that she could find the raw gems that she needed to work with as quickly as she wished and as properly, through the craft, as one might like, and it wasn’t all that long before some of the travelling trader families who invested in her work also became her best suppliers.


With greater freedom away from the apprentice world, like so many before her Jeltje was one of those who got too caught up, too fast in a whirlwind romance. When she fell pregnant, it was a surprise to her, if not to some of her colleagues. The father was seemingly uninterested in standing by her and, broken-hearted, she settled into quiet, mundane months of filling craft orders only and taking no personal commissions. The child, when she was born, was left to the care of the same aunt who had encouraged her to find a craft. Disillusioned with her work and life both, she requested a leave of absence and was happily taken in by one of the trader families who had supplied her with materials, unable to face going home for what might turn out to be for good.

After travelling for some months, Jeltje met a supposed thief named Metan, and, following a number of meetings, the two of them had to admit that there was something between them, if neither of them wanted to admit what it was. It was also during this time that first Metan, then Jeltje was Searched for a clutch at Fort Weyr. Despite misgivings about surrendering her freedom to the wills of a dragon and Weyr, and about picking up her craft in an official capacity, Jeltje accepted, fully expecting not to Impress.

And so she was surprised, thankful and a little bit bitter all at once to be found by green Kyramith, who declared her to be hers when the eggs finally hatched. The two were not among the weyrling pairs to be found completely in-step with each other and always together, for Kyramith was independent and aloof from the very beginning, unable or unwilling to share much at all with her rider, yet, even working more separately than as a team, they ensured that they were always held a steady place closer to the top than the bottom of the class. When the weyrling barracks collapsed, Jet suffered a severe concussion that affected her sight, blurring it to the extent that she could no longer perform any of her craft work, yet rather than reveal this to anyone, she chose to work more slowly and deliberately in her weyrling lessons and keep it a secret – even though this sent her plummeting to the bottom of the class.

To make things worse, someone within Fort betrayed the nature of Jet and Metan’s relationship to his employer, who arranged for her to be removed from dragon and Weyr. Jet unfortunately presented Hassoun with an opportunity when she broke the rules about leaving the Weyr and ventured into the nearby forests for some air, feeling trapped by the constant attention and restrictions of weyrlinghood. She was held at a location still unknown to her for several months and given only enough water and food to keep her alive. Exactly what else went on during her captivity, she has shared with no-one.

Jet had no idea exactly why she was suddenly released – only that she never saw Metan again and was forced to assume that, at the very least, he had abandoned her, or, at worst, he was dead. After time sent physically recovering from her ordeal, she and Jet resumed their weyrling training, now months behind the now graduated class.

If Jet had been anti-social and adrift before, the whole ordeal only served to turn her into something much more dangerous: incensed and out for vengeance. Once her eyesight had been restored more or less to normal, she took the hilt of the broken sword that Kyramith had brought her only days after hatching and forged the blade anew, setting it with garnet and jet gemstones and inscribing the blade itself. It took months of training for her to master Between, having been unwilling to fix images to take her into the cold and dark, and to finally catch up with what she and Kyramith should have learned – during which she also had to endure Kyramith’s maiden flight, won by the Weyrleader’s bronze Velokraeth – but, eventually, she was granted a rider’s knot and joined the crafters’ wing. Except, to her, it meant nothing. Her focus was on revenge.

On a nondescript afternoon, Jet fed her firelizards firestone and sent Blaze and Inferno out from her hiding place to attack Hassoun. She used Kyramith’s sword to slit his throat, then pushed him down the staircase leading to his underground place of work. She finished the job by driving the sword into his back.

It was not, all told, the best time for Kyramith to rise again. Caught by bronze Vorlath, neither she nor her green demonstrated any interest in their respective partners after the act itself. Unfortunately for Jet, numerous attempts to rid herself of the consequences with trips Between were unsuccessful, leaving her destined to birth another child she was adamant that she would not raise or have anything to do with.

Those who witnessed Metan’s brief return to Fort in the early months of Jet’s pregnancy might have said that the first thing she did upon seeing him was try to kill him. True, she charged for him with a dagger, and true, she had to be restrained before she got to him, but, ultimately, they parted ways without either coming to any physical harm. It took a while for Jet to begin to believe that he was not dead and it was not some elaborate trick of her imagination that had brought him back to her, and though initially furious with him for the deception and all she had been through, she had to conclude that she had told Hassoun that he had killed her mate before she murdered him.

And so, they became what they might have before Search, Kyramith, capture and death, exchanging rings of gold, jet and rubies to seal the bond. As the months wore on, it became apparent that the stress of going Between every evening she could manage to be with Metan was taking both a mental and physical toll on Jet, who still had not mastered her fear of travelling into the dark and cold. Though she had been set on spending the final months of her pregnancy alone at Fort, that Metan had been Searched again for Xanadu made her reconsider and eventually transfer to the southern Weyr. Having a home closer to a traditional Hold than caverns and ledges seemed to be something she had always wanted, but so much change in such a short period of time led to a waking dream induced by post traumatic stress, in which she attacked Metan again and insisted he was dead; that all was a deception. Luckily, he disarmed her.

Though he should have been sleeping in the Candidate barracks, Metan was in-fact returning home to Jet every night, which led to his being late for the Hatching he had been Searched for. Nevertheless, bronze Sirhyth found him, and so began another period of separation. A few days after the the eggs hatched, Jet gave birth to her second child, another daughter, and refused to even set eyes on her before surrendering her to be claimed by L’or or sent to Kadross Hold, like Safiye before her.

As Sirhyth grew, both Jet and M’tan worked at putting together a group to take on the Underground, not directly, but to be everything that they weren’t, trying to offer a sense of family and a home to those who had been used by Hassoun. Still, as much as it seemed to work, for Jet something wasn’t working at all and she became more and more reckless during missions, determined to get the job done without letting anyone get close enough to touch her. It finally led to her inadvertently admitting to M’tan that she had been raped during her time as a hostage, only to learn that he had been subjected to the same. They tried for an ordinary life, taking a break from the darker side of their lives in the hope that it might make them feel better to be normal, but old habits die hard. Even in trying to be normal and satisfied with the regular life of riders for the sake of having a child of their own, they couldn’t manage it. In the later stages of Jet’s pregnancy, M’tan took back control of what they’d tried to relinquish and started working on more specific plans and raids.

Feeling they were unable to keep Khyrisan safe or escape the legacy of what Hassoun had done to them, they considered the only real way to be completely free was to leave. Not just leave Xanadu, but leave everything and everyone behind. To Time It to the future. And so they did, stopping to take Kadross for all it was worth and extract Safiye along the way, bringing all their children but Arlet to the future.

Jet and M’tan established a Hold on an island in the south, setting up the Court of Shadows, a group of thieves and others with darker skill sets willing to do what was necessary to ensure those in power didn’t exploit those under their command and in their territory. The Hold soon became a refuge for those who had been mistreated; a sanctuary for misfits and those seeking training and family. Fort Weyr was one of their first, bigger, targets, goods from their tithe extracted and redistributed to those in need. When the laws changed to allow dragonriders to marry, Jet and M’tan did so, exchanging information about Fort with the Harper Hall for the right to officially found their Hold and proclaim themselves Lord and Lady Holder. Though the Hold may be the official front, it’s the Court that runs on less official channels that still defines the day to day life of those who live there.


Oblivion – FFXIV OST
The endless lies, I’ve cast aside, locked them in ice
Steeled is my soul, my blood grown cold, I’ve gained control

Fearless creatures, we all learn to fight the Reaper
Can’t defeat Her, so instead I’ll have to be Her

These voices screaming to let it go (never let go)
This time I’m screaming back no no no (go on say no)
My mind’s made up, yeah my fear is gone (Where have you gone?)
Open my eyes now here I come, oblivion

For the last time (I won’t say goodbye)
For the last time (I won’t say goodbye)
For the last time (I won’t say goodbye)
For the last time.