Name: Ixia
Age: 25 (Born 175 AT)
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’3”
Place of Birth: Nerat
Place of Residence: Honshu Weyrhold
Dragon: Facets of a Noble Heart Green Zerujath
Weyr rank: Wingrider
Firelizards: Green Grace
Played-by: Niamh Walsh (as Verity in Jamestown)


Born into one of Nerat’s trader families, ostensibly Ixia’s role in life has been to curb the more devious and outrageous tendencies of her cousin Ione, but with said cousin’s activities brought to the attention of the Harper Hall when she was sixteen and Ixia twenty-two, considering herself to have failed and seen Ione into a life of servitude there was no will in her to argue when the Honshu dragon and their rider suggested they had a purpose for her on the hatching Sands. She had no craft training and little true ability when it came to buying and selling, for all too often she spoke the darker end of the truth instead of weaving sweet lies for good prices, and with her literacy skills not so brilliant, she believed she might as well go to the Weyrhold and take up what lessons they provide for her, even if she didn’t find herself with a dragon for the rest of her days.

On those Sands, green Zerujath demanded her attention and claimed her for her own towards the end of the first hatching Ixia stood for, just when she had begun to give up and trudge her way back towards the barracks, another failure to add to her others. In her desperation to get to her before she could escape, Zerujath clawed her way up her left leg, meaning not to incapacitate her, but stall her progress, cause and effect not quite in place in the mind of the hatchling green. To this day, Ixia still bears a tangle of scars that starts at her calf and moves around her knee and up across her thigh, their paleness akin to Threadscore. It was easy to devote herself to her new lifemate and studies that she had not had access to while on the road, and so, while Zerujath grew, they both learned what they she should have when she was younger, even though Ixia was not destined to be a great academic.

However, guilt is a pervasive thing, and she never could quite shake the ghost of Ione’s fate, even as it became apparent that she was doing just fine for herself. Supposedly. Unable to shake her sense of duty towards her cousin, she and Zerujath were roped all too easily back into the pattern of rescuing Ione when things went bad, patching her up and sending her back out there again. Whether she liked what Ione was doing or not, she answered to greater masters now. As part of Stellar Wing, it was simple enough to be here, there and everywhere when needed… and sometimes a little too here, there and everywhere, having inadvertently learnt to Time It on one of her more desperate runs to reach Ione.

…Time takes its toll. Surely, she cannot have added whole years to her life yet, but there’s no denying that Ixia seems pale and haggard even on her better days, Zerujath’s appetite not what it should be for a healthy green. But family is family. That Ione has recently made Honshu her home base might be good for Ione, but will it be what’s for the best for Ixia?