Name: Isolwyn
Age: 29 (born 178 AT)
Place of Birth: Fort Hold
Place of Residence: Fort Weyr
Dragon: Gold Eosyth
Mate: C’aol
Children: Casilyn
Craft: None
Hold Rank: Fort Blood (cousin of Lord Fort)
Weyr rank: Weyrwoman
Firelzards: Gold Askavi & Bronze Nharkhava

One of Lord Fort’s few nieces, Isolwyn has never known what it’s like to go without, but she has learnt what it’s like to want for things, primarily freedom. From the moment of her birth, there was no disputing that she was destined to be used for political gain, what with the abundance of boys the bloodline had brought forth. Of course, when the boys married, their wives brought their dowries to the family and soon brought heirs too, but it must be said that the marrying off of men is quite a different affair to that of women.

Isolwyn was instructed not only in the manner of running a Hold, but in politics and history, tutored privately by one of Fort’s Harper Journeymen in some of the more feminine arts – or, more specifically, charm, grace and the more theatrical nature of how best to deceive. And so, when she reached marriageable age, she was thrown in the path of every eligible (and suitably Blooded) bachelor, not with any intent to have her married to any one of them, but to use the time she spent with them to extract information. While they vied for her attention, she was given instructions as to how best to play them off against each other, leaving more than one broken heart behind her, the breaking down of communication always, somehow, the fault of her suitor.

At first, it was entertaining and enjoyable, the thrill of getting the upper hand one she couldn’t deny. Yet years passed and people, predictably, talked, and just as she reached twenty and realised that no-one had any intention of letting her marry when she was so useful, it seemed that there was no-one who would have her anyway. While her cousins were busy getting married and having families of their own, her uncle ordered that she be made useful within Fort itself, aiding her aunt and the Headwoman in the running of the Hold and managing of staff, which she set to with little complaint. Two years passed in this manner, before she was brought out of ‘hiding’ to conduct a tour of the minor Blooded Holds for another eighteen months. She spent a further year at Southern Telgar, reportedly helping to teach her distant cousins in various points of etiquette, returning to Fort Hold at the age of twenty five.

When the dragons arrived on Search and showed interest in her, her uncle seized the opportunity as one for her to spend a few months at Fort Weyr as a Candidate and learn just what was going on there, what with its leaders recently deceased and a brownriding woman now holding the Weyrleader’s knot.

And so, she went, supposedly to play the game, but hoping that a dragon of any colour might finally grant her her freedom.