Name: Ione

Age: 19 (born 181 AT)

Hair: Black/brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’2

Place of Birth: Nerat

Place of Residence: Honshu Weyrhold

Craft & Rank: Any and Every (Con artist)

Firelizards: Bronze Ally

Played-by: Keiko Kitagawa



Small and slender, Ione nevertheless has a tendency to look as if she’s comprised of nothing but limbs, her arms and legs long for her frame, hips thin and chest almost non-existent. Her hair seems darkest in the winter months, lightening in the warmer and and brighter seasons to a deep, golden brown, its straight strands kept cut to just below her shoulders. Her nose may seems a little too big for her face, her lips likewise too wide, but her large, dark eyes help to keep everything in proportion.

On an average day, Ione wears practical, if mismatching, clothes, mostly dark trousers and a mixture of blouses and tunics with waistcoats and corsets thrown over them as and when. However, an ‘average day’ may mean the times when she isn’t wearing a variety of other outfits, from fine dresses to rider’s leathers, choices tailored to the needs of the hour.



No-one knows for sure exactly where Ione was born or who her parents are, but there’s a Neratian edge to her accent that gives away more than her words do – if the accent is at all real.

Rumour has it that she’s kept on retainer by the Harper Hall, though she seems to hold no official rank. Whatever arrangement has been made – if there is one – neither she nor anyone from the Hall is willing to talk about it. Likewise, neither party seems at all interested in confirming that any work Ione does for the Harper Craft is built on an agreement that allows her to avoid incarceration for past wrongdoing(s).

How one hires Ione isn’t exactly public knowledge, though word is that a friend of a friend of a friend might know the right questions to ask and name to use. Some might recall her to be a Journeyman Starcrafter or a bluerider or a message runner, while others insist she’s Lady so-and-so’s cousin twice removed.

In reality, she’s anyone someone needs her to be, for a price, though no common whore. Theft of goods? Too downmarket. Theft of intellectual property? That’s another matter. Ione trades in information, taking on whatever role will get her as close to her target as possible, never staying too long at any one job, intent on capitalising on human error. Is she the new apprentice? Yes, sir. The brownrider sent to assist in negotiations? Of course. She’s been part of the household staff for years. Been on the seas her whole life. Who? Oh, well, she was here a minute ago.