I’m Not That Girl Green Yukijiath

I’m Not That Girl Green Yukijiath
Sun-dappled hues of mint grace this lithe green’s hide, dappled by darker shades that seem to almost shadow-like against her eyeridges and wingsails. Lime-dusts her muzzle and trickles down her underbelly, emphasizing the light and shadow contracts that play upon her hide. Narrow wings are nearly translucent in the right angles of sunlight, their lighter tea green colors easily overpowered by rays of light. Her physique is on the mid-range of her coloring, though she is longer limbed than most, her talons dipped in honey to match the smattering of honey-hues that play along her back and down to the tip of her tail.


Hands touch, eyes meet
Sudden silence, sudden heat
Hearts leap in a giddy whirl

Yukijiath was hatched and looked upon those gathered before her to Impress and knew none would be what she sought. Her wails caused hushed murmurs amongst those gathered for Honshu’s Hatching. The little green tripped over her wing and then landed in a tangle near the bottom tier. Prime seating has always been reserved for esteemed guests – and as Lady Silverfield – it was your feet that she stumbled upon. Once her eyes raised to yours, silence entered your mind followed by the heat of love Yukijiiath felt for you in that moment. Her giddiness for finding you had her clawing her way up your skirts to drape herself into your lap. That giddy whirl of joy that Yukijiath has for you will begin to push at that well contained sadness that has been yours to carry alone. << Nova, my dear Nova, life is //ours// to live together. I found you. You found me. Do not be sad any longer. >>

Your life will be a whirlwind of meetings and decisions, your duty to your Hold and now the Weyrhold will conflict with each other. The outcome will likely be out of your hands, unless you fight for what you want. It will be a blessing that Yukijiath has an innate calmness that makes her an even-headed personality. She will be a source of strength for you in difficult times, but she will not seek to guide you away from them. If it is something that you want, she will be by your side to help you fight for what is right. Unlike her dam, Yukijiath has no problem with doing the tasks expected of her. She will be in the middle of the class, neither seeking to excel, or fall behind. There may be whispers that you both could be leaders in your class, if you only focused more on your duties to learn how to be a dragonrider. No matter what others may think of your intentions, Yukijiath will not be swayed to reach any higher than middle of the way when it comes to these tasks.

Yukijiath holds no quick-start temper, but her anger can be coaxed into a steady, burning rage if she feels you are threatened in some way. If those rumors about your place in the world ever tend towards conversations that are slights on your character and not idle speculation, Yukijiath will plot ways to harm those who harm //you//. It will be no more than harmless positioning, either blocking your foes with her body, or angling her tail in such a way to cause them to trip. Her approach will always be subtle – as subtle as a green dragon can be.

As she matures, Yukijiath will collect a solid network of friends that she will deem appropriate members to your family. You both will likely be in agreement of who these ‘members’ will be, as Yukijiath will take note of the friendships you develop and who may be the best allies for you. If you try and avoid certain people who she does feel strongly would shape you and help you, she may find ways (such as her flights) to tangle you in the lives of others. Her intentions are pure and good, as she seeks to help you with these choices and not hurt you.

Yukijiath tends to be enthralled by things that others may deem macabre. When she is young and able to walk amongst the gardens at Honshu, she will enjoy the beauty of the flowers presented. If her exploration leads to ripping up and destroying these flowers… she will be unapologetic about it. << Once I sniffed the flower, it only made sense to rip it up. >>

Yukijiath will be fascinated by your Healer knowledge – she will want bedtime stories of anatomy and physiology, of pathology and medicines. << A burst appendix could lead to sepsis? Interesting. >> Yukijiath does not take after her sire much at all, she seems to be distressed by things that are wholesome. Like her dam, Yukijiath will pursue things that are on the darker spectrum of ‘normal’. However, if //you// or those she cares about enjoy eating bran muffins and partaking in quiet knitting circles, she will not tell you to stop. She will always go to great lengths to make sure you are happy. If that means curtailing some of her interests because they bother you – such as killing a small creature, << I wanted to see what color their insides were >> – she will do her best to listen.

As far as flights will go, Yukijiath will use them to gain you friendships and lovers that you may have otherwise not allowed yourself to have. She will be caught by the same set of suitors often. It will be rare for you to be faced with the surprise of an unknown rider in the flight weyr. If you show a particular fondness for a certain rider, Yukijiath will take note of this and will do her part to be caught by them. It is clear that Yukijiath will become loyal to her circle of suitors. The decisions she makes will be influenced by her love for your family. When she is proddy, Yukijiath is more sultry and seductive, rarely does she taunt males to get them to pay attention. It is assumed they will be looking – she knows how to gather the attention she wants.

Yukijiath’s voice is a husky, sultry, serenade. Her mind entraps the interest of those who listen – she casts a spell to ensnare with smoky tendrils reminiscent of a jazz scene from an era long forgotten. Emphasis for her moods are given by the accompaniment of alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, each lending support to the rhythm of her feelings. A sharp brass horn will be used to silence arguments, while the sousaphone will give the subtler notes of contentment. Each instrument chosen will find it’s own cadence to her inner music and the ways she chooses to communicate with may change over time.

Yukijiath’s personality is based upon Morticia from the Addam’s family. In the movie version of the character, she is portrayed as a calm, cool and collected woman with a simmering seduction in her demeanor. She is a very loving and devoted woman, who is proud of her children and husband. She has a creepy way of showing her love, and her pastimes may distress those ‘wholesome’ neighbors of hers, but she means well by them.

Yukijiath’s name is a blend of the chinese word for “family” (家庭 – jiā tíng) and the Japanese word for “courage” (yūki). Yukijiath gets her sense of family from her sire and her undeniable courage from her dam.

I’m Not That Girl Green – is from the musical Wicked, “I’m Not That Girl”.
Creepy and Kooky Egg – is from the opening theme from the Addam’s Family

Yukijiath’s mindvoice is based on the song by Nina Simone’s ‘I Put A Spell On You’ and the American 1920s jazz era.