Facets of an Honourable Heart Green Zerujath

Egg Name
Never Fail You Egg

Dragon Name
Facets of an Honourable Heart Green Zerujath

Dragon Description
A fine-boned beauty, this green may be overlooked for her diminutive size. Her colouring will always be a source of wonder when she suns herself and allows the dappled light of day to highlight all the fine points on her body. Spring touched honey-green hues emphasize the focal points of her body – her headknobs and eyeridges – before it swirls along her dainty maw to blend seamlessly into rich spring grass. Tufts of lighter grey-greens travel down her chest as they breeze across her belly and end at the tip of her tail. Rich shades of basil flourish along her sides and transcend into lighter touched olive tones along her wing sails. The final garden-coated touch rests on her talons that are dipped in fresh earth.


Weyrlinghood will be a challenge for Zerujath. The weyrlingmaster staff will be tried and tested by her lack of interest in doing what is asked of her. << I do not understand why I must constantly do these tasks. We will do them when we graduate and they are important. What’s important now is to play! >> She is not the class clown like the silly, scraggly, bronze Hooth, nor is she as outwardly argumentative as blue Gairth. Zerujath comes off as a green who lacks a purpose – especially when she chooses to do things that she finds entertaining rather than the tasks that are set before her. It will take your strong mind, Ixia, to keep her on task and explain to her the importance of learning. It may take more than a few tries, but she’ll eventually acquiesce to your careful approach to explaining why certain tasks matter. She will never be the top of her class, but with your guidance, you will not be at the bottom either.

As she matures, you’ll find Zeruajth falls to bending the rules to suit her needs. It’s not the drive to be defiant or difficult, it’s more innocent then that. If she thinks the shortcut will get the job done faster, whether or not it is permitted, she will take it. << We should do these things first and beg forgiveness instead of asking permission. They are too hide bound. They do not see how things can be. >> It will be your secret to carry – the tricks she will play – and the toll may test your strength on more than one occasion. She will curb her more dangerous pursuits only if she feels you may get hurt in the process. You may have to explain your human inadequacies when she wears you out too much for your health.

Zerujath is a multi-faceted personality and sometimes her shift in mood feels like there are more than one mind inside her. You will learn over time what triggers her into certain mind frames and should be able to shift the ‘who’ of her when you will it. For all her recklessness, Zerujath can be a talented politician when she chooses to be; a noble warrior; a force to be reckoned with. The problem is, sometimes even she isn’t always sure which of these she wishes to be or which voice within her is shouting the loudest, which can often make her all the more dangerous and impulsive, simply in an effort to make the right decision and make it fast.

Some of the time, Zerujath can be shy and inward thinking, choosing to keep to herself – and you – rather than socialize with other dragons. That is, until she gets to know those around her better, which is when her full potential as a stalwart companion will be revealed, if only to those she trusts the most. Often, she will choose to keep a professional distance from those she works most closely with – at least in public and when tasked with duty, though off the clock she can be another creature entirely. She is very hardworking and dedicated – so long as the work revolves around you.

When she is around young of the draconic or humankind, Zerujath’s youthful enthusiasm from her weyrling days will surface. She will jump at any chance to play with the young of any species. She often takes them on great adventures that involve various games of chase, or serve as a jungle gym to those who wish to climb on her. Her fondness for games doesn’t stay on the ground – she’ll take it into grand acrobatics in the sky – and it’ll see her testing all limits of travel. Occasionally, she might regret that she can have no children of her own, yet this is mitigated by the fact that, ultimately, she gets to be the ‘fun aunt’.

When she first becomes proddy, Zerujath will grow quiet and distant from you. She’ll want to be reclusive, choosing to ‘hide’ her glow from any males who notice the subtle shifts in her coloring. << They are stalking me for their own needs. I do not want them to see me. Let’s go to the lake - the one that’s far away - and rest. >> This may cause problems for you if she chooses to take flight outside of the Weyrhold. She’ll be apologetic afterwards, though she will be less apologetic if she was able to have a foreign male catch her. She enjoys the companionship of those who will not linger – so a foreigner is always her favorite. As time passes, she will become more confident in terms of dealing with male attention, though she’ll forever make it clear that she’s not looking for a relationship that will last and continue to prefer to rise outside the Weyrhold. Though her conquests beyond Honshu may be numerous, at least she doesn’t have to face them day to day.

Zerujath will grow into a competent dragon and will be one that people refer to as one of the “more grounded” greens – intelligent, despite her tendency to get sidetracked. On duty, she is far from flighty or flirty, though apt to use humour to diffuse tension where she can. Whatever tasks you two choose to tackle, so long as you are together, she will throw herself into it with abandon. She will always //try// to put your needs first. Sometimes her enthusiasm and lack of discipline for following the rules may put you in jeopardy. She will never cease to apologize to you for these problems she creates – until the actions fade from her memories.


Zerujath’s mindtouch is like the changing seasons which will dictate the different elements of her old soul. When she is irritable, she is the sharp winds that blast vegetation to the ground in giant rageful gusts. Happiness is the warmth of the sun against the backdrop of clear blue skies. Rain, in its various forms, show the stages of uncertainty, grief, and embarrassment. To those who she barely knows, she will share only the warmth of dry earth and the pitter-patter of a gentle spring rain. Few will know the depths of the seasons within her.


Zerujath is based on Jadzia Dax from Deep Space 9. Her younger self is focused on how Jadzia was interpreted to be when she was rejected from joining with Dax. She was seen as someone who lacked purpose. Her persistence in re-applying and eventually achieving her goal is one of the inspirations for Zeruath diving head-first into any task that will excite her rider. Her multiple personalities are supposed to be reflective of the memories of seven different lifetimes that joining with Dax brought Jadzia. Her mind voice is supposed to be the four seasons, to give another outlet for shaping her different sides.