And the Blood Shall Sing to the Blood Gold Eosyth

And the Blood Shall Sing to the Blood Gold Eosyth

A petite creature of pale sunlight, this fragile-seeming gold is both tiny for her colour and delicately built, her long limbs slender and features just the slightest bit angular. Her elongated muzzle creates an elegant jaw-line, her thin headknobs curving outwards a little behind eyes that carry a weighted quality beyond her years. It’s at her ridges that a darkness that seems incongruous with the rest of her colouring begins to creep in, tarnished shadows mingling with fire opal that ripples through those ridges and bleeds a little down her neck and shoulders, drifting along across slim bone and carefully crafted muscle. Her wingsails are almost translucent, facets of jewel tones visible as they catch the light, fibre light and diaphanous save for trailing edges tainted with that same mix of fire and shadow. There seems not to be a spare scrap of weight on her, her ribs almost visible and the articulation of her hips easily seen as she moves. Faint wisps of mist turn her hide almost white where it mottles her sides and limbs, though her claws and a single ring towards the tip of her tail are a solid ebony.


Hatched small and pale, many will look at Eosyth and see weakness – and certainly the weakest of the Honshu line of queens – but no-one who touches her mind will ever again doubt the raw power contained within her petite form. It may take some weeks for the first hints of her true self to emerge, her first days spent reacting to every tiny thing around her, from light and cold to the voices of others, yet, as she begins to establish the beginnings of equilibrium, she will not be slow to grow into the responsibilities and power granted her by her colour. Truly, she is a daughter that Amorenth will be proud of, for, despite her particular quirks and moments of seeming unbalance, there is no question that she is a queen and one built to lead – whether she wishes to or not.

The first task that befalls you and Eosyth will be to construct mental walls to keep out all that she finds overwhelming and all that she hears from distant voices and wishes to fix. Many an hour will be spent keeping her from rushing to the aid of someone or other, be it a clutchmate or one of Fort’s adult dragons, or even dragons from further afield. That she cannot yet fly or go Between is unlikely to register with her, leaving the Weyrlingmasters primarily concerned that she will figure out how to jump Between on her own and get herself into trouble (and worse). She will be beside herself if she feels she cannot help and that it is a personal failing of hers that keeps her from doing so, her guilt and self-recrimination broadcast on a wide band. Not only will those mental walls need to keep the world out, but they will need to keep her emotions and voice in. The finer points of mental control may elude her for many months, images meant for you shared with the entire class, comments accidentally broadcast and threads of control wielded in a way akin to a sledgehammer, but with time – and training – she’ll get there.

Hatched with a strong sense of right and wrong, it’s when she’s faced with injustice and the suffering of others that she becomes, well… dangerous. She’s quick to lose control and unleash the commanding power of her colour when faced with others in pain, bringing with it a temper usually well-hidden and a fury that she will always appear to be ashamed of when she regains control. Even before she’s half-grown, she will be able to inadvertently blast the whole of Fort if she loses control, power spiralling to bend all but adult queens to her will without any conscious effort. Without focus from the both of you, these episodes will only grow worse as she gets older, for as much as she would have good and light in the world, she will not always agree with what form that should take. Her version of right and wrong appears to follow strict, ethical, lines, but she is a queen and one of such strength that she could easily grow to enjoy being able to drag others under her command.

As she grows, Eosyth will swiftly start to draw males to her without going out of her way to do so. First bronzes, then browns will start to notice her more for who she is rather than just an additional queen or just the youth who occasionally screams across the Weyr. Bronzes will want to be near and protect her, while browns may seek to do her bidding. Perhaps the blues will be last of all to realise that they find her presence comforting. For the most part, her relationships with greens will be strong ones, for they may be the only female company she is able to keep long-term without rivalry or fractious interactions. It would be so much easier for both the two of you and those males if she were to show the slightest bit of interest in them, particularly bronzes. Blues, she may deem safe, browns reliable, but she will swiftly understand that bronzes are the ones who wish to mate with her. Most dragons may have little concept of romance – and that you have expected to marry without love to fuel it will concern her – but Eosyth doesn’t want just any bronze: she wants //her// bronze. The one meant for her, wherever he may be. That she may have to settle for different mates will worry her as soon as she understands what it is that queens bring to a Weyr.

The prospect of rising to mate and being pursued by all those males will be a frightening one for her and apt to make her flights tempestuous and dangerous. She will not be afraid to fight them – and you – until only the strongest or the one she wants the most is able or permitted to capture her. Her flights will always be loud, but it’s fury as much as desire and pleasure that is broadcast far and wide when she rises, the Weyr likely to be left in quite the mess. Should she ever find the one she deems to be her true mate, she’ll wish to stay by his side after the flight, though, should others catch her, it’s to you she’ll almost immediately return. Her clutches will be larger than her dam’s, though not quite as big as her older sister’s, the colours more evenly distributed. She’s apt more to clutch bronzes than have the success of being of a mother of many queens, but never will she care less for a clutch due to lack of a queen egg. A doting dam, leaving the Sands while her eggs are there is completely out of the question, though she will allow her eggs to be touched by Candidates if they can prove themselves quiet and respectful.

Ultimately, Eosyth is a gentle soul who wants to do good, but circumstances and the power of her bloodline may not always grant her the opportunity to be the queen that wishes to be. It will often be a struggle for her to not meddle in the business of others and see matters sorted as she would have them, for she can easily extract the truth from the minds of others, but she knows that free will is important and that her power shouldn’t be exploited. She is often at her worst when acting on behalf of others, instinct causing her to lash out to protect, defend and attack, her power rarely used for her own ends, though it may well not seem like that to the outside world. It is likely she will be feared, which will upset her deeply, but those who understand and trust her – and those she trusts in turn – should be able to anchor her and keep her balanced, if you want to let them. Most of all, you will be her tether to reality and keep her from roaming from mind to mind and voice to voice, your presence the one she treasures above all.


Eosyth is based on Jaenelle Angelline from the Black Jewels series by Anne Bishop. Her name is a combination of the Wesh words ‘enfys’, ‘noson’ and ‘affwys’ (rainbow, night and abyss respectively), for the Jewels she is gifted with, her Black/Ebony power and the Abyss descended into to draw strength.