Don’t Call Me Pretty Green Kyramith

Don’t Call Me Pretty Green Kyramith

Delicate fringes of jade, emerald and spring green nebula clouds swirl across the hide of this petite, lithe green’s form. Lit from within by flickers of distant stars, bright flashes of yellow and gold dot along her muzzle like freckles, cascading down her elegant neck above a shifting swirl of subtle green hues, changing depending on the light. There is depth, here, and a subtle shimmer that harkens back to her dam. Flecks of rust are scattered along the backs of her legs and pool on the bottoms of her paws, creating the illusion of mud from some long-forgotten planet brought with her to the terra of Pern. The shifting green coloration continues along her ridges and across her haunches, spring green over jade, caressing a flash of emerald before fading once more into the paler spectrum of the hue – though pale does not mean boring, as her coloration is striking. Her wings are nearly translucent, their sails webbed with color upon color, layers of clouds stretched across their delicate looking expanse. Narrow and long, she could coast for hours on the solar winds if she chose to.

The Commemoration of Egg

Once upon a time, in its earliest gestation, this egg was probably just black. The multicolored bursts on it appear to have been added on more than anything else, rising slightly above the surface with a bumpy, oil-painty sort of texture. The ridges are a swath of bright, eye-catching colors: cerulean and peacock, magenta, an eye-popping green and even some white in swoops and curves and shapes that even look like little flowers. It’s slightly wider on the top, with an inward ridge near its center, and seems to lie more effectively on its side the long way than with its point on the top even with that being counterintuitive to the up-down of the ornate patterning.

Hatching Message

The Commemoration of Egg begins to break apart into fractured pieces, starbursts of cracks racing over the shell until the wet hatchling remains, surrounded by shards.

Impression Message

The heat of the sands begins to fade, and only the burning on the bottoms of your feet remind you of where you actually are. Your thoughts are suddenly calm, and your heart rate slows. A voice reaches to you through the darkness, low in volume and in tone. « Jet, » she says. You feel a mental touch, but it’s perhaps not what you expected. There is no rush of love, only observation – a touch without compassion, but still present. « Jet. » Stronger, this time, with a decision made. « I shall do what I believe is right. And what is right, is for us to be together forever. » Still that flat tone, though now there are glimmers of starlight in your mind’s eye that fade before you can get a good look at them. « I am Kyramith, and you are mine. »


After impression, Jet would be forgiven for worrying if her dragon has any feelings at all. Initially, Kyramith is extremely distant. Chilly, even, and walled off from everyone – even Jet. Even her mindscape, when Jet explores it, will be nothing but shades of grey. While other Weyrlings are gushing about how much they love their lifemates and how much their dragons love them back, from Kyramith, Jet might feel nothing. Kyramith is more words than feelings, though saying, « You are mine, » has an almost ominous tone to it without the loving emotions to support those words. But don’t worry, because it won’t take Kyramith long to thaw out and begin to show Jet her real emotions. Blame it on hatching shock – that’s traumatic, after all! – but soon colors will begin to show in the young green’s mind, adding depth and warmth to the alien landscape of her thoughts. Perhaps it is as she begins to explore Jet more, or watching her clutchmates play, or maybe an angry outburst from Jet will tap into Kyramith’s own emotions and the green will suddenly explode with them. Something will happen and begin to thaw the green’s demeanor, and Jet will slowly begin to see just how deep her dragon’s emotions run.

It will also be in the beginning of Kyramith’s life that she will develop a lifelong habit of gathering things made of metal. Call it a dragon’s natural instinct if you will, but her tastes are a bit more refined than wanting any metal thing she comes across. No, Kyramith is a connoisseur of metal things. Is it well made? She wants it. Is it broken? She wants it – and wants Jet to fix it. Is it shiny and well made? She REALLY wants it then! And fear her temper if Jet tries to sneak out some of those metal things to dispose of them. Oh, no, Kyramith will not stand for that! « Those are MINE and I do not share them with you! » Good luck?

Kyramith is a very curious dragon, and a very logical one as well. Sometimes this does not work in her favor. If another rider was upset because of a loss, Kyramith would not try and empathise with the person or their dragon, she would try to talk them out of it. « But I don’t see why your rider is sad about their aunt dying, since you said yourself she hadn’t seen her in turns. » It will take a lot of effort on Jet’s part to teach Kyramith how to behave in such situations. While she will never be a touchy-feely dragon, she can at least learn when to keep her thoughts to herself, and how to offer a simple, bland (but sincere!) « I’m sorry. »

She will be curious about emotions as well, and will spend a long time talking – and feeling – with Jet to try and discover them. It will be a long process, but slowly she will begin to feel her own emotions, and learn that emotions are okay. She and Jet are on opposite ends of the spectrum – Jet is too emotional (especially anger), and Kyramith is too logical. Between them, there is a middle ground that will take turns to reach, with lots of pendulum swings back and forth. They will get there though, as they learn and grow together. Perhaps a large part of Kyramith’s learning process is when she learns about Jet’s child. Curiosity, questions, and then emotions will be a part of that discussion, and when it’s over Kyramith will express a quiet curiosity to meet this child, which will come up from time to time from her thoughts. She will never press Jet about it outright, but Jet might be surprised what things trigger the green’s thoughts about the child.

Weyrlinghood might be challenging for Kyramith, depending on how Jet guides her. She has trouble following orders outright. She is not a “yes, sir” type of dragon, at least not at first. If the order makes sense and she can understand why she’s being asked, she will follow the order with her full focus and abilities, but if she doesn’t understand why, she will balk and sometimes show attitude. She will push back if she doesn’t see the use of something, or thinks she’s being told to go about something the wrong way. « Why do we have to fly circles in the bowl when it’s so much shorter to fly straight across it? » Once she understands though, she will give the task her all. But, Jet will have to get used to hearing, « Why? » a lot during Weyrlinghood.

She will support Jet 100% in anything she wishes to do, but, again, she needs to know why it’s a good thing. « You want to go where and do what? You know I’ll take you there, but why? What is the benefit if you do this? » Jet will hopefully realize that Kyramith will always support her, and she should never hesitate to share something with her dragon. The challenge will be for Jet to realize that Kyramith will need to know reasons behind things, and that can sometimes come across as debating/arguing. Jet might find herself frustrated with the persistent questions, but then come to realize that Kyramith is only making Jet work through a thought process to either realize it was a bad idea and there needs to be changes made, or that it is really what she wants to do. And when things go badly, and Jet is hurt, Kyramith will curl around her, mentally and physically, and protect her until Jet feels whole again. « You don’t just protect me, we protect each other. »

Flashes of Jet’s temper will be taken in stride, with Kyramith absorbing it and holding it until Jet is feeling better. « Anger is energy, » the green will say quietly, helping Jet navigate those feelings with a patient and steady presence, until Jet is ready to move on or take action. « You are angry. What can we do about it? » What are the actions that come after the anger? This is what Kyramith will focus on helping Jet see. While Jet is the instinct, Kyramith is the logic, and together they will balance each other out – though it will take a long time for them to reach a true balance and understanding. Sometimes Jet will sweep Kyramith up into instinct and emotion, and will (hopefully!) see how damaging that can be to a young dragon. Conversely, Jet will no doubt experience it when Kyramith is pushing too much logic on their lives, and emotion begins to drain away until things are nothing but shades of grey without that spark of feeling. Together they will achieve a balance, though it might take many turns to reach that middle ground.


Her first proddy period will seem to go on FOREVER. Perhaps that’s intentional, to give Jet time to prepare for something Kyramith knows she hasn’t experienced in a long time. It will be gradual at first – a compliment here, a lingering thought there – but will slowly grow into more flirtatious behavior, more concern about her looks, and even encouraging Jet to find someone to be with. Her interactions with others will be softer, more kind, her voice more gentle and melodic. Others will know what’s happening almost immediately, if they have any knowledge of Kyramith at all. She will be /different/ than usual, even though the change is more subtle than most greens. She will not throw herself at the browns and blues, nor will she constantly bombard Jet with thoughts of sex. It’s a subtle shift in her mannerisms when she goes proddy, though it gradually grows stronger until she rises.

There will be two clues that Jet will learn to look for at the start of a proddy cycle – the emotions, when her normally rational green begins to feel strongly, and when her mindscape begins to turn into a festival gathering. Instead of her usual barren, alien expanse, a festival will appear. The festival will grow as she gets closer to her time to rise, with more decorations on the landscape of her thoughts. Lights, streamers, odd looking food with powerful scents, drinks – all will be slowly added as the time nears…then the guests will begin to arrive. Sometimes the guests will be people and dragons she knows – especially ones she wants Jet to “get to know better”. Other times the guests will be nothing more than shadows, or wraiths moving around and through the decorations without touching them. The guest list will grow and grow, until music begins to play. A haunting melody in minor keys, but with a building of energy until, finally, she rises with a mental crescendo that will call all the chasers to her.

Her flights are fast and furious, often times not even giving Jet time to get to a safe place before the catch is made. Jet will need to learn to prepare when she senses the time approaching, or get used to some rather public displays.


Kyramith is, no doubt about it, a beautiful green. Stereotypically beautiful, even. Perhaps she just wanted to spite her sire, and be as beautiful as he is ugly. Or maybe somehow in Kayeth’s womb Kyramith simply STOLE all the beauty that was to be her brother, Kralkth’s, and hoarded it all for herself. She is small, lithe, graceful, poised, and elegant, shortly after hatching. While other dragons stumble around, she seems to have an innate instinct on how to move. She knows, without Jet having to tell her, how to place her paws just so, and how to move her tail so it doesn’t thwack into things. She cuts things close, for sure, but only to see Jet cringe when she sweeps narrowly past a cart laden with pottery. It moves only from the breeze of her passing, and nothing more. « I would never hit anything, » she scoffs.

Her flying abilities will be much the same, eventually, but she /will/ have some difficulty at first with flying, as all dragons do. She is not perfect, after all, and Jet will have to calm her temper and frustration when flying does not come as naturally to her as walking and running have. « Why am I so clunky?! » she will cry in her most private thoughts. But with some practice she will master it, and when she does she will be an extraordinary flyer. Jet will just have to keep her calm, and keep her from giving up. « Fine. I will just WALK everywhere. » She can, after all, be a bit petulant when she doesn’t get her way, especially in her youth.

Another little quirk about her physicality is that she absolutely, completely, utterly shut-down melt-down cannooooooot handle heat. It’s a lucky thing for her that she was shelled at Fort, because even the balmy weather of the southernmost northern weyrs is enough she gets edgy; not quite full blown panic but it comes close. If, Faranth forbid, they ever end up somewhere truly tropical, she will pass through that edgy panic into a kind of fatalistic stoicism that still somehow manages to be the most dramatic, extra, drama queen thing she has ever done. The hotter she gets, the longer you have to stay put, the more the ‘No! Just leave me here to die a worthy death,’ nonsense starts. She does actually slow down, that’s not her pulling your leg. She’ll still do her work, perform her duties, just slower and with more long-suffering complaint. f it ever actually gets to the point that humans want nothing more than to lay around half-naked and melting, though? Good luck getting her to budge from wherever she has chosen for her last stand — her last, pathetic lie-down. Of course, a Pernese dragon isn’t going to die from extreme heat. Good luck convincing her of that, though. The worst part of it all? It happens again every. Single. Time, because the memory of oh, yeah, it cools off once the sun goes down and then we’re fine and go home where it’s civilized temperatures — fades. As does everything but that lingering panic and absolute certainty that the heat will be the death of her.


Otherworldly. That’s the best word to describe Kyramith’s mindscape. Initially, her mindscape is nothing but shades of grey. Barren, rocky, with little softness to be found. The atmosphere is thin – or non-existent – and gives the most incredible view of the stars and galaxies above. It is here, in these stars, that Jet will learn to look when she needs to discover Kyramith’s true thoughts. It is here where colors will first appear shortly after her hatching, and then filter down to the landscape below. As Kyramith grows, so will her mindscape, going from a grey, barren expanse to one full of colors and life.

Especially when young, Kyramith’s mind will be prone to flashes of sudden, powerful emotion. While she’s usually logical and calm, with the stars turning above her mindscape, there will be times when powerful emotions grip her and she will need Jet’s help to navigate them, and control them. A sudden meteor shower streaking across the sky might signal happiness, while a rising dust storm would be for anger.

The dust will rise, swirl, and envelop Jet’s mind to the point where Jet might even feel the stinging sand on her flesh, and feel the need for a bath afterwards. A sudden freeze, that sends Jet scurrying to the hearth fires, is when Kyramith is feeling hurt or left out. Searing, burning heat for jealousy. These powerful emotions – and physical manifestations of them – might be what helps Jet realize the need for control. Because a storm is incredibly powerful, and that energy could be directed towards a goal rather than destruction of everything nearby. Through this, hopefully, Jet will learn the need for channeling her own emotions, while helping Kyramith do the same.

Each experience will add something to the landscape, changing it constantly. An experience that left both Kyramith and Jet hurt, physically or emotionally, might leave behind a vast chasm that will never vanish, though the edges of it might soften with time. A meadow of alien looking flowers might grow in a moment of love and affection, and though those flowers might wither in time, the meadow itself will remain as a place Jet can visit in order to remember. Thus, Kyramith’s mind is never done developing, and Jet could easily get lost exploring it for the rest of their lives together. It is a place for the two of them (and a few select dragon friends) to visit, change, build, tear down, love, grieve, hope, and explore.

Her voice is very rich, on the lower end of ‘feminine’ for a dragon, but tends toward a more flat aspect. It can come across as harsh and demanding, but never entirely unpleasant. While very different, tonally, than Morizanth, there will be moments where tone is the only way to tell them apart. The weyrling barracks those first few weeks, before the dragons learn to only project to their own lifemates will be VERY INTERESTING. The first days, especially, as the new riders learn what their own dragons sound and feel like. The possibility of mistaken identities will decrease substantially as they grow, but there will still be moments, deliberate or not, where it’s like the two greens share one voice. Kyramith will be harder to convince to do this on purpose. She’ll also have a little more trouble mastering the sardonic twist that seems like it’s present in even the most sincere things Morizanth says. It just doesn’t come naturally to her. (Syn’s, on the other hand, won’t be able to manage more than a few minutes’ subterfuge by adopting a flatter affect, because it’s really, really difficult to keep that level of ‘I’m better than you and I know it’ smug out of a voice for long.)


Oh Jeltje… did you really think you stood a chance in escaping? Welcome to Weyrlinghood and congratulations! We’re so pleased to have you with us and are curious to see how Jet and Kyramith grow together during training!

Our egg theme this cycle was… Hallowe’en! The clutching fell around the time of that holiday and we just ran with it. Kyramith’s Commemoration of Egg is based on All Saint’s Day and sugar skulls and was written by Inri.

Her name comes from two Ancient Greek words: polemistis for warrior, and ankyra for anchor. Nyalle began brainstorming ideas for her personality, and then researched some Greek words that might fit. It wasn’t until after she decided on the blend of those two words that she re-read your application and saw that you described Jeltje as being adrift. Perfection! Kyramith is her anchor, not in that she holds her down, but in that she gives her something to always come back to.

Her personality is based on, as requested, Aeryn Sun.

She was written by Nyalle, with additional details and tweaks by A’ster.

We tried to Pern-ify her personality, while also giving Jet what you asked for and what she needs to grow as a character. We enjoyed writing and creating her for you and hopefully Kyramith will give her a good character arc to follow! As always, what’s written here isn’t set in stone and you’re welcome to play her however you see fit!