Name: Arlet
Age: 25 as of 208 AT (born ???)
Hair: Brown/Black
Height: 5’7″
Place of Birth: ???
Place of Residence: Honshu Weyrhold
Weyr Rank: Weyrleader
Dragon: A Story That Hasn’t Happened Yet Brown Akanyth
Played-by: Bea Arantes


Please note that Arlet’s history is, at present, known to none but her. There are no records of her in any current Hold, Hall or Weyr, and only a date of birth available in the old records of a long abandoned Weyr.

The daughter of a queenrider, Arlet grew up wanting for very little, her mother never away for too long and her father… Well, she has a vague recollection of him, but he ceased to be part of her life when she was very little. She was a fragile-looking child, all slender limbs and angles, easily evoking a protective instinct in any she met. Not the sort to play on this, the only one she ever truly allowed to be overtly protective of her was her brother, Oti, close in age and her best friend for much of their youth.

With a mother who was fond of stories, legends and fairytales, Arlet was raised on a healthy mix of literature and make-believe, and, as the daughter of dragonriders, took up her right to Stand as soon as she was of age, anticipating finding her lifemate fairly swiftly, with no expectation of what colour they might be. It didn’t happen the first time. Nor the second. Or the third. Or… at all. At eighteen, Arlet had stood for every clutch at her home Weyr and at several others, only no hatchling looked twice at her. Having put her life on hold and chosen not to formally apprentice to any Craft (despite her mother’s warnings) she was nothing more than the perpetual – if well educated – Candidate. Faced with her daughter’s frustration and growing guilt, her mother felt it only right to hand over the envelope she’d been holding onto for a decade and more, reluctantly setting her daughter loose in her own kind of fairytale.

…Her mother wasn’t her mother at all. She wasn’t the daughter of a weyrwoman, but of a greenrider. A greenrider who was gone. Gone away, gone ahead. Not knowing what to do with the letter from a woman she couldn’t even contact, she hid it away with the star chart that accompanied it and resigned herself to another Candidacy. And another. More failures, during which she gleaned what information she could about her real mother from those she could find who remembered her, taking up swordplay and basic Smithwork to see if blood rang true. Still no dragon. But a half-decent swordsman. And a knack for creating explosives.

Having never spent much during her years of Candidacy, she found she had more than enough stashed away to tempt a greenrider disenchanted with life. Disenchanted enough to risk both their lives on the star chart in that old letter. Maybe her dragon wasn’t here and now, but wherever her mother had gone. Maybe she didn’t belong. Maybe she too was in the wrong time.

They lived. And the consummate Candidate got herself Searched by a Honshu rider less than a week after arriving in the new world they found. Standing at Honshu brought her brown Akanyth, a contrary sort who seemed only sure that she was his and that was that. He was less than two years old when he flew Fort’s senior queen and flung Arlet into the role of Weyrleader of the infamous northern Weyr, where she’s been trying to bring its darker elements under control for good.