Name: Aerishani

Age: 25 (Born 178 AT)

Hair: Dark brown with red tint

Eyes: Deep blue/violet

Height: 5’6

Place of Birth: Harper Hall

Place of Residence: Honshu Weyrhold

Weyr Rank: Weyrlady

Craft & Rank: Journeyman Harper

Dragon: Listen to the Darkness Gold Amorenth

Husband: O’rlen, Weyrlord and rider to bronze Roreliuth

Children: Ansen and Aronne

Firelizards: Blue Swift

Played-by: Tamla Kari


Aerishani may never be a delicate woman, though her sturdy, yet slender form carries with it a measure of grace that keeps her steps from being too loud despite a figure that finds her a little top-heavy and with hips a touch too wide. An oval-shaped face bears a slender nose and wide mouth, the eyes beneath finely arched brows so deep a blue as to seem violet in certain lights. Her hair falls to the bottom of her shoulder blades in waves and curls of rich brown that bears a red tint.

For day to day wear, she favours dresses, though not overtly feminine, floaty things. Hers are primarily in earthy colours, made from heavy, practical fabrics with leather overlays and jackets where and when necessary. The boots she wears have a small heel and reach to the ankle, made for comfort, rather than fashion. She tends not to wear jewellery, whether she has never bought any of her own or received any so important to keep on her person at all times.



Born to a pair of Journeyman Harpers, Aerishani spent her childhood being brought with them from post to post, with a year’s return to the Harper Hall every so often to catch up on the latest developments and both teach and be taught. She learnt early on not to question this life and not to complain that she always seemed to be leaving friends behind and having go try and make new ones wherever she found herself next. In terms of education and experiences, it was a childhood well-lived, though it required her to grow-up quickly and left her with the idea that, more often than not, people were temporary and relationships were not to last.

From her parents, she learned efficiency, and from so often being the new girl at the Hold, she learned to stand up for herself and for others in ways that did not have her resorting to aggression and being ill-mannered. Aerishani earned herself a reputation for being able to talk herself out of a situation not with the crafted elegance of a Harper, but by speaking from the heart. And yet it was inevitable that she would follow after her parents, apprenticing to the Harper Craft at twelve, left at the Hall to study for the first few years of her apprenticeship, then posted with her Journeyman to Fort Weyr.

At eighteen, she received her Journeyman knot, her specialty focusing on the performance arts, including song, music and dance. Posted first back to Fort Weyr, where she had undergone so much of her training, it was there she first accepted Search, standing for two clutches in which it seemed no dragonet noticed her, let alone looked twice. Upon reaching her twentieth turn, she was posted to Honshu Weyrhold, where it was requested that she spend particular time with the younger of Honshu’s queenriders, who had been Searched from a small, distant cothold, and whose literacy and ‘social graces’ were reportedly lacking.

It was from this posting and association that, when Aerishani stood for a Honshu clutch for what she told herself was a third and final time and Impressed the newly hatched queen, rumours sprang up that she was, in-fact, a Fortian spy, sent to ingratiate herself with Honshu’s goldriders and send information back to Weyr and Hall. And, of course, whatever they had revealed to her had only helped her attract the attention of young gold. That these rumours persisted only frustrated Aerishani all the more, for her motives for Standing had been solely in the hope of finding a companion to share her life with and continue her craft. That she would no longer have a quiet life or be able to devote herself to her Harper studies with her dragon’s assistance threatened to undo her until Amorenth matured enough to assert herself and force her back into the world she had begun to creep away from.

Amorenth was barely eighteen months old, Aerishani’s training as a junior weyrwoman only recently complete, when the fire raged through Honshu’s main caverns and took the lives of so many. And, from the ashes, Amorenth began to glow, soon to claim the Weyrhold for herself and the young woman she chose, whether Aerishani likes it or not. Word through the Weyrhold remained that Honshu would become beholden to Fort and soon its youngest weyrwoman – soon to be Senior – would show her true colours and force the more peaceable, diplomatic Honshu to become a dictatorship, answering solely to her will.

When she rose for her maiden flight, Amorenth was caught by bronze Roreliuth, his rider as young and untried as Aerishani. Nonetheless, the pair seemingly made good leaders for the more liberal Weyrhold, helping to ensure Honshu survived attacks from Fort and other northern Weyrs, though it could be argued that their push for change and broader rights across society provoked said attacks. Amorenth and Roreliuth have proven themselves to be a strong pair, producing a gold egg in each of their three clutches to date, which may be starting to be more of a problem for Honshu than a boon.