Time Served

Who: Isolwyn and Akemi
Where: Weyrwoman’s Office, Fort Weyr
What: Akemi asks permission to leave Fort.

It is the next day after Maozheth and Akemi left Fort to rush to Silverfield when the blue pair returns into Fortian skies. Maozheth reaches out to Eosyth as Akemi rushes to tidy herself up from her long night. << Would Isolwyn please speak with Akemi? >> His mind is heavy with exhaustion and his hide is dull as he settles on to his ledge to sleep after he has once more deposited Akemi to the ground. The bluerider is dressed in her riding gear, her hair pulled back into a severe bun at the nape of her neck. The dark circles under her eyes speak of her sleepless night as she makes her way past various residents and riders of Fort to enter the Weyrwoman’s office.

Though still faintly irritable at Yukijiath’s fretful interruption to her peaceful watching of her clutch, Eosyth offers first a quiet, << She will see her, >> and then, << Come here, to the warm, and get some sleep. >> If any think Maozheth might be a threat to her eggs, Eosyth plainly doesn’t, her offer extended with a hint of a mother’s authority. Isolwyn looks up from the latest document to pass her desk to take in the sight of Akemi, her own features schooled to something on the darker side of neutrality. “Are you going to tell me why Lady Silverfield’s dragon extended her pleas here, and to us? Eosyth says she can still sense her. She was prepared to leave her clutch if otherwise.”

Maozheth leaves the comfort of his ledge and takes himself towards Eosyth, daring to take comfort in the gold’s presence only with the knowledge that Daeserath is not currently at the Weyr. He eases himself onto the sands, mindful of the eggs, and thanks Eosyth with a mental brush of his mind to hers before exhaustion claims him. Akemi is too tired to offer any resistance to Isolwyn’s darkness, her forward movement stopped behind the chair across from Isolwyn. “Thank Eosyth for me. Yukijiath was concerned Nova would die. The Healers’ say it is still possible she may if infection sets in. She lost her baby… and she was six months along. It was not…,” she shakes her head and her eyes grow dark as she holds Isolwyn’s gaze. “I do not want to bring Silverfield’s drama to your doorstep, Isolwyn. I know that I have come to Fort due to what I did to our Weyrleader,” her use of ‘our’ is done unconsciously and not registered as she continues, “I think… we need to be at Silverfield while Nova heals. If you would let us. My brother has made threats against Nova and her children.”

Isolwyn ducks her gaze towards the desk and closes her eyes. “I’m sorry,” she murmurs. “I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.” When she looks up again, her head tilts and she regards Akemi through a narrow-eyed stare as she enquires, “Your brother has made threats against her and her children… because she lost his baby?” The soft ripple of thunder that echoes through the Weyr is quite plainly from its queen, though Eosyth shields Maozheth from her instinctive reaction. “Sit down,” Isolwyn asks Akemi. “Whatever situation is going on at Silverfield… it would be remiss of me to point out two things. The first is that its Lady did nothing to try and save you from being incarcerated here. She chose her side and it wasn’t yours. I’m not saying so to be unkind, but you’re one of Fort’s, no matter how it came about. The second is that what you did means it isn’t entirely my decision what happens to you now.”

Akemi moves to sit as she is instructed though her body remains stiff and her posture held as she keeps her gaze settled on her Weyrwoman. “I do not know if I told you before, but it was with my brother’s urging, that I did what I did all those years ago. Against the Weyrleader. It is not to blame him for my actions, for I did do them, but I want to somehow convey…,” she pauses, trying to gather her thoughts clearly together despite her exhaustion. “He has always put his ambition first. I believe he acted in ways that secured him as Lord to Silverfield. And later, as a bronzerider to Veruth. It came to my attention recently that he… has been behaving in a manner that is not safe to Nova or her people. He threatened to take the children before she lost the baby.” She shakes her head and lowers her guard enough to tell Nova in a strained voice, “I do not know what the right decision is, Weyrwoman. I only know I love her and she needs me.”

“I hope he realises that the title he bears is Lord Consort, at best. And now, with this behaviour, he is only drawing attention to himself. Of the Weyrs, of the Conclave, and I doubt his Craftmaster will be interested in letting him represent his Hall much longer, if his actions are as absurd as you’re suggesting.” Isolwyn reaches to the edge of her desk, to the pitcher of klah that sits there, and pours a mug that she sets down in-front of Akemi. “And, believe me… he really won’t want C’aol to know that what you did was his idea. Not that that is an option anymore.” She sits back in her chair and folds her arms. “You going back to Silverfield now is out of the question. Maozheth sleeps, and there’s a high chance of the two of you getting lost Between in the state that you’re in. I need to discuss this with the Weyrleader. In the meantime, go and get some sleep yourself, and checked over by a Healer when you wake. If you don’t hear from me before then, assume that you may go, despite my reservations. And on the understanding that you owe Fort a favour.”

Akemi takes the klah though she does not raise it to her lips to drink. She bows her head at Isolwyn’s reminder of the state of Maozheth and her exhaustion. “We will not go until we have rested, Weyrwoman.” She sets the klah back down, barely remembering whether or not she took a drink from it or not. She stands slowly. “I appreciate Fort allowing me this. I know it is not given lightly.” She bows herself half-forward and then stands up again. “I owe Fort more than this favor, Isolwyn. Fort changed me when I needed to be changed. Fort helped me… get Nova back.” She shakes her head and offers Isolwyn a fleeting smile. “I have been reformed.” She turns to leave, moving towards the door and pausing only long enough to look back at Isolwyn once more. “Thank you.” And then she leaves.

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