Did That Happen?

Who: Echo, Emily, Melody
Where: Echo’s Weyr, Southern Weyr
What: Melody finds out about Echo and Emily.

The intention must have been for make the visit last between the time that Melody went to sleep and the time that she usually wakes up, but, for whatever reason, Echo has not stirred from Emily’s side or from beneath blankets, but slept on curled up against the goldrider, oblivious to the light spilling through her home and the fact that there is one little girl who is no longer asleep. When Melody throws open the door to Echo’s bedroom, it’s to announce, “Mum, you’re late for breakfa—“ the words dying on her lips as she clocks that her mother isn’t alone. When Echo blinks to a bleary sense of consciousness, it’s in time to see Melody’s features brighten as she declares, “Ooooo, Hanath’s here!” and catch sight of her daughter’s retreating form. “Hi, Emily!” precedes the inadvertent slamming of the door as Melody rushes outside, leaving Echo to roll onto her back and stare up at the ceiling. “Am I awake?” she drawls. “Did that happen?”

Emily is not prepared at all when Melody opens the door and comes inside. She did pull a shirt on before letting sleep claim her so she’s at least dressed when she pops up from sleep at the little girl’s voice. She’s instantly tense and alert, her eyes wide, her face frozen in a mixture of surprise and horror as she looks to Echo. She has no time to say anything in answer to Melody as the girl rushes outside. Hanath is far more prepared to receive Melody than either of the adults it seems as she greets Melody with a loud croon as she lowers her head to be on level with the young girl. “It happened,” Emily answers Echo when she manages to find her voice. “Hanath is delighted to have Melody greet her this morning. Maybe she’ll distract Melody from the point that I’m in your bed?”

“I’m not… entirely sure what her understanding is about people sharing a bed,” Echo says slowly, propping an arm behind her head. “I’m quite certain she doesn’t know about the physical side in any real sense. If she understands it on some romantic meaning level…” she peers over at the closed door, “…she didn’t seem unsettled by it.” Her gaze darts back to Emily. “All I can promise you for sure is that she’s never seen me in bed with anyone before. Whether she really knows what it means or not is maybe here nor there, if she grasps its significance by being something different alone.” She reaches for the front of Emily’s shirt to tug her down to her. “I don’t think there’s going to be any pretending it didn’t happen.”

“You would know more than I would about what she may or may not think now…,” Emily allows, blanket clutched in her hands until she’s tugged back towards Echo. She ‘oofs’ as she flops back and then tosses her arm over her eyes with a huff of a sigh. “I should’ve left last night,” she declares, “so that this wouldn’t happen. I’m sorry,” she can’t help the slip as it comes out though she does not rush to continue to apologize like she would have some weeks ago. “We should tell her what we means to each other… if you’re ready for that. I don’t want to keep secrets from her because that’s not fair. She’s too smart.” She looks towards Echo to gauge her reaction to her suggestion.

“I wanted you here and I was comfortable, so if there’s any blame, it’s as much mine as it is yours,” Echo declares, rolling over to throw an arm over Emily. “I’ve only not wanted to say anything to her because no-one I’ve ever… been involved with has been part of her life. Not that there’s really been anyone that was more than… well, you know.” She has the grace to look distinctly chastened by her own words on the primarily physical nature of previous entanglements. “It isn’t that I think she’ll be upset by it, but that I… know she’ll be upset if she falls any more in love with you and Hanath, and then you and me… go our separate ways for some reason in the future.” Hiding her head against Emily’s shoulder, she murmurs, “I’m not ashamed or embarrassed or //anything// like that, I just… don’t want to hurt her because we can’t make her any promises. I know we have to tell her. I //know// she’s probably figured it out herself.”

Emily turns herself over so she can hug her arm about Echo and burrow her face beneath the brownrider’s chin as she listens to her. She pulls herself back and sits up so that she can look down at Echo. “We cannot do that to Melody,” her intonation of ‘we’ must mean Hanath’s weight is behind her words, “Because it simply isn’t right.” She shakes her head for a moment and closes her eyes, regaining her composure as she eases her gold from her mind. When she opens them, her usual softness is present as she continues to explain. “I don’t want to place undo burdens on you, Echo. I can’t predict what you may feel in weeks or months or even years time when it comes to me. I don’t want to put that pressure on you. I love you,” she shares it with no hesitancy, “and I want to try and make this more than simply a physical… relationship. I love that part,” she blushes and smiles before she leans in to capture Echo’s face gently between her palms. “I’d do without it though. It’s //you// I want.”

Echo’s brow furrows the tiniest bit as Emily tells her she loves her, some flicker of disbelief or lack of understanding possessing her, yet she plasters a smug smile over it and tells her, “Quite right, too.” She catches her fingers in the hem of Emily’s shirt, twisting to claim a grip on it. “Nothing between us is a burden,” she says quietly. “I didn’t tell you that I wanted to be more than your friend because I had any expectation of taking you to bed. If it had turned out that it wasn’t what you wanted, then that would’ve been okay. I wasn’t… picking you up, like some fling.” She wrinkles her nose. “Like I have before, with others,” she must feel pressed to confess. “It sounds stupid, but I don’t really remember what life was like before it was me and Melody and Kahotaith. I just know that… I’d rather it was Melody, Hanath, Kahotaith and you and me.”

Emily does not protest when Echo’s fingers claim the hem of her shirt, instead something eager enters her gaze at the tug. She leans forward and kisses Echo briefly and then pulls back to press her forehead against the brownrider’s. “That’s because your life was fully yours once you had Melody and Kahotaith in it. I understand how that is.” She kisses the tip of Echo’s nose and then pulls back enough to make eye contact with her once more. “I love that you want us to be a part of the family you built. I hope I can bring something equal to you someday to all that you have given me.”

She must be secure enough in the belief that Hanath is keeping Melody well occupied and that Kahotaith will tell her well before her daughter might rush back inside the weyr, for Echo suddenly lunges to roll Emily beneath her, capturing her wrists to hold them above her head. Attired in a vest and shorts she may be, but there would be little explaining away anything were it to be seen. “The one thing you need to stop doing is suggesting that you owe me anything,” she says, lowering her head enough to press a kiss to the hollow of Emily’s throat. “That isn’t how this works.” She smirks, head tilting. “Unless you’d like me to take complete possession of you, in which case I’ll take payment starting now.”

Emily gives a little gasp of surprise as her arms are drawn over her head. Her gaze is full of want and no fear as she looks up at Echo. “I’m sorry,” she says though no apology seems true from the small smile that tugs at her lips. “You will have to accept the only payment I have to offer.” Her legs slide suggestively apart as her knees draw up to reveal her laced underwear. “If you find that satisfactory, you may possess all of me. Always.”

“Always?” Echo smirks, her gaze taking on a predatory edge. “I’ll remind you of that when I’m making you blush in dark corners where anyone might see.” She claims another kiss and then takes each of Emily’s hands to settle them beneath her pillow one after the other, telling her, “Keep them here or I’ll stop.” Quick in unbuttoning the goldrider’s shirt, she soon drags her underwear free and sets to trailing her lips from her collarbone to between her legs, where she makes it clear that her intention is to bring her to completion as fast as possible and keep her there at her mercy without any opportunity to have her cease. She even darts out of reach once she’s sure she’s been successful, rolling off the edge of the bed to smirk down at her. “Was that satisfactory for you?”

Emily clasps one hand over her wrist once they are tucked beneath the pillow to hold fast to the demand of Echo’s. Knowing that Melody is outside playing with Hanath leaves her panting and gasping, her lip bitten as she groans as release finds her again and again with Echo’s knowing mouth. Spent, she shivers as Echo draws from the bed to stand. “I am under your control,” she says far too honestly, her hands moving from beneath the pillow to reach for Echo’s hand. “Don’t leave this bed so soon. Let me please you too.” She eases up on her knees and settles back on her heels. Her shirt covers her breasts and her hair flutters around her face as she looks intently at Echo.

“You can please me later,” Echo promises, reaching for one of Emily’s hands. “I think it’d be pushing our luck if we have Melody wait any longer for her breakfast. We have enough to explain about sleeping side by side, let alone anything else.” She slides her arms around Emily’s waist and holds her to her, gently running her fingers through her hair. “We should go bathe,” she murmurs. “I’ve some time this afternoon. I’ll brave your fearsome Weyrleader and let you make me yell loud enough that he’ll hear, if you like.” Laughter breaks free, then she makes to tug her after her towards the bathing room. “Come on, or I’ll leave you to explain all this to Melody on your own!”

“I absolutely am not qualified to explain any of this to your daughter,” Emily counters as she gets tugged into the bathing room. “I feel like I’d spend half my time apologizing for her simply walking in on us rather than being able to give a dignified answer appropriate for a child!’ She contents herself with the promise of pleasing Echo later as she goes about getting bathed and dressed rather quickly. Hanath has drawn a group of young fire lizards to her and Melody, so that when Emily and Echo finally leave to find the girl both dragon and child are engrossed in their task. Emily risks a quick hug and a kiss to Echo’s cheek before she murmurs about going and cooking them all breakfast. How much Melody was able to glean will have to wait for another day – as this one seems to have at least given the women a pass at having to fully explain their relationship to the young girl.

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