Who: Priska and Rori
Where: High Reaches Hold
What: Priska takes matters into her own hands following S’ven’s attempt at ‘politics’.

Following S’ven’s ‘suggestions’ regarding her visiting and //staying// at Honshu, when Priska finally writes to Rori it’s to request that they meet at a neutral location that has little enough to do with Honshu or Fort, and in-fact sits inside another Weyr’s territory. The lands of High Reaches Hold boast a café and a small selection of restaurants, and it’s the former that she chooses as the most appropriate spot, and where she sits and waits, having booked a table near a broad window with a pleasant view and already ordered tea. Yedrith has taken to the skies to explore physically what she has already roamed mentally, drifting high above through clouds colder than those over Fort.

Rori accepts the request in a polite and professional manner. She enters the cafe dressed in one of her dresses that boast a fuller skirt and a warm scarf tucked around her neck. She removes her coat and scarf as she locates Priska and settles them on the back of the chair. Her smile is warm as she reaches to offer a firm grip as a brief handshake to Honshu’s future Weyrwoman. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” she tells Priska as she pulls her skirts closer to her and settles into the chair. “Inaskashath will enjoy having Yedrith’s company at Honshu soon. She isn’t one to gossip, so she finds the greens conversations sometimes too vapid for her time.”

“And you,” Priska responds, inclining her head a little as she retreats back into her own space following the shaking of Rori’s hand. “Vapid… is not a word that I’d use to describe Yedrith, no. She and Inaskashath have blood in common and I’m sure there’ll be more.” She hesitates, perhaps about to speak, but turns that hesitation into requesting the assistance of the nearby waiter by way of ensuring more tea and a selection of cakes. When he departs, she levels her gaze on Rori, no longer able to avoid what she must say. “I don’t know whether you’re aware, but your Acting Weyrleader visited Fort the other day and //told// me that I’d be transferring to Honshu right away. He also decided to reprimand the bronzerider that Fort – and I can only assume gossip – knows to be my lover, for associating with me. I’m not here to judge your relationship with him, but you should be advised that the first thing I have to do when I become Weyrwoman is remove S’ven from any position of power. His brand of arrogance and manipulation could be catastrophic to Honshu’s future relations with other powers.”

Rori delights in the selection of cakes that are spoken about and seems prepared to enjoy a nice, friendly, chat with Priska. Her pleasure in the event dissipates along with her smile as clear shock registers across her features as Priska goes to explain what S’ven did. “He did seem determined to keep the knot,” Rori’s answer is quiet as she lets her gaze drop to the table and her hands move to clutch at a mug in front of her. Her lips thin as she tries to find the right words. “He tried to be heavy-handed with me as well,” she explains, though no clear details are offered. “He thought if I accepted the Senior knot, his bronze would easily beat Jynth, and he could keep his knot.” The gaze that she lifts and settles on Priska is more haunted than the simplicity of her statement might suggest. “You will be our Senior,” she seems almost puzzled, “of course you can choose to do as you wish. You are right to punish S’ven for his behavior. I am not sure it would be enough for him. If I might suggest… you may want to seek his transfer elsewhere.”

Priska tilts her head slightly, something dangerous glittering in her gaze before she manages to settle it to a firm desire for an answer when she next speaks. “When you say heavy-handed… Do you mean in a way that would make me and your wife unhappy if they were told more of it?” She sits back in her seat, though she refuses to leave the little cake on her plate alone entirely and carefully balances a mouthful on her fork to consume it. “I’ll be your Senior and there are things I’m going to want to change, but it doesn’t give me license to do as I please. I’d rather work with you and any others who’re willing to do so than dictate what’s going to happen. To that end, if transferring S’ven to make him someone else’s problem would be best for Honshu and in your opinion, then that’s what will happen.” After taking a sip of tea, she continues quite without preamble, “There’s also the matter of your wife. If she’s amenable, I want to give her the opportunity to live up to what being a queen’s mate and a junior’s wife might mean for any bronzerider. She’ll never be a Weyrleader and even Weyrsecond would be too much for public opinion, perhaps, but there are other options. I think and I hope it’s time she started being an asset and not viewed as an abnormality.”

“Nala does not need to know,” Rori is firm in her response, her earlier dismay and meekness replaced with sudden steel. “She has faced a man’s blade before, simply for Jynth catching Inaskashath. I can handle S’ven’s advances on my own.” She takes a hasty sip of her tea, meaning to quell her words back into silence as she listens to Priska speak further. She does not seem prepared to talk further on S’ven, her advice already given. The matter of Priska focusing on her wife draws a bristled response from Rori, her fingers tightening on her mug as she looks sharply at the goldrider at the mention of Nala. Whatever she was prepared to face at the mention of the topic, Priska’s direction of it gives Rori pause. “Nala was a Weyrlingmaster before. She left the knot because of…, well. Maybe part of it was to do with Jynth, part of it to do with me, and part of it to do with another. She still holds trauma from before,” she shrugs, not wanting to elaborate on things she assumes Priska must know. “You are allowed to ask her to take on a larger role. Whether or not she accepts, is up to her. Regardless of her choice, she is my wife. And she has rights. If I stay at Honshu, I want that respected. Are you prepared to uphold that? No other will fly Inashskath,” she says firmly, strength once more entering her voice and gaze. “It will always be Jynth.”

“I’ve a good mind to set my Weyrleader on yours,” Priska mutters, yet she leaves any further comment regarding S’ven or just what she thinks C’aol might do about him well enough behind. It’s not the appropriate moment for laughter, and still she does laugh, huffing out a low chuckle. “Rori, if I’m suggesting that something ought to be done to legitimise her and make the two of you look less like something people have decided not to approve of, exactly why would I be interested in having someone else’s dragon catch Inaskashath? If Jynth is her mate, then he’s her mate. I’ve no investment in changing that; even the Council have given you a way to maintain it by surrendering your right to lead in the long term. I’m trying to //give// you rights, not take them away.” She shakes her head a little. “I can’t say I’ll be permitting any gold daughter Yedrith ever has to be flown by blues. I guess we’ll have to see if Inaskashath ever clutches any others like Vesoviath and what we do about their raising and future flights.”

Rori’s lips tighten and her brows pucker slightly as she listens to Priska and seems prepared not to comment further. She shakes her head at the mention of Vesoviath and looks out the nearest window for a moment as she gathers her thoughts. “Please don’t misunderstand me when I say that she doesn’t need to be legitimized.” Her gaze moves back to Priska. “It will be up to Nala if she wants more responsibilities than she already has as a bluerider. If she does not want them, her being Jynth’s rider is enough,” she seems firm in this. “And you needn’t worry about our arrangement being something that others will want to follow. Jynth and Inaskashath are special in their bond. I do not see others of Amorenth’s line following suit.” She sighs and looks down at her mug of tea. “I know you mean well by all of this… I hope I am properly conveying to you that I appreciate your gestures. But you need to make them to Nala herself.” She lifts her gaze to Priska. “I will support you in sending S’ven to another Weyr.”

“But I do have to worry,” Priska answers, any trace of mirth gone. “Even if it’s not about what you might think. I don’t know what your relationship with Aerishani and O’rlen was like, but I can’t say that I agree with half of how they handled things while they had power, including letting the situation reach such a point as to endanger your wife’s life.” She lifts her cup and takes another sip. “Things’re going to change at Honshu, and if I have to run right over my Weyrleader to make things right for the Weyrhold, then I will. The one good thing Aerishani did was having Amorenth establish a line of strong queens.” Shrugging, she concedes, “Though I did hear she pushed to give us all the right to marry, so I guess that wasn’t so bad either.” She puts her cup down. “Things will change,” she reiterates. “And I figure one of the things you’ll have to let me know after Yedrith rises is whether you want a quiet life now or whether you want to be with me in making those changes.”

The tension that was in Rori’s face slowly eases as Priska continues to make it clear her intentions for Honshu. She reaches across the table to place her hand on top of Priska’s briefly. “I will be with you,” she promises her future Weyrwoman. “And I will be proud to do it. I don’t see any other Weyrs in need of a temporary Weyrwoman,” she sits back in her chair with a small smile. “I imagine as soon as one is needed, I’ll be tasked with stepping in. Until then, I am your junior. And I will help you shape Honshu back to being the strong Weyrhold Aerishani and O’rlen originally intended it to be. I think they got lost along the way.” She takes a sip of her tea and considers Priska. “O’rlen and Aerishani did more than establish a rider’s right to marry. They showed us all in choosing each other over the Weyrhold that they valued that right above everything.” She shifts in her chair and considers Priska as she adds, “Honshu will be behind you and your future Weyrlord, so long as you ask them to.”

Priska smiles faintly when Rori covers her hand with her own, her expression turning a little wry as she says, “Well, we’ll see what kind of bronzerider I end up saddling Honshu with. If he’s an idiot, it’ll have to be me and you managing him to keep his impact to a minimum.” She reaches across the table to lift the teapot, from which she refills her own cup and Rori’s. “I don’t foresee Yedrith letting herself be caught by a fool… She’s very much her own person. But then, there’ll be a lot who chase her simply for advancement… and that could spell disaster.” Picking up her fork, she starts in on her cake again. “Anyway, disaster happens when it happens. Tell me about the caverns staff? I imagine some of them are going to resist answering to a new Weyrwoman.” From then on, she tries to keep the conversation as such that she can learn as much as possible about the Weyrhold she’s to inherit, until Yedrith informs her that they’re needed back at home. When she means to answer her queen’s call, she rises to briefly fold her arms around Rori, before taking care of the bill and flitting from the café and back to Fort and what she knows, leaving behind, if only for now, what she does not.

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