Shopping Trip

Who: Priska, Emily, Safiye, Yedrith, Hanath, Vesoviath
Where: Weaver Hall
What: Goldriders go shopping.

Emily has not done much but keep her head down and work hard since the far too public incident occurred with Benden at the Hatching Feast. At Hanath’s pushing, Emily has finally set aside time to go outside of the Weyr and take part in an activity that she usually enjoys. The Weavercraft Hall is bustling with activity when Hanath drops her rider off. The gold nudges her rider’s back gently with her nose before she takes herself to back into the skies to lazily fly on the warmer thermals. << I have dropped her off. She waits for you >>

It’s Safiye, in all of her fourteen turns of maturity, who tries to act the lady as she and Priska cross the courtyard, but Priska bothers not with a bit of it and makes to launch herself at Emily, grabbing her around the waist to twirl her round and place her feet back on the ground. “We’re going to get so many pretty things!” she exclaims, glancing back at Safiye, who looks her up and down and declares, “I think everyone knows you’re here now, for sure,” just as she catches up to the other goldriders. “Mama said she’s given the Hall enough to cover whatever I need. We need to get something for Casi too.” Her eyes widen and she blushes, blurting out, “Are we all supposed to be calling her Casi? Or Casilyn? Isolwyn said she was Casi!”

Emily’s flight jacket is tucked in her arms and she promptly drops it as she’s twirled around. Her laughter is bright and clear as she gives Priska a playful shove. “You clearly work out more than I do since you’re able to pick me up as if I were a child!’ She reaches for Safiye and draws her into a warm hug before she bends to retrieve her jacket. “Priska likes to make an entrance,” she adds to Safiye with a wink. She glances up at the entrance to the Hall and then encourages both of them to walk with her. “You may call her what you wish! She’s a darling baby. We do need to get her a few nice things. Maybe we can find something nice for Isolwyn too. I imagine she will appreciate it. I’ve got the marks to cover those,” she adds, telling Priska and Safiye both. “Don’t argue with me on it. And I also want to get a few new dresses for myself…,” she gives Priska a look and then adds, “Maybe you’ll want something nice to wear for B’lian? A new dress?”

“Well, there are some things I’d like to get to wear for B’lian, but I don’t think the three of us going through them would be entirely appropriate, so I’ll go and do that now and meet up with the two of you later.” Priska spares Safiye none of her slightly feral intent, accepting her as the adult that society will soon deem her, and heads off into the Hall with a wave for the two she leaves in her wake. For //that//, Safiye doesn’t seem embarrassed in the slightest, remarking, “I’m glad they’ve stopped dancing around each other. I think she was going to drive B’lian a little mad… Maybe she still will.” She reaches to loop an arm through Emily’s. “Dresses first?”

Emily’s blush is clear as Priska leaves them. She clears her throat, watching Safiye’s far more calm manner around the leaving of their friend. “It is good they stopped, as you say, dancing around each other. He makes her happy. I like seeing that,” she pats Safiye’s hand. “Dresses,” she agrees and walks them further into the building. A few questions with apprentices running back and forth take them to a large room where rows upon rows of dresses are hung up. “The Master’s collection, miss. As you were asking to see. We of course can alter any of the items should you need the fits adjusted,” the journeywoman says to both goldriders before she dips a curtsey and turns to leave them to the dresses. “Oh, they’re all so lovely. Where should we begin?”

Safiye’s eyes are as round as saucers as she takes in the collection of dresses, her inexperience in the realm of selecting a wardrobe of her own quite plain to see before she squares her shoulders and clasps her hands behind her back, a moment taken until she decides, “I like the cyan with the silver laces,” and nods towards one of the dresses to the left. “I don’t…” She sighs and shakes her head. “I don’t know how many I’m supposed to buy. I’ve grown out of nearly everything I have, but I don’t know how many dresses other women generally have. And some, like Priska, wear pants more often. Isolwyn likes dresses. Am I supposed to get a mix of things?”

“I love that dress,” Emily is eager to agree as she moves forward to take it off of one of the racks and hold it against Safiye. She smiles at her questions. “I think it depends on what you want. I love having a large selection of dresses and outfits. Sometimes its nice to simply own something and know its yours? It’s hard to explain. When we get home, I’ll show you my wardrobe. I own a //lot// of clothes,” she’s excited about this. “And the beauty of owning a lot of them is I always have choices!” She moves forward, placing the cyan dress on her arm as she goes through some more racks. She grabs a more every-day sort of dress of black. “Some things like this are functional,” she shows Safiye the pockets within the pleats of the gown.

Reaching forward, Safiye pulls gently at the skirt of the black dress to explore its pockets, murmuring, “My Mama wears black, mostly.” This seems to be acceptance of the dress, for she carefully pulls that one from the rack too. “I… Maybe people wouldn’t be happy with me having a lot of clothes. I mean… I might be a trained weyrwoman, but we still don’t know whether Vesoviath… They all might think I’m getting ideas above my station.” She sneaks a look up at Emily, then away to a gown similar to the cyan, but more on the green side. “You always looks so pretty and everyone knows you work really hard and… they could think I’m making assumptions about my rights to things.”

Emily reaches her hand out to rest gently on Safiye’s forearm, waiting until the younger woman turns to look at her. “Safiye, you do not have to earn the right to own nice things. We are here to get you dresses because it is fun to go shopping with friends. Having nice dresses does not mean you’re above your station. I wore plenty of nice dresses growing up and I did nothing but do as I was asked. Please don’t place so many judgments on yourself.” She draws her in for a quick hug and then moves on down the rack. “Besides, we can make sure we get you some sturdy pants and tops. We can’t have Priska thinking I’m determined to make you dress as I do.”

For an instant, Safiye buries her head against Emily’s shoulder while she hugs her, then she straightens again and gives a single nod of her head. “Well… Then I like that one too,” she declares, pointing to a dark dress with pale embroidering running down its skirts. “What’re you going to get?” she questions, gently tugging at different dress here and there to get a better look at them. “If Priska’s gone to get… other things… that B’lian would like, maybe we should a dress that’d suit her to show her too. I’ve seen her wear fluffy things.” She pauses at the end of a rack to say, “I like the tunic things some of the male riders wear over their shirts. Sleeveless, with buttons down the middle… Waistcoats!”

“If you’re going to wear a waistcoat, you’ll need a hat!” Emily calls to Safiye from another aisle. She’s placed a few dresses over her arm of various styles when she comes back around the corner. “Lets try some of these on and then we’ll pick a few to keep. If we ask, there’s another room where they have more every day wear. Your pants and sweaters and such. I think Priska would look sweet in a big puffy sweater and a nice pair of pants. If you find a dress you think she’d like, lets grab it! Otherwise we’ll get her comfortable clothes. What’s the weather like at Honshu?” she wonders aloud as she pauses beside Safiye. “I haven’t gone there much at all.”

When Safiye trails back to Emily’s side, she’s picked up a couple more dresses and slung them over her arm. “Most commonly, it’s just the opposite of whatever it’s like at Fort, being in the South. Except more temperate and less cold, because it not //so// far South that it gets freezing in winter. That’s what it’s like at home, which isn’t all that far from Honshu itself.” She shrugs. “So, I guess lighter clothes than we’d wear? Though Between is Between and always cold.” Going through her lanky phase she may be, but she still has to lift up onto her toes to press a kiss to Emily’s cheek. “I’m going to try on the cyan one!” she declares, before rushing behind one of the nearby screens.

It’s easy for Emily to fill up a solid hour taking Safiye through the process of selecting dresses to try them on and decide whether or not the items are worth purchasing. She directs Safiye from the dresses towards the other smaller rooms that hold premade trousers and shirts that are meant for women. She encourages her to have fun with it and does her best to convince her to buy more than “things that are sensible”. Once she’s settled the arrangement for deliveries to Fort, she links her arm in Safiye’s and takes her towards the dining area at the Hall. They’re in time to grab plates of lunch items and she settles down at a table not to far from the entrance. “Did you have fun?” she asks the younger woman after she takes a sip of her tea.

“Yes!” Safiye affirms, carefully stirring her soup. “Thank you for helping me. Maybe it’s a little silly that someone my age has never really picked out their own clothes… but there wasn’t much opportunity to do it before.” She takes a tentative mouthful from her spoon. “Did you get everything you wanted?” she asks. Before she can speak again, nimble fingers steal a fragment of the bread roll that she’s broken up, popped into a mouth not her own. “Hey!” Sitting down next to her, Priska insists, “You let your guard down,” unrepentantly, shooting a smirk at both her and Emily. “Well?” she asks them both. “Did you get everything you wanted?”

Emily tsks Priska as she reaches a hand forward to playfully slap at her hand. “Don’t steal others food, Priska! All you have to do is ask to be shared with.” She takes the other half of her sandwich and passes it towards Priska. “Safiye got quite a few really nice outfits and I selected two new dresses. We also found some nice baby clothes to wrap up and hand to Isolwyn as a gift. Did you get what you wanted? I’ve never.. ah,” she blinks, blushes, and takes a bite of her sandwich to get up the courage to finish the sentence. “Have never looked into fancy under garments.”

“Yes, mother,” Priska drawls with a feigned roll of her eyes. It makes her, “Thank you,” no less real, however, when she accepts the half of the sandwich Emily offers her. “I got some blankets for Isolwyn and the baby, so they can go together with the clothes, if you like? And some more ribbon to embroider – they had some in the different dragon colours and I thought I might make pieces for each of Yedrith’s first clutch… whenever that’ll be. Fanciful, though it might sound.” She can’t help but grin as Emily blushes, glancing to Safiye before she admits, “I’ve never looked for fancy underthings either, but I really just want to see B’lian’s reaction. I’m hoping it’s worth documenting.”

Emily finds somewhere else to place her gaze as Priska talks about B’lian’s reaction, a hint of pink rising to her cheeks. “Yes,” she says as she looks back at Priska with a smile. “Yedrith’s first clutch should certainly have ribbons. Safiye and me will have to plot some great way to make both you and Yedrith feel special, like you all did for Hanath and me!” She finishes off her sandwich and glances to the two of them before she looks towards the door. “With all our purchases made, shall we head home?” She reaches to take Safiye’s dishes as she rises. “I’ll go and set these in the wash bin. Then we can head home.”

“You don’t need to do anything for me,” Priska quietly insists, the edges of her smile dimming a little. “I’ll be all the way at Honshu. Think of how tiresome that will be.” Before she can dwell any further, she reaches down to pick up the parcels that the Weavers have made of her purchases, making to stack some of Safiye’s and Emily’s along with them, if only to keep her well occupied. “Want to bet that Isolwyn’s got the baby in training to run the caverns in our absence?” she jokes dryly. She pauses for long enough to wait for Emily to return and to ignore the long, wondering look that Safiye shoots her, before striding off to lead back to their queens, then home.

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