Moving Day

Who: Priska and Rori
Where: Honshu Weyrhold
What: Priska finally transfers to Honshu.

There’s a festive air around Honshu today — with streamers and garlands looped around doorways and storefronts. The Weyrhold’s built-out nature makes it feel like almost a walkway of welcome from the inner bowl towards the outer crafters buildings and stores with the banners on display. The Weyrhold’s staff has made quite a fuss of creating a welcoming feast for Priska, having gone through the trouble of reaching out to Fort’s staff to gather intel on what their new Senior goldrider may enjoy eating. Emily is waiting at the Weyrhold entrance with a wide smile as she gazes up at the skyline to anticipate Yedrith’s arrival. Inaskashath is resting on her ledge with Jynth at her side.

Much of what Priska has accumulated during her time at Fort, she’s already sent ahead, believing it unbecoming to arrive with Yedrith absolutely laden down with trunks and bags, and so there isn’t much beyond the queen’s straps to worry about when the young gold blinks from Between and spirals down to make a neat landing where she won’t disturb anyone waiting or busy outside. For a moment, Priska hesitates, looking down at all that’s before her from Yedrith’s back while she carefully peels off her gloves and helmet to stash them in the bag slung across her shoulders, though soon she slides down to the ground to further take in everything that her lifemate is inevitably going to make hers. Not knowing quite which way to go, she waits instead of charging ahead, her gaze finding Inaskashath and then her rider.

Inaskashath’s greeting to Yedrith is a warmth of sun angled around the younger golds mind. << Welcome, Yedrith. It is a pleasure to have you home. >> Rori moves towards Priska with a beaming smile, followed closely by the Headwoman and Steward. “Welcome, Priska. We hope you enjoy our celebration we’ve prepared for you.” She moves to embrace Priska briefly while the Headwoman and Steward offer handshakes and grins to the new Senior. “Dalia and Gerrell did almost all of the preparations. The staff is excited to meet you.” She moves to guide Priska along towards the main hall where the feast has been laid out and a group of Harpers seems prepared to play. “Honestly,” she tells Priska in a low tone with a conspiratory smile, “I think people were anxious for an excuse to have a gather of sorts. I hope it’s not too overwhelming for you.” S’ven’s absence is notable.

Yedrith is somewhat formal in her response, yet not without a warm hint of wryness amongst the cool drifting of her aether. << Thank you. It is a good day indeed to finally be here. >> Something of Priska’s own reply shares that wry nature, her, “I wasn’t aware that there were going to be any celebrations,” a quiet admittance paired with a small smile as she embraces Rori and looks out over her shoulder. “Thank you both for all your hard work,” she tells the Headwoman and Steward, inclining her head a little. She finds it easy enough to follow after Rori, while Yedrith launches herself into the air to find the highest point on which to perch and survey her new home. “No, it’s fine, really,” she tries to assure Honshu’s Acting Weyrlady. “It’s nice. I was… expecting a more obvious show of resistance, I confess.”

“Resistance? The Weyrhold has been anxious to have you since it was proposed that you would come,” Rori answers Priska easily as they make their way past well-wishers and various introductions are made. She takes Priska through those gathered to the head table where she pulls out a chair for Priska to grace before she settles beside her. It is at their seating that the Harpers begin to play music and those who have gathered return to their various private conversations. “You’ll find Honshu a welcoming place. Most of those here wish for a place to live and craft and earn a living,” she tells Priska as she lifts her glass for a bit of bubbly champagne to be poured into from a server. “I don’t think they minded my leadership but it will be good for the permanence of your posting.”

Priska does her best to pay attention to everyone who seeks to greet her without falling behind too much, a little clumsy in trying to focus on too many at once, but she claims the offered seat with the grace expected of one of her old station. “I notice your esteemed Weyrlord has made himself scarce,” she says to Rori in dry and quiet tones. “Yedrith has been known to be somewhat… precocious. I’m not sure it’ll be all that long before she rises. I assume she and I will be in one of the junior weyrs until then? Even if she’s to be Senior… I wouldn’t like to be too forward about the whole thing.”

“Do not fault him for it,” Rori offers Priska with a nod to the staff who brings them a platter of appetizers. “I told him it would make you uncomfortable if he would press himself upon you during your celebration. You’ll see he’s sitting with his wing,” she gestures towards the table where S’ven and the Weyrlord’s wing are seated. S’ven offers a raised glass to Priska and a bitter smile. Rori straightens her shoulders and gives a hard glare to S’ven before the Weyrlord returns to chatting with those around him. “A junior weyr?” Rori comments as her attention once more returns to Priska. “Oh, goodness no. How senseless would that be? I’ve never moved into Aerishani’s old weyr. It is yours.” She looks to Priska and tips her glass against hers. “I’ll toast you proper in some time, but still. Welcome home.”

S’ven’s bitter smile is met with an impassive stare from Priska, his brief attention afforded even less of her own. “I don’t fault him for it,” she declares, pausing to murmur her thanks to the servers. “The less I need to interact with him, the better. I’m not sure quite how long I’ll be able to hold my tongue if he decides that I’m his to be spoken down to or ordered about before Yedrith rises.” She clinks her glass against Rori’s. “Thank you. And, well, okay, we’ll move in there if you insist. I won’t lie and say that it doesn’t feel wrong to claim the Weyrlady’s weyr…” Sighing, she wrinkles her nose. “Would you mind if I changed that, when it’s me? The title, I mean. I’m a weyrwoman… I might have been one day meant to be a Lady, but that’s… not me.”

“Aerishani and O’rlen were trying to establish themselves as different since this is a Weyrhold and not a Weyr. I don’t mind if you take the title of Weyrwoman again. Our people may have an opinion on it. Granted, they’ll just want to make sure nothing affects them too much,” Rori comments after she takes a sip of the bubbly. She reaches for a cheese tart to nibble at. “Most of our riders are crafters and they choose to stay at Honshu because we allow them to practice their craft without drills and other requirements a Weyr may want in addition to it. A portion of their earnings goes to the Weyrhold to keep us staffed and profitable. Those of us like myself who don’t pursue a craft, find other ways to be productive.” She smiles at Priska. “If there is something you want to expect of your junior, I’d only need to know so I can accommodate your request.”

“I don’t think I require anything out of the ordinary,” Priska replies after a moment’s consideration. “Then, that might well end up being dependent on what sort of Weyrleader I end up giving Honshu and whether or not we need to work together to run interference to prevent his idiocy impacting everyone.” She takes a sip from her own glass. “I hope you won’t be offended if I spend some time going through the Weyrhold’s records. I figure the sooner I become acquainted with the state of the population and finances, the better.” Her eyes narrow slightly. “Do you know anyone needing to get rid of a firelizard egg or two? I suppose I ought to get one for ease of running messages.”

Rori looks sideways at Priska with a bemused quirk of her lips. “I don’t think a man who finds himself as a Weyrleader will be a huge idiot.” That her gaze drifts towards S’ven and his wing says more than her words might as she adds, “Perhaps they will only need training rather than interference.” She lets her gaze return more fully to Priska. “Oh, of course. I’ll show you the records room after we eat, if you like. You are welcome to view whatever you want. If anything has been recorded during my time here and you need more clarification, just ask.” She smiles at the mention of a firelizard egg. “I’m sure we can find someone to gift you one.”

“You can have a bronze capable of catching a queen and still be a few sandwiches short of the proverbial picnic,” Priska replies over the rim of her glass, taking a long drink to consume half of its contents in one. “It’s a nice thought, but I’d rather pay for an egg, if I can. I don’t want people thinking the new Weyrwoman turned up and started expecting all sorts of presents and tribute.” She smiles and shrugs one shoulder. “I imagine if word got out I was looking for one, anyone who wanted a favour would leave one in my weyr and that could be an utter disaster.” As the staff begin to bring round the various dishes she says, “Come on, let’s eat and then we can go and hide in the Records for a little while.”

“If you’re looking to purchase an egg, you’ll want to talk to Gail. She often sells her fire lizard’s eggs and also those wild clutches she finds on the various southern beaches. She does more than market the eggs, she also allows herself to be hired to help train them. I rather like her approach and I will say those fire lizards she helps train are the most successful.” Rori makes quick work of her meal and idly chatters with Priska and those who come to the table to greet the new weyrwoman. “Come,” she announces once she’s sure Priska has finished her plate. “We’ll go and hide in Records before anyone,” she gives a pointed look at S’ven’s back, “decides to brave talking to you.” She takes Priska’s hand and slips away with a laugh trailing behind her. She’ll spend a bit of time showing Priska around the records room before excusing herself to allow Priska time to herself to take in the totality of her future as Senior Weyrwoman.

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