In Theory

Who: Safiye and Emily
Where: Kitchens, Fort Weyr
What: Goldriders gossip and plan.

Emily’s taken herself to the kitchens to grab a quick meal while Hanath naps around her clutch. With the Hatching soon, Emily seems more aware of the candidates milling around the kitchens doing their assigned duties. If they feel her quiet scrutiny, no one seems obviously nervous for it. Settled at a table used more for food prep than eating, she’s making short work of the soup in front of her as she watches the bustling activity of the kitchen.

“Sorry!” Safiye cannot be terribly sorry, for she goes on to claim a second and third cookie from the baking sheet that she’s just stolen one from, then leans in to press a kiss to the baker’s cheek before they can carry the tray and remaining cookies away. “Thank you!” She manoeuvres her way through the kitchen and eventually reaches the table that Emily has adopted, where she puts one of the cookies down in-front of her, while shoving another of them into her own mouth. Given time to munch on the bite she’s taken, she asks her, “How would Hanath feel about wearing a flower crown for her Hatching? In theory.”

Emily’s smiling ahead of Safiye’s arrival to her table as she’s watched her cookie thieving with clear delight. “You’ve got all our staff so thoroughly in love with you, Safiye. I imagine you could ask for anything and they wouldn’t be able to deny you.” She takes a moment to consider Safiye’s question, “I don’t know. I imagine she would wear it if it would make someone happy. Were you prepared to make her one?” she asks and then finishes off her meal. “The Hatching should be any time now. She is very anxious to meet all of them. I’m thankful that she doesn’t seem overly displeased by any of our candidates. I wonder if they’re prepared for her to have an opinion on everything when it comes to raising her children…,” she shakes her head, “at least, in the beginning.” She looks closer at Safiye. “You’ve grown again, haven’t you?”

“I… might have started making one,” Safiye quietly answers between bites. “And roped Priska into helping. Sometimes Isolwyn too. When C’aol isn’t looking.” She continues eating, quite as if she hasn’t confessed to absolutely anything at all, only to pause and glance down at herself when Emily suggests that she’s grown. “I guess so?” She shrugs. “Mama said she was going to have some new riding gear made and sent over. I kind of feel bad; it seems like a waste of money to keep having new sets of everything made so often. My sister’s pretty tall, but I’m not really sure that she got that from Mama.” One of the kitchen hands plants a glass of fruit juice down in-front of her and wanders on their way. “I figure the weyrlings will be tired enough that they’ll be grateful for help in the first few months,” she supposes. “And it’s not like Hanath is ever mean about anything. She does things because she cares.”

Emily blushes at the mention of more than Safiye herself making the wreath. “You all do a lot for us already. That you all worked on it… it means a lot, Safiye. Hanath would love to wear it.” She blinks a few times in a furious attempt to keep happy tears from doing more than shine in her eyes. “You’re a very practical young lady. When I was your age, I //loved// outgrowing things so I could get new clothes. My parents didn’t really believe much in fashion… so I had to have a reason to get new things.” She glances down at her dress and laughs, looking to her. “You know, I haven’t gotten anything new myself in ages. Want to go with me to the Weavercraft hall after the Hatching? You can help me pick out some new clothes and see if you like anything yourself. Save your Mama the trip of getting you new dresses and things as well as your new leathers.”

“Isolwyn was very clear that she only has to wear it if she really wants to,” Safiye declares with all due solemnity. “I thought it would be cute. And Hanath deserves nice things, like flowers.” There, she smiles, right before starting in on the second cookie. She munches thoughtfully for a few moments before confessing, “Well… I’ve caused a lot of people a lot of worry and hassle because Vesoviath wanted me. And everyone’s been kind and says it isn’t a hassle, but I know it is, and me outgrowing things just feels like something adding unnecessary stress for people.” Another bite vanishes. “I know it’s something else I can’t help, but, you know.” She lifts her glass and takes a long drink. “Going to Weaver would be fun! I’ve never been. I bet they have all kinds of pretty fabric. Maybe we could get something for Isolwyn’s baby too? If anyone’s going to be aunties, it has to be us, right?”

“I don’t view teaching you or Vesoviath as a hassle. And I’m not entirely sure C’aol or Isolwyn fuss overly much about you being here. Benden would have found other ways to do something wrong, those women were vapid creatures… still, you bring a lot to Fort,” Emily tells her with genuine warmth in her eyes as she reaches to pat Safiye’s hand. “You’ve never been to Weaver? Oh, you’re going to have so much fun!” Emily gushes, grinning as she adds, “There’s tons of beautiful fabrics. And they usually have items you can try on and buy right away. Not everyone wants to get something specially made all the time. Or mended. We certainly can pick an outfit out for the baby!” she nods her head and tucks her spoon inside her bowl. “And maybe we should think about getting something for Isolwyn, too. I got the most beautiful outfit for Priska… I was lucky to have one of the journeymen work with me through letters.”

“I’m glad that… Vesoviath doesn’t really remember what Benden did,” Safiye murmurs, finishing off the second cookie. “I don’t mean that she doesn’t ever get angry… I’m still glad she doesn’t have the ability to make others do what she wants, in any case. Maybe that’s odd and I know it means she’s different from all the other queens… but it means she won’t hurt anyone like that, and hopefully people who like her really do like her for who she is.” She’s happier to move on to brighter things, moving her glass to wrap both hands around it. “D’you think we should wait until we know whether Isolwyn’s baby is a girl or a boy?” she asks. “We could get Isolywn a blanket? So it’s kind of for her and for the baby too?” Before speaking again, she looks left and right, then leans forward across the table to whisper, “I think B’lian’s in love with Priska.”

Emily let’s the topic of Benden die without further comment. “Vesoviath is exactly who she is supposed to be. And she will have lots to offer her home because of her differences.” Her mind is stuck on the topic of Weaver and blankets. “We should get the baby some clothes that are neutral so it shouldn’t matter boy or girl. And we can get Isolwyn a big blanket for herself and one for the baby.” Her smile is impish, “We know how much she loves blankets.” She breaks off a bit of the cookie in front of her to nibble and then coughs at the mention of B’lian and Priska. She looks around to make sure none of the gossips in the kitchen are listening in before she leans closer and asks, “What makes you say that?”

Safiye looks momentarily startled, yet, once assured that Emily isn’t choking on the cookie, she takes another quick look around and replies, “He asked me how he could get her to understand that he’s her friend because he likes her, not because she’s going to be in-charge of a Weyr.” She sits back a little, safe in the knowledge that none seem to be staring at them. “And my Mama’s going to make some knives for him to give to her when she has to leave for Honshu. I’ve seen how the other bronzeriders treat her and they don’t really seem to want to be her… friend…” She shrugs. “He seemed worried about her. I figure if he was… after other things, he’d be more mad that she didn’t want to or something.”

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