Consort, Master, Dragonrider

Who: Nova, Akio, Yukijiath, Veruth
Where: Silverfield Hold
What: Lady Silverfield now has a bronzerider for a Lord Consort.

It has been some weeks since Inaskashath’s and Jynth’s clutch has hatched — bringing with it three greens, two blues and one bronze smaller than his blue brothers. It would seem that drama cannot be sidestepped at these hatchings, for the small bronze found itself rushed by a man who was not Searched. Before anyone could stop him, Akio had swooped the little bronze into his arms and declared, “He’s mine!” The boy who had been prepared to greet the bronze’s shouts of, “Cheat! He cheated me! That dragon was going to be mine!” had to be pulled off the Sands to be consoled by staff. Whether or not Akio had interrupted an Impression is still a matter of discussion, some believing that the Lord Consort had indeed stolen the bronze from the boy. Because of the unique nature of Silverfield Hold having more than the Lady Nova as a dragonrider, Honshu permitted Akio to take Veruth back to Silverfield to raise with the promised tutelage of Aerishani and O’rlen. He and the young bronze, who seems unlikely to grow quickly, have been settling in. Today Akio and Veruth are down at the lake, where the young bronze seems content in splashing in the water by himself.

Nova has had little to say to her husband since what most have decided to refer to as ‘the incident’ within her hearing, the choice she’s made one that keeps her busy inside the Hold both with its day to day runnings and what political fallout has been brought to its proverbial doorstep from his actions. Yukijiath has had no such paperwork or other matters to keep her focus elsewhere, and has spent much of her time keeping a idle eye on Veuth when Honshu’s former Weyrleaders aren’t working with him and his rider. She’s chosen some distant spot at the lake’s edge today, close enough to be near without being intrusive, and it’s ostensibly //her// that Nova ventures out of the Hold to meet, her arms knotted awkwardly at the base of her ribcage, though she cannot help but venture past Veuth to reach her.

“Will you continue to ignore me?” Akio calls after Nova, finding himself annoyed as she moves to walk past him as Veuth lifts his head to consider the woman. “I had thought you’d be pleased. Or at least //learn// to be pleased. There is no undoing it,” he rises from where he was sitting on the ground to stalk after Nova. Veuth moves out of the waters and trots after Akio where he butts his head against his rider’s legs to stop him. Akio turns to rest a hand on Veruth’s head and closes his eyes to settle himself lest his anger upset the bronze further. Veuth is not a chatty sort of dragon, usually he keeps his thoughts to himself. Today he reaches a gentle puff-puff of engine smoke towards Yukijiath. << Will they continue this way forever? >>

<< For a while longer, in all likelihood. Perhaps her temper will ease when she feels better. >> Such is Yukijiath’s opinion, unflinching from the darker truths. Nova turns as Akio addresses her, though the motion makes her close her eyes for a moment to steady herself. “Of course there’s no undoing it,” she snaps. “Don’t be so crass as to think I’d want him gone. But //you//… What you did, you did without thinking, in a manner that has brought your actions into question from multiple spheres. And the fact that you it sounds like you did all of this simply to please me…” She shakes her head. “I didn’t ask you to do this, nor did I expect it of you. I could’ve spent the rest of my life going to Weyrhold for Yukijiath and that would’ve been that. You didn’t need to do this in hope of finding her a new mate.”

<< Is she sick? >> Veuth asks with another whirl of exhaust making its way around Yukijiath before he quelches his curiosity and silences himself as he watches Akio. His rider folds his arms in front of him and juts his jaw out as he listens to Nova speak. “I am not Akemi and I will not tuck tail and run simply due to political rumor and gossip. I have Impressed, as you did, and it is done. We are a Hold that hosts a former Weyrwoman and Weyrleader and now we’re a Hold that has a Consort who has a bronze. Stop punishing me for my actions,” he gentles his tone as he risks taking steps towards her with his hands reaching for her. “Let us talk about our very great future. Now that Veruth is here, Yukijiath and you can return to how things were before Akemi left. No other need grace your bed once he’s grown enough to catch her.”

<< In a manner of speaking, >> Yukijiath provides, settling herself down into the sand to sit with her paws curled neatly before her. “As I did?” Nova echoes, her voice bright with incredulity. “I didn’t rush onto the Sands in the way you did! Yukijiath picked me out of the Stands!” She’s adamant in the steps she takes back and out of Akio’s reach, insisting, “You can’t… Veuth is still little enough that even us being near could upset him. Akemi and I slept in the same bed throughout weyrlinghood, but you can’t assume that he’ll want or tolerate that.” She swallows hard. “Just like you can’t assume that he’ll want to chase Yukijiath. He’s his own person, with his own wants. He may find another mate.” Ducking her head, she murmurs, “You should have told me what you intended to try. And then I could have told you… that you got another child on me.”

“If I told you, you’d have stopped me. I made up my mind the last time Yukijiath got caught. I figured, if Akemi could Impress; as her twin – I should be able to as well,” Akio asserts as he moves to rest his hand on her shoulder. “He won’t mind if I touch you,” and before he can do more than grip her shoulder, Nova shares the news and he bursts out laughing. “Got you with another child! How joyous! Now we’ve two between us,” he moves forward and hugs her fiercely, determined to end their fight through brute strength alone. Veruth chirps a questioning sound and moves to wriggle himself between Akio and Nova with a huff and a firm headbutt against Akio’s knees. Frowning, Akio looks down at his young dragon. “None of that,” he tells Veruth and moves to push him to the left so he can once more hug Nova. “You’ll have plenty of hugs later.”

“Of course I would’ve stopped you!” Nova exclaims, once more trying to step back, only for Akio to quite literally overpower her when he moves to hug her. “No, you can’t, he–“ she attempts to tell him, sidestepping his reaction to the news all the more easily, if not intentionally, when Veruth tries to get between them. “Akio–“ She sighs and grits out, “If that’s even what we call you anymore,” before insisting, “You can’t; you don’t understand. He’s more important than me or the children. You need to look after him. Especially as he’s small and we don’t know at what rate he’ll grow, or how big he’ll get.” Her, “Sorry, Veruth,” could well be for speaking about him or pointing out his differences. “Just because you’re here, it doesn’t mean you can take risks. That’s why we need to stay apart.”

“My name is short enough there was no sense in changing it!” Akio blusters, flapping his hands briefly before he sullenly folds his arms in front of him. “Don’t you think we’d have told people if it’d change? We are not meant for a Weyr. I may keep my name.” Veruth seems continuously distressed at the conversation and though Nova’s acknowledgment does much to ease his mind it takes the appearance of Roreliuth to the lakeside to draw him away from Akio and Nova both. That the bronze may have interceded for his distressed dragon’s sake is lost to Akio. “I took the risk in getting the damn dragon! We won’t stay apart. I will not miss the birth of my child because I have Impressed a bronze!”

“Don’t talk about him like that!” Nova snaps, eliciting a low rumble from Yukijiath, whose eyes begin to spark autumnal shades. Silverfield’s Lady is rarely physical outside the bedroom, but she reaches to grab at Akio’s shoulders, meaning to hold him in place. She may have lost little of the strength she maintained as a Journeyman, though it may be no match for his. “Look what you’re doing to him! Can’t you feel that you’re upsetting him?” Whether intentionally or otherwise, her fingers curl to grip more tightly. “He’s not just a way of keeping me out of other riders’ beds or a means of transport. Yukijiath isn’t a glorified runner; she’s half of me and I love her. She’s the one person I can trust with anything. …And right now, I don’t know that I can trust you to look after your own dragon.”

Akio’s body tenses at Nova’s grip and his eyes go cold at the reprimand of her words. He lets his gaze move to where Veruth has curled beside Roreliuth. “He is looked after,” he tells Nova lowly, his body tensing as he swings his gaze back to hers. “Is he ill? Does he look abused? What is a dragon if not the things you list? They offer transport, companionship, and status. It is no different than a runner. But fine, I will //avoid// you until he is grown enough to have a mind of his own. Right now, he’s wondering why I’m throwing such a tantrum. I am throwing a tantrum because my wife is pregnant with my child and she’s only now told me after avoiding me for weeks as punishment!” He reaches up to throw her arms off of him and turns his back on hers to glare out at the lake.

Nova shakes her head and fixes her gaze on some distant point beyond Akio. “You and your sister are too alike. You’re both pleased with life and everyone when things are going your way, then you sulk when you’re told things that you don’t want to hear. And if this is who you truly are, then I wonder at having been fooled into marrying you.” Her lips curl slightly. “What you say is revolting enough that I can’t even blame the nausea on your child. You know, the one I didn’t bother telling you about to punish you. It couldn’t possibly have been to protect Veruth. How selfish of me.” Sighing, she tells him, “I would have thought Akemi would’ve told you that I don’t grovel. I don’t entertain temper tantrums from the children and I won’t from my husband. I’m sure you can send word when you’re ready to have a discussion like an adult.”

It’s the comparison to Akemi that seems to snap Akio out of his mood and shift him immediately towards the man he tends to present to Nova. “You’re right,” he tells her, instantly contrite as he turns to take her hands between his. “You shouldn’t grovel. I’m the one who needs to grovel.” He sighs and looks towards Veruth. “I’m still getting used to all of this. Having a dragon. Being a husband. Now, I’ll be a father again.” He looks at her with a hopeful smile. “It is a wonderful thing to happen. I’m so thankful to hear it. Are you feeling ill at all?”

Nova lets him have her hands, yet she makes no move to hold his, possessed of a tension that refuses to let her go. “Behaving as you think I want isn’t going to change anything,” she tells him. “You need to focus on Veruth, unless you want to make life very difficult for the both of you. The sooner you understand that I’m secondary to all of this, the easier it will be. He might not mind you being in the Hold, in our quarters, when he’s half-grown or so, and I imagine it won’t be that long until the baby arrives, then.” She takes a step back, reclaiming her hands. “I think Veruth needs me to go away now. If you want, I’ll come and see you tomorrow, but otherwise I’ll let Aerishani and O’rlen be the ones to help.”

Anger flashes across Akio’s face as Nova steps back, his attempt at groveling his way into getting what he wants too easily thwarted by her for him to maintain that approach. “You will continue to punish me over this, I see. You could be the one to help, you know. It doesn’t have to be Aerishani and O’rlen. They’re always going on and on about duty and what must be done now. It’s worse than becoming an apprentice again.” He shakes his head and his jaw clenches, allowing a little tic in his cheek to show. “Very well, Nova. I will see you tomorrow,” he says to her more formally, dips her a bow, and turns to stalk off in the direction of Veruth. The little bronze delights in his approach but the anger does not leave Akio as he ushers the young bronze off in the direction of where they take most of their lessons from O’rlen and Aerishani.

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