Who: Isolwyn and Akemi
Where: Council Room, Fort Weyr
What: Isolwyn tries to offer Akemi a more varied future. It doesn’t work.

Akemi and Maozheth’s arrival to Fort has gone without much conflict. Though the blue’s initial disinterest in participating in draconic activities was as firm as his rider’s initial resistance to socialize, it has slowly ebbed as his memories have not kept him tied to what was and instead his mind centers on what is. That he has tangled himself with a green as of this morning has left Akemi tied up and unavailable no matter the order of the day. She seeks Isolwyn out late in the afternoon, freshly showered, and in her riding leathers. “I apologize if I inconvenience you this morning when Maozheth decided to chase. You needed to see me?”

Though she has made little of the fact of her pregnancy and has so far believed that the staff she works with have been doing the same, that they appear to now be quite deliberately ensuring that the work left to her is that which keeps her off her feet is becoming more and more obvious, particularly as it keeps her bound to the council room for much of her day. And so, having had other intentions or not, she’s still there when Akemi arrives to answer the summons that was sent in the morning, if looking rather irritable with the machinations of others having finally dawned on her. “I wanted to enquire as to whether you had settled in and found purpose for your time with us, but I suppose it’s now a question that seems to have quite obvious an answer, given the reason for your late arrival.”

Akemi’s face doesn’t flicker in the face of Isolwyn’s irritation. “Maozheth has been enjoying his time at Fort,” she answers blandly, “as is indicated by his behavior this morning. Is there a real issue with him chasing and me not making it to our meeting? I believed Weyr’s were more understanding of such… issues. I apologize again for it.” She moves her hands behind her back to clasp as her knees lock. She inclines her head towards Isolwyn. “I have been working within the wing I was assigned and have not created any issues I am aware of. Has there been any complaints?”

Isolwyn sits back in her seat and looks Akemi up and down with plain displeasure. “Firstly, I would suggest that if you ever have intentions of tendering an apology and having it be considered genuine, that you don’t follow it up with a blatant disregard for manners and an attempt to suggest that there was never a need for one in the first place.” Though there’s tea and other drinks on the table, she offers none of it to the bluerider, stating, “I would sit down before you find that I’m the one making a complaint.” She waits a moment to be obeyed or otherwise, then declares, “I’m not quite sure what Honshu taught you in your weyrlinghood, or perhaps it’s that you’ve been away from a Weyr for too long, but you are to address me as Weyrwoman or ma’am. Is that understood?”

Akemi does seem to wait a moment too long before she takes the seat Isolwyn has required her to take. She settles herself and then folds her hands in her lap as she takes in the rest of Isolwyn’s statements without doing more than blink rather noticeably once or twice. “Yes Weyrwoman, it is understood,” she answers her flatly. She keeps her hands on her lap as she glances towards the tea and other drinks before returning her gaze to Isolwyn. “I don’t want to take up more of your time, ma’am. What is it you need of me?”

“I don’t know what it was that you did at Silverfield,” Isolwyn begins, smoothing her skirts over her knees. “Not to suggest that a Lady Holder’s wife is an ornament or that you served no purpose, but the fact remains that I don’t know what role or roles you filled in the running of the Hold. It strikes me that you can’t have had the opportunity to spend much time working in a Wing with other riders before you showed up here, and while that may be challenge enough, perhaps it isn’t.” She watches for Akemi’s reaction before continuing. “You’re going to be here a long time. And with your divorce, perhaps you won’t return to Silverfield. It leaves you with time to learn, maybe a craft or another skill, that you might want to use when you’re no longer serving your sentence.”

Akemi has the slightest of tells when the corner of her lip twitches at Isolwyn’s reference to her divorce. “I am not a crafter,” she tells Isowlyn flatly. “I was a trader before Maozheth. He is a dragon and I am his rider. I believe that the station is enough. I don’t feel compelled to learn additional skills when I can focus on being good at the one.” She shifts in her seat and then stares at Isolwyn, clearly waiting for a prompt for further conversation or dismissal.

Isolwyn sighs audibly and nods towards the door by way of dismissal. “I had hoped that you might want to do something by way of making a life for yourself while you’re here, which is more than I believe you deserve, don’t misunderstand me. But if you’re too content to remain the same creature that brought you down this path and to this fate, I suppose I should put aside any thoughts of you being any more than a prisoner.” She looks back down at the paperwork she was working on and picks up her pen. “Close the door on your way out, bluerider.” She doesn’t even glance back up, expecting to be obeyed, a curse muttered under her breath only when she’s alone again.

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