Inaskashath’s Third Flight

Who: Nala, Rori, Inaskashath, Jynth
Where: Rori’s Weyr, Honshu Weyrhold
What: Inaskashath rises in her third flight.

In Amorenth’s absence, there are no other golds that need to be sent away from Honshu in preparation for Inaskashath’s rising. The scarred queen has tempered her flirtatious behavior by keeping the sole company of Jynth, leaving more than a few mutterings of ‘favoritism’ and ‘manipulation’ from the small group of bronze and brownriders’ that find themselves slighted by Jynth’s claim on Inaskashath. Despite the gold’s flight not being tied to any claim to Honshu, the continuation of S’ven’s pursual of Rori has left her finding excuses to remain in her weyr until Inaskashath’s flight was over. It’s nearly dawn when Inaskashath stirs from her restless sleep to take herself down to the feeding pens to begin her slaughter for blood. She’s felled two beasts before Rori wakes with a start beside Nala. With the natural stillness of the morning, only one other bronze has taken himself to the feeding pens to kill for his own blood-letting.

There’s no sign of Jynth in the pens, but there are telltale splashes of blood and abandoned carcasses that don’t belong to Inaskashath or that bronze. Historically, it’s while they’re on the ground that bronzes and browns have done their best to injure or crowd the blue in some way to prevent him from pursuing his mate, and while Nala drifts closer to awake than asleep, its her understanding and memory that has been exploited to keep Jynth on the rim of Honshu’s half-bowl, his teeth still stained with blood. She blinks her eyes open as Rori wakes, observing her with a sleepy edge. “The door is locked, yes?” she seeks to confirm. “I would not put it past some to arrive on your doorstep.”

Inaskashath hisses her displeasure as more males begin to find their way into the feeding pens. She has blooded two beasts and though one more might give her the fuel she needs to fly higher than those who chase her – she abandons her latest kill to launch herself into the sky. She’s always been faster than the larger males, despite the tug of old scars that cause her pain for days after her flights. She moves past Jynth with a warmth touching his mind from hers. She pushes herself up and out of the Weyrhold’s bowl to head up into the slowly lightening sky. Three bronzes and two browns leave the feeding grounds to pursue her, intent on the golden prize making her way towards the receding darkness. Rori reaches for Nala’s hand to hold as she tries to get the sense of her self in the room. “It’s unlocked,” she manages to say, “if they come, I will punish them when this is over.”

Jynth’s plan is not without flaws, or, rather, one bronze isn’t without arrogance, for the larger male targets him, meaning to knock him from rim when he feints and pretends to leap after Inaskashath. He risks a jump Between to let the bronze slam into stone instead of him, appearing some distance above Inaskashath and out of reach of any other who might make an attempt to harm him. “No,” Nala insists, forcing herself away from Rori and to her feet before she can become too locked in Jynth’s mind to do anything remotely sensible. “I am not risking you; not when there are some who believe they can force you to claim this Weyrhold with them.” She pads across the weyr and to the door, to turn the key and remove it from the lock before abandoning the small key on the kitchen table. Heading back to bed, she pulls her vest off over her head and slips back beneath the covers to reach for Rori and draw her against her. “Forget them.”

Inaskashath continues upwards, focused on gaining as much distance as she can from those below her. She doesn’t //see// Jynth’s maneuvering above her but when she glances up and finds him there her ripple of pleasure is broadcast loudly for all to feel. She spirals around him, making it clear that she chooses him over those who are gaining height towards them. << Have me >> she tells Jynth as she offers herself fully to him. Rori has no words for Nala as the bluerider leaves the bed to ensure their safety and clearly is ready to forget all else besides her. She sits up on the bed to reach for Nala, eager to have her bare skin press against the blueriders’. Her fingers find purchase in Nala’s hair as her lips claim her. “Mine,” she breathes when she pulls back to catch her breath.

Jynth wastes no time in reaching to claim Inaskashath, determined that those others in pursuit should not get close enough to touch her or do anything to interfere with what is her choice and his twining with her. He opens his broad, heavy wings to slow their fall, catching currents that will keep them in the air for longer than others may expect him to be capable of, echoing his rider when he tells her to, << Forget them, >> and the rest of the world that will undoubtedly complain that a blue has once again caught a queen. Nala is not exactly gentle when she grabs at Rori’s hips just enough to bring her balance under her control so that she can press her beneath her and nudge her knees apart to let a hand stray down and between them while her teeth find the crook of her neck. She props herself on an elbow as she trails her mouth down to her breasts, their weight of her hips keeping her pinned there while her fingers work between Rori’s legs to draw her towards complete insensibility. “As if I would let another touch you,” is something she may not remember growling, having ever been set on giving Rori the choice.

That both rider and dragon have clearly made the choice in partner will be something leveraged against them by those who continue to disagree with their rights in the manner. It is not on either Inaskashath’s or Rori’s mind as their pleasure is given to them by those they love most. Rori’s hips buck against Nala’s knowing fingers as her voice grows rougher with her groans of pleasure. She’s too tangled with Inaskashath to quite grasp the words that Nala has shared with her, though later she might grasp a glimmer of memory for it. When her body cannot take any further drawing of pleasure she moves to grab Nala’s hair to gain her attention. “Lay down,” she demands as she flips Nala on to her back and holds her there with a firm hand placed on her shoulder. “Don’t move,” she continues as she moves herself to kiss down Nala’s stomach before her lips and tongue are put to use between the bluerider’s legs.

Jynth doesn’t even consider going back to Honshu to put himself and Inaskashath in the eye of those who may well be complaining about how the flight has turned out, instead choosing one of the many fields that the Weyrhold owns as part of its farmland to curl up with his mate and keep her warm with the blanket of a wing. << Rest, >> is softer than a whisper, an engine purring in the background of his mental touch. << We’ll return when moving will hurt you less. >> Much of which is lost on Nala, who offers Rori a half-hearted snarl when she flips her onto her back and something like a moment’s defiance in her dark gaze before she wants what she’s doing too much to do anything but thread her fingers into the goldrider’s hair and keen up at the ceiling, release soon found with a harsher cry and the arching of her back from the bed.

Inaskashath is weary after the flight and she readily curls herself around Jynth’s warmth and tucks her head beneath the shelter of his wing. Her ability to form words are out of reach in the wake of her exhaustion and so she simply presses the warmth of her mind against his as her body settles to sleep. Rori waits until Nala has found satisfaction before she moves from her legs to curl herself firmly about Nala’s body as Inaskashath has to Jynth. Her eyes close and she drifts in and out of her body as her mind slowly is freed from her gold’s as Inaskashath finds sleep. Rori does not immediately stir when she feels wholly herself as exhaustion tugs at her as well. She kisses Nala’s neck and then her cheek, gently probing to see if Nala has found herself yet or if she is still strung into flightlust.

It takes Nala a little longer to separate her mind from that of her lifemate, but as Jynth likewise surrenders to sleep it becomes easier to untangle the threads and wires and finally become fully aware of her own surroundings. Slowly, she turns in Rori’s arms to face her and nuzzles along the line of her jaw. “It is as it should be,” she murmurs. “The rest will be disgruntled for a few days and then they will remember to set their sights on the new gold from Fort. It is not as if you did not make your wishes clear to them and to the Council.” She reaches down to tug the sheets and blankets back up and over them, neatly tucking them into place. “There will be eggs that no-one gets to interfere with this time. That is all we need concern ourselves with.”

“I grow tired of their constant need to rush to the Council to complain every time Jynth catches Inaskashath. Inaskashath made it clear today //she// chooses Jynth as he chooses her. The Council agreed Jynth could catch Inaskashath. The rest of them need to let us be,” Rori grouses against Nala and then rubs her nose briefly against Nala’s collarbone before she tosses her arm around Nala to hug her. “I’m glad we don’t have to let other Weyrs raise them. It made it so much harder knowing that Malynth and even little Vesoviath had to have their struggles outside of our aid. It will be as it should have always been now. Jynth and Inaskashath can watch over their little ones all they like.” She lifts herself up to look down at Nala with a contented smile. “And now that she has risen, I want to have our marriage ceremony.”

Nala huffs a low, amused note. “Do not remind Jynth of Vesoviath or he will remember to be proud that he and Inaskashath have a gold daughter when there are bronzes and queens who can go their whole lives without producing one.” She lies back to let Rori look down at her, adjusting the pillow beneath her head. “You should go to the Harper Hall to ask them to appoint someone to perform the ceremony,” she tells her. “You are more likely to make progress there than I will, especially as they will, in all probability, be more willing to prioritise a goldrider than make time for a bluerider. Impartial though they may supposedly be, they still answer to rank.” Her weight shifts, the only indication that she intends to move before she rolls and play-tackles Rori beneath her. “For now, we are going to rest and sleep and only go outside when we sharding well want to.” Though she pretends to sleep there and then, she at least relents and cuddles the goldrider against her before it truly takes hold, safe and snug with her arms protectively around her while they slumber.

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