Who: Safiye and B’lian
Where: Bowl, Fort Weyr
What: Safiye gives B’lian some advice.

Many months have passed since Vesoviath left behind her youth, and while she has grown no bigger than the average green, there is no denying that she is, in-fact, gold, though the faintest of green hues still cling to the underside of her wings, and her claws have never been anything other than emerald. She’s not exactly a dainty creature, but she retains a certain elegance with her soft curves, making her quite the opposite of her lanky, angular rider, who remains caught between one growth spurt and the next. As she waits a short distance from the Weyrleaders’ ledges, Safiye emerges from the Weyrwoman’s weyr with a satchel thrown over one shoulder and runs down the steps to meet her, still sorting through the various messages and pieces of paperwork she’s been asked to take to their intended destinations.

B’lian is coming out from the Weyrleader’s office with three other bronzeriders as Safiye makes her way down the steps. The others are quick to depart, ignoring the young goldrider as they pass her while she pauses to sort through her messages. B’lian pauses at Safiye’s side and smiles at the girl. “Good morning, Safiye. Are you very busy today?” he asks politely as he looks to her satchel and then watches as the others move together towards the living caverns. He shakes his head and looks back to Safiye with a warmth in his gaze.

Safiye looks up and pauses in the shuffling of her messages, offering a smile to B’lian until she briefly follows his gaze to the others who so recently left, the sight drawing her brows together in a momentary scowl. “The Healers want Isolwyn off her feet, so I’m running the messages she doesn’t want to trust to someone not a goldrider, and she doesn’t want to bother Emily, what with Hanath and everything.” She shrugs a shoulder and shoves the messages into her satchel. “And Priska’s got lessons with the other weyrlings. I don’t mind keeping Isolwyn updated.” She smirks. “Half the people in the caverns forget I’m there and say all sorts of things.”

“Do they?” B’lian asks in a prompting way, “I imagine that’s to their error and your advantage.” He looks down at her with a fondness in his gaze. “My sister would take advantage of people that way. People in a Weyr get so used to the coming and goings of a lot of children they don’t remember that some of them linger to listen.” He nods his head towards her satchel. “Where are you off to? I’ll walk with you to keep you company and you can tell me the best secret you can. If it’s about any of the other bronzeriders’ who are taking lessons with C’aol, all the better.” Safiye’s earlier mention of Priska draws a question forward, “I imagine Priska and Yedrith are tired of training with the weyrlings. Do you spend a lot of time together as goldriders?”

“I’ve got to see the Headwoman first,” Safiye supplies, waiting for B’lian to fall into step with her before she starts to head towards the caverns. She laughs not a second later and shakes her head, declaring, “I’m almost not a child and I’m not going to fall for that one. Between my family and the Weyrleaders, I know enough about keeping secrets to bore people to death. I’ll tell you anything you want about those bronzeriders, though; it’s not like they’ve done anything to win my loyalty.” Of Priska, she nods a time or two. “I help to teach her some of the things she has to know about queens and dragons. I’ll miss her when she has to go to Honshu… I just hope she doesn’t try to convince Emily to go too. She seems… down… lately. When Yedrith was little, she was irritable a lot, but now… Maybe she doesn’t want to go.”
“You are a young lady,” B’lian agrees easily as they walk along, keeping his steps a bit slower to stay in stride with the shorter girl. “And I wasn’t trying to trap you into confessing something serious. Your family and the Weyrleaders trust rightly in you to hold on to their secrets, no matter how young you are.” He does not really press her for more information about the bronzeriders, not now that she’s shared something of far more interest to him in regards to Priska. “Do you think Emily would go? Isolwyn and C’aol would be loathe to lose her. She seems to be the one who is training all their goldriders, and doing it well,” he adds, so it does not sound like a slight against Isolwyn. “Hanath is a sweet natured soul as well.” He thinks for a moment and then asks, trying not to be too obvious about it, “What would make her sad, I wonder? She’s been focusing a lot on being prepared for Honshu and being a good leader. I don’t see her not wanting to go as the reason. Maybe she will miss your friendship.”

“If Emily wanted to go, I think she should. I don’t want it to happen, but she should do what makes her happy, and I don’t know that having the sire of Hanath’s clutch banned from visiting is something that has made her happy at all.” Safiye adjusts the strap of her satchel and looks up at B’lian, not quite able to hide the sad edge to her smile. “I won’t be here forever. I’ll have to get used to missing people.” She takes a few steps in silence, only to let that grimace surface again. “I know some of the bronzeriders have been bothering Priska and I know Isolwyn’s pretty mad about it. It’s mostly not even the ones C’aol’s training, from what I’ve seen. I’ve never seen her with a lot of friends, but she seems to spending a lot of time alone in her weyr. And she hugged me yesterday and told me not to let politics change who I am.” Another shrug. “I mean, I don’t see Isolwyn with lots of friends either, but she has C’aol.”

“They banned the Benden bronzerider because Benden allowed their junior goldriders to behave very poorly,” B’lian drawls, looking down at her with a serious frown, “I know I don’t have to go into further detail on it. Their behavior was frowned upon even at Telgar. No one faults C’aol and Isolwyn for their ban. I don’t believe Emily would be the sort of woman who would risk your safety or Vesoviath’s to have the clutch sire present. I don’t know her well, but I don’t judge her to be someone silly minded when it comes to serious matters.” He notes her sadness and briefly rests a hand on her shoulder. “You and Vesoviath will be free to travel and visit any of your friends. It is not so hard, missing people. When you’ve a dragon who can help you find them easily enough.” He returns to striding with her, allowing the silence to fall without concern for it between them. “I will go and check on Priska after we are done walking together,” he tells her, “I don’t know if she has a lot of friends either. It’s sometimes hard for us adults to make them. I consider her my friend, so I will go and visit.” He pauses, thinking about her comment on the bronzeriders. “I wonder how I can make her see that I am her friend because I like her and not because of politics,” he says aloud before he realizes he is seeking a child’s council. He looks away from Safiye and up at the sky.

“I don’t want anyone from Benden here, but I don’t think that what I want should be put above what anyone else needs. I hope she hasn’t done it just for me.” Briefly, Safiye hugs her arms around herself and stares down at her feet, only to remember herself and ease from that instinctive curling up, B’lian’s hand on her shoulder something that helps her to straighten up. “Sometimes, I go and sit with Emily or Priska or Isolwyn to do my work just to keep them company,” she suggests. “Goldriders work alone a lot when they’re not dealing with their staff. Those other bronzeriders… they’re trying to buy her. If you… like Priska the way it looks like Imahdth likes Yedrith, why don’t you do what he does and just spend time with her?”

B’lian looks at Safiye with a wide, appreciative smile. “You’re good counsel to keep, Safiye. You’re right. I stopped… spending time with her for a few reasons. One of them was the fact I did not want to appear to be like those bronzeriders. It is enough that Imahdth is happy with Yedrith’s company. Does Vesoviath have many dragon friends?” he queries as he rests his hand briefly between her shoulders as he guides her through the threshold into the lower caverns. “Imahdth has been more or less the sort of dragon that enjoys dragon company. Only if the conversation is good, from what he tells me. Otherwise, he finds other things to do.”

“Vesoviath socialises with the other queens, mostly,” Safiye replies, sidestepping one of the assistant headwomen intent on some journey or another. “And greens. The males don’t seem to notice her much.” That this is likely down to some external, deliberate influence does not seem to occur to her. “The weyrlings still have to do things like run in the mornings, don’t they? Why don’t you do that with Priska? Or sparring. I know she likes that, and she’s started carrying her blades around with her, like my Mama.” She halts abruptly, eyes wide. “My Mama makes blades. And pretty things. I could ask her to make something and you could give it to her when she leaves for Honshu.”

“She scares me with the sparring,” B’lian tells Safiye with widened eyes and lifted brows, teasing in his delivery. “We used to do something that is called ‘tai chi’, to help calm her. She was easily frustrated by her peers. I don’t blame her for that. Some of my clutchmates really got under my skin too.” He turns as she halts and smiles at her. “Why don’t you help me coordinate a gift for her then, Safiye. If you don’t mind asking your mother, I will pay her fee. You know your mother’s work best, so find the right type of blade for her to make Priska. Priska is rather fond of knives,” he tells her dryly, “that much I’ve gathered.” He smiles at her and gives her a formal bow. “It was lovely talking with you today. If you ever wish to come and keep //me// company with the chores of a wingrider I would not mind it, though you may find me annoying.” He reaches out and ruffles her hair like he would a younger sibling before he winks at her and turns to walk away.

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