Who: Priska, B’lian, Yedrith, Imahdth
Where: Priska’s Weyr, Fort Weyr
What: Yedrith goes Between, alone, before being instructed.

Yedrith has done little, thus far, to demonstrate that she takes after her dam in terms of her voice, her control so tightly kept to protect her privacy that the Weyr has not been treated to any outbursts. And so, when, in the middle of the afternoon, the force of her will inadvertently amplifies her words and the whole of Fort is treated to a determined, << No, I am going, >> and the lick of flames, it is suddenly all too obvious that there is no Yedrith on her ledge, in the skies or… anywhere. At least, not at Fort. Priska stumbles from her weyr and out onto the ledge, evidently left behind, and while she swears in a most unladylike manner, there’s no screaming or evidence of intent to remove herself from the world, for all that her features have blanched past white and through to grey.

Imahdth’s dozing on his ledge is interrupted by that determined outburst of Yedrith. He reaches after her when she rises to the skies, his mind nudging against hers in an attempt to know //where// she goes rather than to stop her. He takes to the skies shortly after she’s disappeared Between to gain the altitude needed for his own trip Between. << Yedrith, share where you have gone. I will come with you. >> He is calm where his rider is not when B’lian rushes towards Priska’s weyr. He immediately grabs her hands and holds them firmly in his. “Did she make it?” he asks her, “If you have a sense of where she went, tell me. Imahdth is prepared to follow her.”

Still in the shadow of the archway that leads through to her weyr, Priska looks blankly at B’lian as her knees buckle and hit the rock beneath her, hard. She can’t answer him immediately, but she tries to warn him, “I think I’m going to be sick,” as she tugs her hands from his and wrenches herself away, turning from him in-case what she anticipates becomes a reality. It doesn’t, though she spends at least a minute doubled over, just taking deep breaths and fighting back the nausea. It’s a minute that proves that Yedrith must still be alive, if nothing else, for no horrified cry rises from Priska as she slowly gets herself back under control. Yedrith herself demonstrates little understanding of what she has just done, indignation too close to the surface for much else to process. << They taunt her because she is afraid her flame will hurt someone. Not one does a thing about it! >> The words are only for Imahdth, an image shared of a weyrling green older than she, but smaller now, before the sight of Ierne’s bowl flickers into view. << How can people who do not care be trusted with her? >>

B’lian curses as Priska falls, his reach unable to stop her from crashing to the ground. He hunkers down beside her, placing a warm hand against back to steady her were she to be sick. He says nothing as he waits for her to get herself under control, knowing from Imahdth that Yedrith has not been lost Between. “Imahdth is going to her now,” he tells her as his bronze disappears from the skies of Fort. “He will keep her safe.” The bronze bursts from Between over Ierne and broadcasts a warning to any who might interfere with Yedrith. He moves to join her and the green on the bowl floor. His wings spread out to shield both the gold and the green from view as he takes in the situation. The milling of humans near them draws a hiss of warning from him that sends the crowd back to allow them space. << It is good that you listen to her when others will not. Let us have her rider now tell the riders. We should not linger too long here. >>

Angry through she may be, Yedrith makes no effort to stop the approach of those knotted as weyrlingmasters, their progress towards them something that Ierne’s Weyrleader shares, gaining rapidly on those ahead of him. << You will take care of her and listen to her, >> is not a request, but delivered straight to the minds of those she has discerned to be in-charge of the green and her rider’s wellbeing. << And if you will not, she has a home with me. It should not take an outsider to prompt you to look after your own. >> With a final bump of her nose against the young green’s side, she seeks to retreat, the impulsive nature of her actions slowly beginning to dawn on her. << …I suppose we should go home, >> she reluctantly acknowledges, angling a long look up at Imahdth. It’s from his mind that she takes the image, plucking it free without meaning to be invasive, before waits for him to join her in departing. It’s after this second jump that Priska crumples, the rest of her headed for the ground now as stress and shock combine to render her unconscious by the time that Yedrith lands beside her and B’lian. At least, while the Weyr erupts around them, she won’t know a thing of it. Later to awaken in her own bed.

Priska will awaken to B’lian seated in a chair beside her, awake and alert as he keeps watch over her. Imahdth has done much the same as his rider, having taken residence upon Yedrith’s ledge to watch over her and keep those who might wish to talk with either dragon or rider away for now. His body is curved enough around the ledge that it does much by way of shielding Yedrith from view and the wing that he has draped over her adds to the warmth of his mind that stays lightly touching Yedrith’s lest she decide to venture Between again so soon after her first time. B’lian waits until Priska seems fully awake to tell her, “Imahdth will not leave Yedrith’s side. She is safe.” He moves to rise from his chair. “I’ll go and get the healers,” he tells her as he prepares to leave. “Ierne has already come and gone. C’aol and Isolwyn met with their Weyrleaders. Yedrith’s desire to protect the green reflects well on her and poorly on their Weyrlingmasters. I don’t know what was said in the meeting but they have gone.”

Guilt may have settled over Yedrith, who has remained awake as her rider sleeps, settled safely beneath Imahdth’s wing. As Priska rouses, she lifts her head from her paws and looks towards the weyr, then back at her bronze protector as she declares both to him and their riders within that, << You will just have to forgive me. >> Regret is not something that colours her words, self-assurance overpowering anything else, though this is not to say that there is no dark cloud of worry looming over her mental presence. “I don’t want the Healers,” Priska insists, wincing as she tries to sit up. “C’aol’s going to murder me. I embarrassed the Weyr. There’s no point in them patching me up for that.” She eases herself back against the headboard, resting her head there heavily. “And she got you tangled up in this too, so Faranth knows what they’re going to say about that. It could cost you.” Closing her eyes, she sighs deeply. “Thank you for… looking after her. Us. I’m sorry for whatever it unleashes on the two of you.”

Imahdth’s dryness is present as he informs Yedrith with no trace of anger, << You were forgiven the moment you left. >> He nudges his muzzle against her side and then coaxes her to focus her mind elsewhere for now. B’lian resumes his seat in the chair as Priska makes it clear she does not want the healers. “I don’t know the man well enough to know how he will react about this. That Imahdth was quick to act and got her back before anything negative could truly happen may ease their anger. When he spoke to me about it, he was… more interested to know if I had any indication that either of you were not receiving the training you should have been.” He shrugs, not wanting to focus too long on the meeting he had with the Weyrleader. “It cost us nothing to do what we knew was right,” he tells Priska firmly, moving to sit forward enough to grasp her hand. “The important thing is you are both safe.”

“I embarrassed the Weyr, suggested I can’t control my queen and unnecessarily stressed out his pregnant weyrmate.” Priska wrinkles her nose. “If that’s what she is. There can’t be any doubt that he’s simply going to flat-out murder me. Whether the weyrlingmasters have done their jobs or not… it still all comes back to what I wasn’t able to do.” She doesn’t draw her hand back when B’lian reaches for it, yet she doesn’t quite let herself curl her fingers back around his until moments have passed. “When the Council hears, they could refuse to send me to Honshu now. That Yedrith did it for reasons of justice and not just because she could might sway them, but…” Scrubbing a hand through her hair, she mutters, “Safe and liabilities. And what if he blames Emily too? She hasn’t done anything wrong.” She lets out a low bark of rough laughter. “Definitely should shove you towards her.”

B’lian has no immediate answers to offer Priska in the face of the severity of the situation that Yedrith has placed her in. He waits until her fingers curl against his for him to rest his other hand on top of hers. “I’m not going to lie to you and try to make this all seem more minor than it is,” he decides on telling her, “all I can say is I believe that C’aol and Isolwyn, while not the most liberal in thinking, are just enough to know that Yedrith is young and she made a snap judgment. She is not the first young dragon to do such things. I am thankful that she did not get lost Between.” He pats her hand and then seems like he would remove them at the mention of pushing him towards Emily. “I need you to stop doing that,” he tells her with the first sign of true irritation on his face that he has ever shown her. “If you have not drawn to the conclusion yet that it is //you// I want to be shoved towards then I’m at a loss of what you expect of me. I am here, right now, with you and for you. How plainly must I say it? It has not gone unnoticed that it was //my// bronze that went after Yedrith. People will wonder at his attachment to her.”

“But you aren’t coming to Honshu!” Priska snaps, meeting his irritation to offer him the first true flash of temper in return. “You said that you came here because it offered you opportunities for advancement and that you were answering to your ambition. If it’s still their intention to send me there after this, even if you were to follow me, I can’t promise you rank or anything at all. Yedrith could be caught by any bronze fast enough or nasty enough to bend her to his will in the skies, no matter anything she feels for Imahdth.” She draws her hand back, curling in on herself. “It’s immoral to… to let you think that everything might be okay, when I don’t know what’s going to happen. It isn’t fair to let someone think that something is theirs and then take it away!” On the heels of those words, she snaps her mouth shut, blush staining her cheeks as she looks away. “…I won’t do that to you,” she mutters tightly. “If the Weyrleaders think you did well today and don’t judge you for her actions, they might even promote you for it.”

“You do not know my future!” B’lian is heated in his response. “Do not make assumptions about what I may decide because I told you I came to Fort for an opportunity I wouldn’t have at Telgar. Who is to say that I may not follow you to Honshu? And don’t give me this excuse that I would only do so in order to secure a knot as a Weyrleader. I am ambitious but I am not cruel!” He shakes his head then and settles back in his chair to fold his arms across his chest. A small flicker in his cheek is a tiny tic to the frustration he can’t quite shake over the way the conversation has gone.

“That’s //not// what I’m suggesting!” Though Priska manages to start out indignant, she doesn’t have quite enough control over herself that hurt doesn’t manage to break through, her voice cracking to send her words tumbling to sound much weaker than she intended. She grimaces and keeps her focus on the opposite wall to where B’lian sits, drawing blankets up around her. “I’m //telling you// that it wouldn’t be fair of //me// to want or expect you to go to Honshu when I can’t promise you anything except me. You could spend the rest of your life as a normal rider and killing your dreams isn’t something I’m prepared to live with. How would it be fair? Being with me isn’t worth sacrificing everything else you want!”

“You don’t have to expect that I’ll go — I may or I may not! If Imahdth’s attachment is as strong as I now believe it is, for his sake we will go to Honshu. Does that relieve you of the guilt you’ll feel if I am to go with you?” B’lian demands, looking towards her with a small flash of anger in his gaze before he shakes his head and dips his chin towards his chest. “The day has been taxing enough,” his tone is back to the more gentle tone he usually uses, “I don’t want to add this argument to the things you are dealing with at the moment. I am a grown man who is very aware of what impacts my decisions have on my life. Give me the respect to know that if I make a decision I do so knowing full well the outcomes may or may not be fully in my control.” He heaves a sigh and lifts his gaze back to her. “We went from some kisses to yelling at each other in a very short amount of time,” a smile tugs at his lips, “it may hint that we would fight a lot were we to take the next step, don’t you think?”

Priska drops her head back against the headboard again and allows herself all of an instant to close her eyes and relax. “You started it,” she grouses, opening her eyes to mere slits to peer over at B’lian and twitch a ghost of a wry smile. “If you want to continue to be useful, you can come here and be a pillow while I get some sleep that’s not the result of passing out.” It may well be this intention is to follow in her queen’s footsteps, for Yedrith has curled herself up, nose to tail, and tucked herself in against Imahdth so that she fits neatly into the curve of his body, his wing a blanket that rather effectively conceals her from the sight of many.

B’lian hesitates for a moment before he bends down and unlaces his boots. He takes them off and tucks them beneath the chair before he rises. He moves to her bed and eases himself down alongside her, angling his upper body to be primarily supported by the wall before he opens his arm and encourages her to rest against his chest. Imahdth’s mind is a quiet whisper of desert wind against Priska’s mind as he tells her, << I will protect her >>. B’lian seems unaware of his dragon’s words as he sighs softly and lets his arm move around her to secure Priska comfortably against him. “Hopefully I don’t have someone come crashing in once you’re asleep to clock me upside the head. I can’t have too many concussions,” he teases her and then lowers his lips to kiss the top of her head. “Rest now.”

Priska rolls over to drape herself over B’lian, throwing an arm across him as she rests her head on his chest and murmurs, “Thank you,” through a quiet yawn that she half smothers into his shirt, her response likely meant just as much for Imahdth as for his rider. By the time she’s properly settled down, she’s edged herself all but on top of him, though at least she is not so heavy as to make matters particularly uncomfortable. It doesn’t take long for her to join Yedrith in sleep and she at least is completely oblivious to the fact that there is one visitor who is undaunted by Imahdth and carries straight on through to the weyr. Upon locating Priska, Isolwyn merely takes in the sight of her and B’lian with a slight tilt of her head and promptly turns to journey back the way she came, leaving the two of them well enough alone. For now.

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