Let’s Get This Done

Who: Arlet, M’tan, O’rlen, Akanyth, Sirhyth, Roreliuth, Kyramith
When: Month 7, 205 AT
Where: Court of Shadows/Honshu Weyrhold
What: The Court goes to collect payment.

M’tan has not spoken to Arlet – not //once// – since his failure with her. He has kept his distance with her and with much of the Court. Rumors have circulated that the Court’s leader was finding avenues and gathering information for a new plot soon to unfold. It is early in the morning – not yet dawn, when Sirhyth reaches for Akanyth to rouse him with one nudge of darkness into the brown’s awareness. << We would have you and Arlet join us on a venture. We could use your knowledge of Honshu’s leaders and how one navigates the taking of eggs. >> That Sirhyth’s delivery might sound like they intend to //steal// such eggs is not lost on M’tan as he leans against his bronze and captures his face in his hands. “Really, Sirhyth? The girl’s going to think I’m about to fuck the world over again.”

The creaking of branches and roots transforms into a flurry of dark feathers as Akanyth slowly rouses and offers an amused, << Amorenth will destroy you. >> A grating, cawing cry accompanies, << Let alone that other one. >> Inaskashath, he must mean, her scars painted over the veins of dead leaves. Arlet’s consciousness abruptly prompts another thought that focuses him into a darker intensity and words that she does not hear. << If you harm her, I will leave you to their mercies. >> And revel in it, from the sounds of things. It takes a little while for Arlet to properly attire herself and likely convince herself to answer the summons at all, but she does appear, Akanyth dropping down from the heights to join her. She says nothing, keeping herself a good distance from M’tan and Sirhyth both, and only waits in expectation of some explanation.

Sirhyth stretches languidly, his wings flipping up and out as he yawns widely. He settles himself down with a shake of his head and considers Akanyth with a steady gaze. << She will have no need to destroy me. Will the other one have a need to destroy you? >> He resettles his wings and sits back as he waits for M’tan to talk to Arlet. << We will not harm her. >> M’tan’s dressed for flight, with goggles and helmet tucked underneath his arm. He takes her silence in stride with a curt nod. “I’m sure Akanyth told you we are going to Honshu. We’ve made an agreement with them and we will be taking some of their eggs today. Since you’ve taken eggs from Honshu before and are familiar with their leaders, I felt you’d be the best emissary for this venture. If you agree?” he asks, watching her closely. “Between Sirhyth and Akanyth we should be able to transfer what they are to give us. If you think we require more, I’ll ask your mother along. I’d rather not,” he tells Arlet with a shrug and a small smile, “as she has little patience for Honshu’s leaders and her… pregnancy will likely make her less agreeable.”

<< She chose an inferior creature. >> Whether he means Jynth or Rori, Akanyth doesn’t deign to clarify, but the sentiment is bitingly bitter and nonchalant all the same. Arlet is unable to conceal the sting of the news of her mother’s pregnancy, yet she sets her jaw and forces all trace of feeling from her features as she states, “If you can keep from making any further suggestions about how I might be useful to you, we’ll assist you in this. I don’t want to speak to their junior. Keep her and her bluerider away from me.” Akanyth growls low, a forearm planted down beside her that she leans against. “You’re going to need furs. Lots of them. Drag them from people’s beds if you have to. …I don’t know whether Malynth was always destined to be as he is or if his egg was somehow harmed in transit. Either way, if you’re taking eggs from the junior, you should be prepared for more like him.”

Sirhyth gives a mental-sort of shrug with a cascade of shadows that swirl up and then dissolve into a splash of mist. M’tan isn’t so well versed with Arlet’s physical tells to note that it might have been the news of Jet’s pregnancy that caused her to set her jaw. “I had no plans on dealing with anyone but O’rlen and Aerishani,” M’tan answers Arlet with a shrug. “To have anyone else involved is foolish. We have already prepared the furs and baskets,” he gestures towards the distant side of the courtyard, where two large dragon-sized baskets and furs are waiting for their trip Between. “I know eggs have been transferred before without issue of deformity. We are required to take eggs from both clutches. We will have to wait and see whether or not we get another like Malynth,” he answers. He waits for a moment and then gestures towards Sirhyth. “Shall we mount up, grab the baskets, and take ourselves to Honshu?”

Arlet leans a little more heavily against Akanyth’s forearm, her gaze not quite focused as she automatically lifts a hand to meet his nose when he lowers his head to her. “Then I don’t want to talk to anyone but them,” she reiterates. “If Amorenth or the junior refuse to let the eggs out of their sight, we’ll have to try again another day. This risks both Akanyth and Sirhyth being dragged under the combined power of two queens – and it’s clear enough what that bloodline is capable of.” She hesitates before stepping away from her brown, glancing down to check that the knife tucked into her belt is still there. “Someone should be here waiting for the eggs. It’ll be safest to warm them with sands and body heat once they’re out of Between.” Her agreement is displayed only in her moving to climb Akanyth’s straps, then in his reaching for one of the baskets in the instant before he leaps skywards and vanishes.

M’tan and Sirhyth are only moments behind Akanyth as they grab their basket and head skyward before disappearing into Between. As they exit the cold nothingness, Sirhyth reaches out to Amorenth out of respect for their coming. He goes where he is directed and lands inside the Hatching Sands. The basket is set down near the middle of the two clutches and he moves once more out of the area to take to the skies and give space to those who may not enjoy a foreign bronzerider’s presence so near to eggs. M’tan’s shucked off his gear and stashed it in a sack over his shoulder as he approaches the galleries where O’rlen awaits them. He does not smile, offer a handshake, or seem at all inclined to do much by the way of civil behavior. “We have come for them,” he tells O’rlen, looking back towards Arlet and waiting for her to approach. O’rlen’s answer is droll as he looks to Roreliuth who is still curled about his own eggs. “You are lucky that Inaskashath has left to eat and be bathed. Your timing is, as ever, opportune.”

Akanyth has no intention of letting Arlet out of his sight, the risk of Roreliuth’s irritation and any invocation of Amorenth’s wrath something that he brazenly disregards just to keep her close. Even if he cannot remember how they were forcibly split up last they spent any official time at a Weyr, she most certainly can. “Which are we to take?” Arlet demands rather abruptly, foregoing any pleasantries in favour of getting straight to business. “Smaller eggs are less likely to fare well Between, as was discussed with the transfer to Fort. If Roreliuth or your junior have been worrying over any in particular, it’s likely in their best interest that they remain here.” And yet she looks O’rlen up and down, folding her arms as she all but literally draws a clear line between herself and her former Weyrlord. “However, if you’re deliberate in your choice and seek to have us put men and women to dragons you would disown and disregard, such as Malynth, I will make sure you remember them – and him. Their lives are not yours to play with.”

M’tan looks surprised by Arlet’s demeanor but he is quick to recover, his features smoothed into a cock-sure grin as his arms fold in front of him and he let’s her take over the arrangement with O’rlen. Honshu’s Weyrlord looks less prepared to clear his expression in the wake of Arlet’s verbal brigade, his brows furrow into a sharp line as he frowns at her mention of Malynth. Roreliuth rumbles a warning as he hovers near Amorenth and his clutch. “We never sought to disown nor disregard Malynth. If he is unhappy where he is, he may rejoin us here. As can //any// of ours,” he reminds her with a firmness and a faint smile. “Lest you forget.” He gestures towards his bronze and waits for him to push out three eggs of middle size. “Do you have a need to feel and touch them yourself?” he asks of Arlet, looking to M’tan to see if the Court’s leader will speak. M’tan maintains his silence, looking to Arlet with a droll expression.

“He is mine,” Arlet immediately insists, almost without any thought at all, her claiming of Malynth and J’kson an instinctive thing that betrays her before she can stop it. “And I forget nothing, particularly of those quick with words and smiles and slow with action.” She glances to M’tan, but shakes her head, saying, “There’s no need to drag this out and upset sire and dam. Knowing eggs are gone before they forget will be stressful enough in the aftermath. Let’s get this done.” Amorenth keeps her gaze fixed on Akanyth, facets of her eyes whirling orange, yet she doesn’t move from where Aerishani has coaxed her – and perhaps mentally pinned her – to.

O’rlen looks up to the galleries and makes a gesture for three additional brownriders to join them. “Go out on the Sands and help these two load the eggs,” he instructs them without introductions to M’tan and Arlet. He turns then, leaving their hands to the task, so he can go and settle a hand on Roreliuth’s shoulder. M’tan follows after the Honshu riders and helps them gather the agreed upon number of eggs. He does not care for goodbyes and waits for Sirhyth to join them on the Sands once more. He makes his way up to Sirhyth’s neck and straps himself in. He waits for Arlet to settle upon Akanyth before he instructs his bronze to take the basket in his grasp and launch himself skyward for the travel Between. When Sirhyth enters the skies above the Court his announcement of success is wide as he calls out to Kyramith, << It is done! We have them! >>

Arlet says not a word further to O’rlen, nor to a dragon or soul not her own or of the Court, her silence a heavy one that can only be weighted by displeasure. She and Akanyth follow after M’tan and Sirhyth without any parting pleasantries, though Akanyth cannot resist the wicked cackle that he makes sure Inaskashath will hear. So far, what maternal instincts Kyramith might posses have only and rarely been demonstrated outright to Jet and M’tan’s children, and so it must be out of practicality – or perhaps so she would have it seem – that she is quick when she tells her mate, << Bring them. >> Electrics are not Jet’s strong suit, and while she surely forged some of the components, the rest has been done by the other Crafters of the court, the building that now houses sand and boasts under-floor heating not so far from those that serve as weyrs for four dragons who make up the current population.

Malynth’s excitement is a flurry of pops and fizzles as he trumpets his greeting to Akanyth and Siryth both. He’s settled on the roof of the building that will house the eggs, taking inventory of the activity that transferring the eggs from baskets to the warmth of the sands inside involve. Sirhyth is not overly interested in the eggs now that they are here and he waits until M’tan has taken his straps off to launch himself back into the skies. He makes low swoops around the Court, guarding what is newly his to guard. M’tan brushes his hands against his thigh as he watches the last egg be carefully covered for warmth. He looks to Arlet, his smile crooked, and his voice kind. “You are a natural leader,” he tells her, “and I could have asked you to handle that without me. I thank you.” A crowd has gathered within the outskirts of the Sands, excited murmurings and buzzing of anticipation for what awaits those who might be the right fit upon the sands.

Kyramith waits until the eggs have been transferred and arranged by human hands before she seeks to check on the clutch, her rider notably absent but likely observing all through her lifemate’s gaze. She’s abrupt in making it clear she expects those lingering near the Sands to get out of the way, settling herself in a fashion that allows her to curl herself around the eggs and begin to rearrange them to her satisfaction, the whole affair less about affection and more about order, for now. Akanyth’s interest extends only so far as Arlet, remaining by her side until she begins to take steps back and turn away from the eggs and M’tan and those that have gathered. “I needed him to hear me.” O’rlen, she must mean. “Thank you. But I won’t ever go to Honshu or Fort alone.” She offers nothing further, following after Akanyth to remove his straps and ultimately return to bed, her duty done.

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