Leading Fairly

Who: Isolwyn, Emily, Eosyth, Hanath
When: Month 8, 205 AT
Where: Lake Shore, Honshu Weyrhold
What: Isolwyn and Eosyth catch up with Fort’s new queen and her rider. Also, kittens.

Emily and Hanath have not been a source of trouble for Fort’s weylingmasters. No, that has been left to a rowdy blue and his female rider who continuously denies what being a partner to a blue may mwan for her. That she and her blue have been so disruptive has left some of the class segregating themselves and using her ‘tantrums’ (as the class has fallen to call it) to give them a reason to enjoy other pursuits. Today the class has taken themselves down to the lake, to bathe and play in the sunshine, while the blue pair dominate most of the weyrlingstaff. Emily and Hanath have not joined in on the play, not for Emily’s longing for the coolness of the water. Hanath has found herself a pair of kittens and has been delighting herself with entertaining their attention for the better part of an hour. Emily leans against her gold’s hide as she plucks at flower petals, letting them drop. Hanath has finally convinced the kittens to sleep in the curve of her forepaws and has grown quiet in her contentment. A thought strikes her like a match to a flame, so she reaches out to her dam, << Do you love all babies? >> she asks of her mother, << for I certainly do and they are wondrous creatures. >>

Eosyth’s touch has never been particularly subtle, and in this instance not subtle enough to wade into matters regarding her blue son and his rider without creating further issues, and so she has kept out of it, whether owing to her own decision or insistence from her rider. << You are my baby and I love you, >> is what Eosyth tells her daughter, her words threaded on delicate silver spinner webs. << The young are to be protected. But they grow and then they are not the same. None of us ever are. >> From her ledge, she pads over to the shore of the lake, to sit herself down beside Hanath just as Isolwyn leaves one of the little greens she’s been checking on to the care of her rider. “You prefer to be alone?” is a rather direct enquiry, the Weyrwoman’s head tilting slightly as she regards Emily.

Hanath lifts her head as Eosyth approaches and tilts it in consideration of her dam’s words. << I will still love them even if they grow up >> she decides, a lick of flame sparking up into the darkness. << Though they are likely not going to be as cute. >> Emily watches Eosyth approach with a smile of welcome. She rises when Isolwyn follows after her gold, offering her Weyrwoman a curtsey and then, thinking better of it, she follows-up with one of the salutes the weyrlingmaster’s have instructed her on. “I don’t prefer to be alone,” she answers Isolwyn easily, with a smile, “I happen to find myself alone a lot because Hanath likes to find little creatures to coax into her care,” she gestures towards the napping kittens.

Isolwyn arches a brow as she regards the kittens and exactly where they lie, considering aloud, “If it might assist you and they’ve no other owner, I might take one off your hands.” Her lips curve in a dry variety of smirk. “I doubt that the Weyrleader would be amused if he had to compete with a kitten for my attention, however. Still, you never know. He might be one of those people who claim distaste for all creatures and unknowingly charm felines and canines and all sorts without effort.” Eosyth concedes, << I suppose I will still love Isolwyn’s offspring, if there are to be any, >> in a manner than finds the idea more abstract than reality. << As I will yours, one day. >> Isolwyn remains to the point when she questions, “I assume that it will be much for you as it was for me: the fine tuning to turn your skills to a Weyr and not a Hold, rather than building from the ground up?”

“I hadn’t much thought about whether or not they’re looked after,” Emily supposes, looking to the two grey tabbies. “I figure they’re old enough to be away from their mother. What do you think, Hanath? Can you let our Weyrwoman look after one of them?” She considers her young queen with a small smile, preparing herself for the answer. “Ah, yes. Only to //you// would she consider allowing them to part with her.” She turns her attention back to Isolwyn. “Will it be amusing to you if he ends up liking the kitten? I always found it endearing when I caught my father feeding our working dogs slips of meat. Or when he’d tolerate a kitten to climb all over him while he was working.” Hanath has somehow missed the idea that //her// rider could create babies. << That is a very valid point! They can make babies for us to tend to! >> she seems delighted by this notion, her little fire puffing up and sparking blues and greens. << And I can make them as well. Oh, it will be a lot of fun, Eosyth! We will have baby dragons and baby humans and baby kittens… >> that she continues to list all manner of creatures may drive her dam crazy, but it’s a solid distraction. Emily draws herself away from the list that Hanath is supplying to look quizzically at Isolwyn. “Well, I’m not entirely sure one way or another. You will instruct me on how you would like me to help here, won’t you? I don’t imagine if I have it in my mind to be taught that it should be a problem to distinguish a Weyr from a Hold.”

“I think //I// might find it amusing, but I doubt that C’aol would find my finding it amusing, amusing… If that makes sense…” Isolwyn gives a light shrug of one shoulder. “He doesn’t tolerate firelizards. Whether that extends to all varieties of small creatures, I’m not yet aware. In any case, you have my word that if our weyr won’t be a good home for it, I’ll bring it straight back.” As Eosyth listens to her daughter, Isolwyn trusts her lifemate to keep the younger queen occupied while she tells Emily, “There are specific duties that you’ll be expected to assist with and take on. The role is primarily managerial and involves a lot of interaction with people, so you should be prepared for that. The side of your life that will be dictated by Hanath, we can and will talk about when she’s older. But I’ll tell you now: to be a //good// weyrwoman is to know when to give orders and when to offer assistance. People want to feel valued. But they want guidance too. Don’t ask someone to something that you wouldn’t just because you can.”

“I’m the youngest of six, Weyrwoman,” Emily reminds her with a smile, shrugging her shoulders. “I was usually the one tasked with doing something that my brothers and sisters didn’t want to do.” She rests a hand briefly against Hanath’s back, watching briefly as her young queen looks up at Eosyth with intense focus. “I hope that I can show that I will be a good weyrwoman. I know how much Fort has benefited from your leadership and the Weyrleader’s. I’m not young,” she shrugs and draws her arms about her for comfort rather than to display attitude. “I believe that both my parents raised me with the mindset of leading fairly. Especially my father,” her smile grows a little dim as her eyes draw towards the ground, “though rumors would not like others to believe that.” She unfolds her hands and smiles once more up at Isolwyn. “I hope I will not disappoint you, ma’am.”

“Rumours from your old life will follow you until you forge a reputation for yourself in your new one,” Isolwyn advises, her tone leaning towards dry. “Even then, they might never go away entirely. You’re the only one who will ever know the truth. Be careful who you share it with.” She glances towards Eosyth, whose attention slides briefly to her in turn. “Provided your loyalty remains with Fort and you’re not afraid of hard work, I doubt you’ll disappoint me. If you betray my confidence or my home, then we’ll have another matter on our hands, but, for now, I’ll trust that you understand that your own prosperity is more tied to this Weyr than any of the others in your class.” Taking a breath, she turns more to Hanath, to enquire of both she and Emily, “Now, which of your small friends would you be happy entrusting me with?”

Emily seems relieved to have the focus shift from her future at Fort and towards the kittens in Hanath’s company. She steps forward and reaches for the smaller of the two gray kittens. The little boy protests his moving with a mewl and a startled protest as Emily does a quick glance beneath a tail to assure herself of the sex. “He’ll likely be more agreeable for you, ma’am. Hanath says he will have a tendency to be lazy and enjoy sleep.” She passes the kitten towards Isolwyn. “If he is an issue, please let us know. I’ll have to ask the Weyrlingmaster’s if they care that Hanath has a kitten… or two,” she realizes, brows furrowing for a moment as she considers the other gray kitten that stretches and yawns against the golden backdrop of Hanath. “For she’s quite attached now.” She draws her lower lip in to nibble and then, as she is prone to do, she shrugs and smiles at Isolwyn. “We’ll figure it out. Thank you for checking in on us today, Weyrwoman. And thank you for taking one of the little mites with you.”

“I would think that, as long as the creature is taken care of appropriately and not left to cause chaos in the barracks, the matter of a kitten should be a minor one.” Isolwyn does her best to cradle the kitten against her and ensure that he makes no sudden leap for the ground, watchful without betraying too much affection. “If there are any issues, I’m sure Eosyth will hear of them. And if there are any issues made without cause, you can be sure the weyrlingmasters will hear from Eosyth.” The Weyr’s senior queen lifts herself up, delivering a gentle nudge to Hanath’s shoulder in the process, and turns just as her rider does, for the pair of them to make their way across the bowl and to their weyr, presumably to settle the newest member of the household.

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