Who: Nala, Rori, Inaskashath, Jynth
When: Month 2, 205 AT
Where: Rori’s Weyr, Honshu Weyrhold
What: Consideration of life back at Honshu.

Rori has been keeping a fairly low profile at Honshu since she’s returned. How she left Fort, and what happened in her absence, has not given her reason to do more than what is asked of her. With Amorenth due to rise next, Rori has a to-go bag packed and is prepared to travel the moment it becomes clear the senior queen will rise. This morning she’s in her own weyr, baking a variety of muffins and breakfast pastries. She’s hunched over her counter, slowly adding icing drizzle along one of her cinnamon buns. Inaskashath is lounging on her ledge, waiting for the warmer weather of the day to warm her up. Her mind reaches for Jynth’s, a myraid of butterflies swooping and sweeping around his mind. << Where are you? It is cold and I would like your hide against mine. >> Rori has given up the idea of sheltering the world from the truth of her queens choice — that Inaskashath is often in the company of the blue is a source of gossip she chooses to ignore.

The Healers have suggested that walking might do much for Nala, who has still not quite managed to find an equilibrium, the move back to Honshu one that has dragged up memories of why she went to Fort and what it was that she had to do to survive. The past hour or so has been spent down in the fields tended to by Honshu’s crafters and farmers, Cinder at her heels and Jynth in the skies above, and while she turns herself about to head back the way she’s travelled when Inaskashath contacts her lifemate, it’s the blue who will make it back to the Weyrhold proper before she does. << We study Honshu’s land, >> he tells his mate. << I will return and she will follow. >> By the time that Jynth has long cuddled himself up against Inaskashath and thrown one of his heavy wings over her, Nala makes it up the steps into Rori’s weyr, Cinder told to settle herself on the large pillow that’s hers and hers alone. Stepping up to Rori, Nala winds her arms around her middle from behind and props her head on her shoulder. “Do we have to share all these?” she asks drolly, fingers flicking towards all the baked goods.

Rori laughs as she reaches around to poke at Nala’s nose, letting a bit of icing dollop there. “We don’t have to share any of them,” she says as she leans closer to kiss Nala briefly. “I felt like baking, so I’m baking.” She gestures towards some of the other iced pastries nearby. “Hungry? Have one.” She wipes her hands off on her apron and then focuses once more on drizzling icing on her next bun. “Do you want to help?” she queries, looking up with a lifted brow and a smile. “Or eat everything I make?” Inaskashath croons as she tucks herself against Jynth’s side, her body sighing with contentment as he drapes a wing over her. She rests her head near his. << Is it very interesting? Honshu’s lands? It is good we are back. >> She flicks her tail against his and nudges his jaw. << And together. >>

Nala twitches her nose in a manner not all that unlike Cinder, then smudges the icing onto the back of her hand. “I can do most of the things that well-born Ladies are supposed to know how to do, but they neglected to include baking in my education,” she confesses, choosing to step aside and steal one of the pastries, already nibbling at it in the short time it takes her to find a seat at the kitchen table. “I think I am probably more suited to quality control.” She does nothing but focus on consuming pastry for a few moments, licking the tips of her fingers. “I declare this a success.” Tilting her head, she asks, “Do you think it will be long before Amorenth rises?” Jynth idly stares down a bronze who is evidently not impressed with his nearness to Inaskashath, not so bothered by it that he considers even lifting his head. << There is a lot of farmland. More diversity. More open than Fort. >>

“Kettle’s warm enough you can make yourself a cup of tea,” Rori offers as she finishes a more elaborate icing pattern on one of the buns. She places it on the stand she’s arranging them on, fussing at it’s placement until it looks ‘just so’. When Nala focuses on eating, Rori’s attention is held when she ices two more pastries. She pauses once she’s placed the second on the tray and rubs the back of her hand across her forehead to push stray hairs off of her face. “I’ve got my bag packed,” Rori comments, turning her hand so her knuckles bump against her hip as she looks towards the door. “It could be soon. Amorenth is not as predictable, as we both know, than some. Aerishani’s behaving a bit… proddy. Amorenth isn’t glowing.” She shrugs her shoulders and reaches to push an oatmeal and chocolate cookie towards Nala. “Tell me what you think of that,” she says and hides her smile behind her hand as she considers what’s left on the table. “I think I’m about done. I’ve got a few almond cookies in the oven. I’ll send some off as gifts. Is there some you’d like to gift?” she queries, trying to be not-so-obvious about //whom// may enjoy cookies in Nala’s world.

Nala probably hears what Rori says about tea, yet she’s too focused on the pastry to immediately respond or think to get up until she’s finished it. It’s then that she pushes up from her chair and goes to retrieve a mug and the tea leaves to toss into it, waggling another mug at Rori for a yes or no about tea for her too before she returns to the table to settle there with her own drawn close, hands soaking up warmth. “It seems unlikely that any but Roreliuth will catch her,” she eventually remarks. “He has been strong enough to sire three queens on her. To be caught by another would seem a foolish mistake.” Picking up the cookie, she nibbles at its edge, then breaks it in half and consumes most of one half in one bite, smirking around that mouthful. “I think these should be ours,” she declares, once she can speak and keep to good manners. “…I could take some others home with me,” she says slowly, if having to be rather direct, “if you would not mind.”

Rori looks up from her work to give Nala a nod towards the tea. “Can you add some sweetner to mine, please? All this sugar makes me want sweet tea.” She pulls out the remaining batch of cookies from the oven and sets them on the counter. “Roreliuth and Amorenth are a very strongly mated pair. Amorenth does not… care for many,” she states carefully as she begins to transfer cookies from the pan to the cooling rack. “With Daeserath gone, I don’t truly see any of our current males that would be strong enough to fly Amorenth.” She lifts her gaze to smile at Nala as she watches the bluerider eat half of the cookie. “I’ll make a nice tray of cookies and pastries for you to take home,” she tells her with a nod. She moves to gather her tea and settles in a barstool opposite Nala. “Inaskashath will go after Amorenth,” she states, looking into her tea as she carefully stirs it, “Are you… are you prepared for that?”

Nala likewise stares into her tea in a manner that Cinder must interpret as downcast, for the canine rises to her paws and trots across the room to sit at her feet within easy reach. That, or she finally sees an opportunity to try and get some morsel of pastry for herself. “We have spoken on this before,” she says quietly, keeping her gaze averted. “However, things are not exactly as they were, so it is only fair that I ask if you would rather I take Jynth away. Given warning, I could do it. Once she is in the pens, I stand no chance, not without injuring either him or myself.” Easing her shoulders back, she looks up at Rori as she tells her, “The decision should be yours, not mine. For Inaskashath to be caught by a bronze would be better for you in the eyes of the world. It is not what Jynth would want… It is not what //I// would want… But the fact remains that it would make your life easier.”

Rori lifts her gaze from her tea and watches as Cinder approaches Nala. She takes a sip of her tea and then lowers the mug. “I’m only asking,” she states as she rises, moving to the other side of the table so she can wrap her arms around Nala’s shoulders and kiss her cheek. “Because I want to make sure //you// will be okay with it. I’ve already decided that your mine and Inaskashath continues to claim Jynth. We don’t want a bronze. Even in not wanting one, we will keep our flight open and if another is able to claim her — then the world may be appeased.” She rests her cheek against Nala’s. “I don’t want you to be victim to their hatred though, Nala. Your safety is important. We are safe at Honshu,” she tries to sound more certain than she is, “and so it will be different. I won’t lose you– I won’t let them take you from me because of ignorance and fear.” She presses her cheek closer to Nala’s as she hugs her tightly. “I won’t ask you again,” she promises, “I just want you to know you have options.”

“Inaskashath stands to produce a larger clutch if she is flown by a brown or a bronze. Jynth will never sire a queen on her, if what we know of queen pairings is true. Then, we have no sure way of knowing if Jynth is the first blue in history to catch a queen.” While Nala is focused on Rori, Cinder sneaks her nose up onto the table and nudges the remains of a pastry off and into her mouth, this small transgression forgiven in the sweep of the bluerider’s hand over soft silver ears. “If that is something that you should want for her, tell me, and I will ensure that he does not chase her a third time.” The matter of her safety is one she either chooses to ignore or sidesteps, unwilling to speak on it to the extent that she finds no shame in turning her head enough to kiss Rori properly and abruptly divest her of her apron. “I think that you need a break,” she murmurs into her neck, slipping down from her seat to herd her away and off towards her bedroom, not letting her go for the steps that carry them to privacy and the forgetting of what the closeness of their lifemates means.

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