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Who: Zinovia and Akio
When: Month 11, 203 AT
Where: Guest Quarters, Silverfield Hold
What: Yukijiath is proddy. Zinovia also has mating on her mind.

When Yukijiath is due to rise, Zinovia usually manages to keep her affections directed towards her wife, for all that her focus has a tendency to completely narrow to her need to keep Akemi in bed with her for as long as possible while still keeping the Hold functioning around them. However, this time, with Yukijiath glowing and Zinovia’s own need to find a mate who will provide her with the baby that she needs to secure her claim on Silverfield, it’s not only Akemi that she’s been favouring with longing looks. More than once, she’s watched Akio for far too long and found herself taking steps after him, only to exert enough control to stop herself, yet, with her self-control wearing thin, it doesn’t look like she’s going to manage the same today. Finding herself in the storerooms without remembering why, it’s there that she lays eyes on him and then that her control snaps, letting her launch herself at him and pin him to the wall to brazenly press herself to him and demand a kiss.

Akio has not known what to make of the offer Zinovia gave him not all that long ago – to help produe an heir with his blood, his twin’s blood, to secure their claim of Silverfield. Mostly, he’s done his best to keep himself tucked out of sight and focused on his craft. He and Akemi still have yet to discuss that potential, what it would mean for the twins to share the same woman’s bed. Akio’s oblivious to what Yukijiath’s glow may mean, and with Akemi away for the day with Maozheth, no one is there to warn him (or explain) Zinovia’s appearane in the stores. He looks up at his Lady as he finishes tucking one of his more recent creations into a box. He’s completely caught off-guard when Zinovia makes her move, surprise leaving him falling back against that wall, and freezing beneath Zinovia’s kiss. He doesn’t immediately return it, shock leaving him stiff beneath her body. He manages to gently place a hand on her hip and ease her back, not out right refusing his desire for her, but placing a barrier there. “Lady?” he asks, concern in his gaze, “What…?” he doesn’t even know what words to say as he stares at her.

Zinovia is not so bold – or not so oblivious – as to push once there’s clear indication that her attentions may not be wanted, yet she doesn’t move out of Akio’s personal space, nor step back enough to put an acceptable amount of distance between them. “You don’t know what it’s like,” she accuses in a murmur. “If someone doesn’t touch me, I’ll go mad. And it should be you; it ought to be you. I want it to be you. I have to mate with someone. Don’t you understand?” The problem is, it could just as easily be Zinovia as Yukijiath speaking when that’s thrown into the mix. “I know you can help me. You won’t hurt me. I’ve seen how you look at me when you think no-one will notice.” She fingers flex, yet she doesn’t press closer. “Please.”

Akio doesn’t move from his position against the wall, his hands slack at his side as he processes Zinovia’s words. “I don’t know what it’s like to be a dragonrider,” he confesses, “I-,” he silences himself as more truths are shared. His voice is rough as he admits, “I can’t help but look at you. You’re strong and beautiful. I find myself jealous of Akemi’s life with you.” But it’s not his twin sister Zinovia is claiming to want and need. It’s him. He takes a breath and lets one hand reach out, a step taken, his palm cupping her cheek. “Let’s go somewhere else. I don’t want to be in the stores, on the floor, or against a wall. I want to show you how I won’t hurt you, how I’ll treat you, make you feel, with sheets beneath us.” He steps into a kiss then, his mouth soft, not at all demanding. A tease of tongue against hers.

She may have been the one to accuse him of looking at her, yet Zinovia’s brow furrows a little as Akio not only agrees, but tells her why, a measure of disbelief flickering across her features that suddenly makes her seem shy. Further confusion surfaces when it becomes apparent that he isn’t going to just pin her to the wall and get on with things, her experience with men so limited that the thought of anything other than trying to find her own pleasure in him taking his is surprising enough that a soft, needy sound escapes her when he kisses her. She lingers, seeking more, but either need or sense prevails, encouraging her to step back and lead on from the storerooms, keeping just enough distance from Akio that it might seem proper if anyone else were to see them. It’s to one of Silverfield’s many (many) guest suites that she takes them, turning the key in the lock before turning to trap him against the door and nuzzle along the curve of his neck. “…I don’t know how it should be,” she confesses. “He only ever…” To say any more would be too much, so she claims another kiss instead.

Akio follows after Zinovia at a discreet distance, her crafter following along to a meeting or another, casual in ever step he takes. It’s only once she’s unlocked that door and he finds himself in a guest suite that his breath hitches and he curves his arms about her. He tucks her in against his firm chest, his arms muscled from his craft, and warm against her body. “I’ll show you,” he murmurs around her mouth, taking a break from her lips to kiss her nose, her cheeks, and then at the hollow of her neck. Now that they’re in this room and he doesn’t have the pressure of having her against a wall, he takes his time kissing her at the door. His hands stay warm around her, his hands not daring to travel up from their place where he encircles her waist. He turns her against the door, his legs easing between her thighs to tease between her skirts with the pressure of them as he kisses her neck once more. His breath is hot against her ear as he murmurs, “When you want to move to the bed, take me there.” He may know some of her history with C’aol – or this may simply be the way he is with women. It’s clear he’s seeking her consent to touch or taste her further than the press of his lips against hers.

Zinovia may have been rather single-minded in trying to secure Akio’s interest, but now that she has it and keeping him close doesn’t appear to be dependent on him getting his way or what he wants immediately she finds that she’s in no hurry to nudge him towards the bed and hope that between them they can stop every nerve from burning. She may not even realise it when she starts gently rocking against him in response to teasing pressure, not half so worried about her hands as he is when they lazily roam beneath his shirt, nor when they drop to his belt to unbuckle and unbutton to send his pants to the floor. Slowly, she moves to guide his arms from her waist and his hands to the lacing down the front of her dress, pulling at a thread of ribbon herself encourage him to finish the rest while her hands slip down to his backside to press him more firmly against her. They hesitate there for an instant, yet, just as her kiss demands more, they shift to do conduct some exploration of his reaction to her, aware enough to tease without the experience to know how to elicit a particular response. “…You sure you don’t want to just use this door?” she proposes through a breath of low laughter, only then reaching for one of his hands to tug him from that door and towards the bed, coaxing her dress to slip further towards the floor with each step.

Akio is not a master of seduction, his knowledge is not gained through many bedroom ‘conquests’, but over the years he’s had a select few lovers that have taught him to go slow and to pay attention to the woman first. He smiles against Zinovia’s lips as she tugs his belt free and his pants drop, the press of him clear against her abdomen as he tucks her in closer to him. He takes his time undoing her lacing, maintaining eye contact with a slow, lazy, smile on his face. He pauses every so often to kiss along her neck and cheek, feathering her lips with tickling kisses, before he pulls back and waits until her dress is more open in the front. He finds himself once more against the door and he’s utterly breathless between her demanding kisses. “You don’t take a lover the first time against a door,” he tells her with a husky chuckle, “that’s for another time.” As she leads the way towards the bed, he helps that dress ease over her shoulders and hips, keeping one or two steps behind her. Once the bed is within view, he scoops her up into his arms and walks her the rest of the way. He lays her back against the bedding slowly, carefully, the strain in his shoulders and the exposed abdomen beneath his shirt showing how muscled he truly is. Once she is down on the bed, he eases down beside her, trailing his fingers along her thigh as he once more seeks her lips to nip and tease at.

The question of whether Zinovia has ever had any genuine interest in the male form beyond what her duty demands of her must swiftly be laid to rest when she finds herself content with kissing only for a time and soon lifts herself up to unbutton Akio’s shirt and encourage him to be rid of it, not shy in her own lack of clothing, nor what it means when she casts a leg across his hips to straddle him while she plants her hands down in the sheets and goes investigating contours of muscle with lips and tongue. She’s in no hurry, unable to keep from smiling a near predatory smile when she finds just the right spots to tease, her focus eventually lifting back to claim his mouth as she idly rocks her hips against his. “You said ‘another time’,” she utters lowly, shifting her weight as if she’d draw him over her instead. “Are you intent on there being another time? And another?” Given the ripple of delighted laughter that accompanies her words, she can’t exactly object to the thought.

Akio’s delight in Zinovia is an open and honest grin that does not leave his face between kisses, his hum of approval given every time her lips or tongue finds the exact spot that sends pleasure rippling down his spine. He takes her cue and eases himself over her, finding his way gently inside her, where he pauses to look down at her and delight in the sight of her. “Contrary to people’s beliefs,” he chuckles as he kisses at her throat, “It takes more than one try to make a child.” He silences himself by claiming her lips and then everything dissolves into touch and taste, her pleasure sought first, then his own. He’s not dramatic enough to call out her name, but his groan of satisfaction is unrestrained. He remains on top of her to catch his breath before he eases to the side of her and throws his hands behind his head and grins up at the ceiling.

There’s a fraction of a moment where Zinovia seems uncertain, not about the course of action that they’ve decided upon, but that Akio pauses to look down at her and doesn’t find his focus narrowed to his own needs, her inexperience with men (or her experience with one) showing as that uncertainty lifts to surprise and that surprise to a note of breathless laughter. Even if she might have answered him, kisses are preferable, as is the feel of him, soft sounds meant for him alone escaping her when the pleasure becomes too much. While he lingers on top of her, she weaves her fingers through his hair, nuzzling at him until he rolls away. It might not be elegant or exactly modest, but her Healer training tells her to stay there on her back, so she reaches for one of his hands rather than follow after. “…Does that mean you’re going to see that we have a child?” she finally asks in a murmur, suddenly shy.

Akio turns on his side, propping his head on his hand as he angles himself to face her and let her fully see his smile that reaches up and lights his eyes. “If you want one from me, I’ll do my best to see if I can. I’ve never made one before,” he takes the hand holding hers and lifts it to his lips, her fingers kissed before he moves to rest their combined hands on her abdomen. “I’m going to tell you I don’t consider it… a duty or a chore. I don’t want this to be some awkward exchange between us with the only focus on getting you an heir.” He hesitates, realizing how that may sound possessive, “If you want to enjoy our time together, that is. I’m not going to tell Akemi,” he blinks and cocks a brow at her, “I don’t feel comfortable telling my twin I’m bedding her wife. But… you can smooth that over.”

If Zinovia realises that there is any possessive quality to Akio’s words, or is troubled by it, there’s nothing from her to indicate that she finds the thought an unwelcome one. “No,” she murmurs, “I don’t want it to become a matter of… just getting on with it.” She grimaces a little at her own phrasing, moving to say, “This was… I didn’t know it could be like this. I enjoyed it… It felt… right…” Her hand tightens on his, in apology or further regret at being unable to find the right words. “What I mean is, I wouldn’t be sad if we didn’t immediately make a child, even though time is against me. Though you should probably make a quick escape if you don’t want me throwing myself at you again soon. Yukijiath’s still… I’m surprised we didn’t set her off.” As for the matter of Akemi, she insists, “I have to tell her. And what you say to each other then is beyond my control. There might not be any… smoothing over.”

Akio’s smile is brighter than his twin’s, though there’s a certain quality to the upturn of his lips that resembles her all the same. “I’m glad that it was something you enjoyed. It should always be something one enjoys.” He chuckles, brow remaining cocked as he drawls, “I like the idea that it may take us a while too. If we have to visit each other nightly you won’t hear me complain. Though,” he glances around the guest suite, “we could move our rendezvous to my rooms, if you like.” He doesn’t want to discuss his sister any longer so he simply nods at Zinovia’s explanation. “It will be what it will be. But at least between us, we can keep it light hearted and fun.” He leans forward to claim her lips, nibbling on her lower lip briefly before he kisses her forehead. “Let me get dressed and find you something to drink.” He does as he says, dressing, and then disappearing out of the room briefly only to return a short time later with a mug of tea in a flavor he has noticed she enjoys and a few cookies. He doesn’t press himself on her again but he remains, laughing and teasing her with stories that eases the distance between them. At the very least, they’ll part later as friends.

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