A Trio

A Trio

Who: Aerishani, O’rlen, Amorenth, Roreliuth
When: Month 10, 203 AT
Where: Hatching Cavern, Honshu Weyrhold
What: Amorenth clutches another queen-daughter.

That the eggs choose to arrive in the middle of the night disgruntles Amorenth no end, but at least it gives her the cover of darkness and peace and quiet in the hatching cavern in which to lay her clutch, that no-one but her rider and Roreliuth’s are present for the whole affair something that keeps her mood on the lighter side of irritated. However, what turns out to have the most impact on her and actually keeps her on the Sands once the clutching is through is the presence of a plainly golden shell. Her interest doesn’t extend so far as to curl herself around the rest of the clutch, that, as usual, left to her mate, but she sits for a while with the cradle of sand keeping safe their newest daughter between her front paws, quietly smug in their achievement. By now, Aerishani is almost asleep again in the Stands, her head in O’rlen’s lap and a light blanket drawn up to her shoulders. “…The North is going to love it when they hear they’ve clutched a third queen,” she murmurs, unable to keep some of Amorenth’s smug self-assurance from her voice.

O’rlen’s hand pauses in his idle movements through Aerishani’s hair, his weight balanced against an arm that’s resting to the side of him to allow him to lean to ease the subtle aches in his body from watching the entirety of the clutching. “We cannot help that our pair is strong enough to produce another queen,” he returns, not smug, but proud in his grin as he looks down at her. “I can’t say having as many queens as we do will serve us well in the eyes of the North.” He shrugs one shoulder and looks out as Roreliuth stretches one of his large wings possessively over the clutch as he angles his head on his forepaws, keeping his tail tucked in tight against the other eggs that are neatly resting beside him. “These Sands will be busy this time, once Inaskashath clutches here. Do you think Amorenth will mind?” he queries, looking thoughtful of the senior gold.

“…I honestly don’t know,” Aerishani has to confess, watching Amorenth nudge a little more sand around this new queen that she’s chosen to care for – at least in the short term. “She tends to see both of her daughters as achievements, not rivals. Then, I don’t think that she’ll want Inaskashath so close to Roreliuth for that time just as much as she might not want her near their eggs.” She shifts a little; just enough that she can reach to snag a hold at the front of O’rlen’s shirt and tug him down to her for a kiss. “Not that either of us can be at all possessive, you understand,” she murmurs around a small smile. “Once Inaskashath has clutched… we should talk to Arlet and her Weyrwoman. As much as Amorenth will be disappointed if she doesn’t keep clutching queens, if she //does//, we’ve almost got a bigger problem on our hands.”

“They are down a queen at Fort,” O’rlen agrees, smiling down at her as he twists a strand of hair around a finger. “And it’d help solidify our… friendship, or extend it, to Fort with the offer to send a gold egg. And perhaps some other eggs as well. I’m not sure how many eggs, //if// any eggs, will come of Jynth and Inaskashath’s clutch.” He sighs, thinking about that, shaking his head. “We wouldn’t tell Fort they were eggs from Inaskashath if we chose to send some. But it’s only fair to Amorenth if we send eggs from both clutches.” He looks out where Roreliuth has finally fallen asleep, tucked in amongst his children. “He’ll be too focused on their eggs to want to fuss at Inaskashath. And if Jynth joins them, maybe he won’t feel as threatened by a blue instead of another bronze. If our queens make a habit of clutching close together, we should consider investing in a second hatching sands area.” He kisses the tip of Aerishani’s nose. “Should we head to bed ourselves? It’s only a matter of time before we’re sleeping in the galleries as it is.”

“There’s no telling whether Arlet would want any eggs from Inaskashath for Fort, even if they weren’t blue-sired,” Aerishani sighs, letting her head loll to one side to observe Amorenth again. “She’s not visited Honshu in months. Maybe whatever was going on with her and Rori is done with. If so, perhaps she won’t want a reminder of her.” She twitches a shoulder. “I guess it depends whether she’s that hurt or that petty.” Still wide awake, Amorenth noses once more at that soft, fragile shell, then heads straight for the entrance to the cavern, where she launches herself into the night and adopts a perch high over the Weyrhold. Aerishani plants her hands behind her to push herself upright, wrapping the blanket around her like a cape, using one hand to secure it while reaching for one of O’rlen’s with the other. “I declare that we don’t have to be at work until midday. By decree of me. Because I say so.” While she leads him away, Amorenth stays at her post, letting a good hour or more pass before she returns to the hatching cavern and curls up nose to nose with Roreliuth. At the first sign of light, she’s gone again, but, by night, she always returns.

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