Inaskashath’s Maiden Flight

Who: Nala, Rori, Jynth, Inaskashath
When: Month 8, 203 AT
Where: Flight weyr, Honshu Weyrhold
What: Inaskashath has her maiden flight.  The outcome will have worldwide repercussions.

Honshu has been circling with gossip that the signs of their youngest queen show so clearly her nearness to rising, so soon after her mother.  Bets have been placed and rumors stirred that the young gold would not be able to fly far enough to even get with a clutch, her scars in stark evidence each time she takes to the skies.  Still, Inaskashath’s darkened hide has been steadily glowing against those white-hot sparks that streak across her wings, the sparks of amber and orange lit fires that beckon those to join her like a beacon in the night.  She chooses to entertain her suitors each evening as the sun goes down, her glow a steadily growing spark that lights all richness of rose gold into a brilliant star that dazzles. It’s well past midnight when Inaskashath pushes away from the males she was entertaining to take to the skies and head into the feeding pens.  She divebombs a beast, felling it with the weight of her body and the crack of bone. Rori wakes with a start, blinking up at her ceiling as she grasps the reality facing her. She reaches for a robe and tosses it around her shoulders before she heads, barefoot, towards the flight weyr.

There’s one in the pens who shouldn’t be there, yet is managing to combat the worst of buffeting from irritated bronzes and browns with his sheer size and the volume of muscle that makes up his bulky form. Blue, Jynth may be, but he’s bigger than some of Honshu’s smaller browns, and perhaps it is this that has let him entertain the idea of pursuing Inaskashath. If them, why not him? It’s not the first time that he’s dared to try to chase a queen, that event having resulted in both physical and mental injuries that he can no longer actively remember. Inaskashath is a queen, one of Honshu’s queens, and therefore he has as much of a right to chase as any other Honshu male, so he would have it. He completely disregards his rider, Nala’s protestations only a distant buzzing of his mind, the mental wires she tries to wrap around his impulses to stall him snapping one by one just as she catches hold. When a bronzerider outside the flight weyr shoves her, the Weyrlingmaster shoves right back and snarls at him, her features pale with fear and remembered pain.

Rori enters flight weyr into the mix of shoving, which causes her to be shuffled backwards against the wall.  “Back //off//,” she snarls out, voice authoritative and angry as her green eyes flash at those gathered. “If I find out there has been any unwanted physical contact I will punish those involved as soon as this is over.”  The usual demure, quiet, woman is replaced by that flash of steel she shows in her gaze and a narrowed focus on the room. She walks, chin up, shoulders back, legs stiff to the bed where she turns and glares at those gathered before the flickering pull of Inaskashath draws her mind into a field of blood.  The scarred queen has felled her third beast since the males began to gather, her draw for blood leaving smatters of dirt stains and guts behind her as she pounces on each subsequent kill. Her golden maw is stained red, matched by the red flicker of her gaze. Those males that would challenge Jynth earn her spiteful snarl.  She has no //time// for fickle, stupid, males. << All may chase me. >> she declares, broadcasting her fury outward and hitting against the mental walls of Honshu’s people. << Only one will be worthy! >>

Nala may hear Rori, yet she looks just about as interested in her as anything and anyone else around her, which is to say not at all. Her focus still lies in her futile attempts to keep Jynth on the ground, some small piece of progress made when she flings both arms out in-front of her from her post against the wall and her blue answers by letting his wings unfurl and backwing for no good reason. He roars, displeased by what control she’s managed to exert over him and the tactics she’s resorted to. The carefully constructed walls between them may be down after years of work, but it’s now a two way street, his need for Inaskashath greater than the power Nala keeps pulling together to try and stop him. Frozen and mute, she can only watch those in the flight weyr through glazed eyes, just as Jynth drains another beast and flings the carcass in the path of a bronze who rears up with the intent to strike him down and defy Inaskashath.

Inaskashath’s hide is richly stained with the muddied blood of the fourth creature she has struck down, ripped open, and gorged herself on the hot liquid that seeps into the ground.  She rears her head up as she notices that bronze reaching for Jynth and she snarls out a command, << You will not fly! Begone! >> Her mental grasp reaches out to slice at the bronze’s mind, her axe sharpened and clean cutting as she rushes the bronze, wings unfurled, to scare him out of the feeding pens.  With the rage to bolster her, she launches herself into the sky, reaching out sparks of anger as she gathers herself to push through the first series of clouds and put distance between herself and the males remaining. The bronze’s rider swings at Nala, snarling his frustration out as his fist connects with a wall.  “Bitch,” he calls as he stalks out of the flight weyr to locate his bronze – who has found shelter down by the lake, cowed into submission by the press of a queen’s mind. Rori’s lost to the skies with Inaskashath, her hands clutching at the blankets at her side as she keeps her eyes closed.

Nala doesn’t even seem to register how close she is to being punched in the face, though she lifts her own arm up as if to strike back without letting her hand fly anywhere near the bronzerider, her intent to stall Jynth and physically distract him. She succeeds in keeping him on the ground for about a second after the majority of bronzes and browns take off after Inaskashath, his right wing frozen in the half-unfurled position she’s attempted to pin it in, but he quickly pulls back and launches himself into the skies. There’s a wobble just as he leaves Honshu itself behind, as if she might have considered once again trying to slam him into stone to stop him, yet that’s the last of the resistance the bluerider seems to offer. Jynth has never been about acrobatics in flight, relying on power and strength to see him through, and while some of the other males jostle, he pushes up to follow along above them and Inaskashath, staying cleanly and clearly out of trouble, his focus on her and not what the others may get up to.

Despite her best efforts, Inaskashath will never have the endurance of her golden peers – the pull of scars along her shoulder and wingsail felt too readily.  She pushes against the pain, fueled by an unending urge to out pace the males behind her. She must reach for the tallest star, push herself beyond measure, to ensure only the most suitable will sire a clutch.  She manages to outlast the smaller, or less fit, browns and bronzes. But she won’t outpace the strongest that chase her, her wings beginning to falter from the strain of her upward pursuits. She banks hard into a thermal updraft, trying to ride it and let her exhausted muscles rest.  She’s vulnerable as she twists ever upwards, unable to see those that might make a grab out of her blind spot. “Keep going,” Rori murmurs, “We must keep going. The pain, the pain,” she continues, grabbing at her shoulder in shared agony with her dragon. “Fuck these scars,” she cries out, then shouts in one breath, “No!” as Inaskashath is caught.

What horror and regret Nala might have initially felt at Jynth daring to pursue a queen gives way to triumph when he actually catches Inaskashath. He has no shame in tightly twining himself around the one he claims as his mate, no claws employed to exploit her weaknesses in his capture of her, but relying on the same strength that’s brought him this far. Some might wonder at a blue being capable of holding a queen aloft at all, but what has made him everything he shouldn’t be in a blue also includes his too large wings, now spread wide to keep himself and Inaskashath from tumbling from the skies. He may have managed something that he shouldn’t have and there will likely be reprimands and all sorts to follow, but this doesn’t stop him in his adoration of her, nor in his promises to keep her safe – something he’s able to make good on by ensuring that they don’t hit the ground in a tangle of limbs or take a tumble. Were Nala not all but completely under his influence, she might try to give Rori a better chance at rejecting her, and while she does hesitate as she approaches her, she otherwise seems determined to make her hers.

Inaskashath’s wings falter and her need for Jynth’s strength is a reality that drives away any other sense of frustration for being caught – and though other queens may find themselves horrified by the blue’s daring, Inaskashath glows with the pride for a male well suited to her.  Has Jynth not been a source of comfort for her each time Akanyth made her feel less? Was it not Jynth who kept her company late at night when she was unable to sleep? With the blend of his friendship tucked close against her heart, Inaskashath gives herself over entirely to his strength.  Though he may have another mate to call his own, Inaskashath will twine herself tightly around him once they find the ground and hold him there as long as he will tolerate her affection. Rori’s unused to what the needs and wants of her dragon would feel like, so new herself to what her own body needs and wants to find fulfillment.  She does not fight Nala off when the bluerider comes for her. Her arms are reaching and her mouth eager. “Please,” she breathes against Nala’s lips. “Yes, please.”

Whether it’s because they just don’t know what to do or that Nala has enough of a reputation as someone not to be crossed, none of the exiting bronze and brownriders dare to step forward to tear her from Rori. It leaves her to gather her to her without interference and lift her up, hooking her legs around her middle to bear her back to the bed and do her very best to give Rori what she needs. Just as Jynth intended to cause no hurt with his capture of Inaskashath, if the young goldrider was worried about the first rider to claim her in flight causing her pain, this certainly doesn’t appear to be Nala’s intention, thrumming with her lifemate’s pride and success in a manner that sets her to worshipping her with no care for anything beyond a sure and confident exploration of Rori’s body and a determination to bring her pleasure. No matter what happens after – and no matter that she and Jynth may never have the same opportunities again – she wants Rori to be hers and no-one else’s in the minutes that pass, just as Jynth gives himself to Inaskashath, both basking in and returning her affection.

Inaskashath is with Rori as she is claimed by Nala, their bond driving Rori to unknown levels of pleasure as all the right places of her body are explored.  She gives herself over to Nala freely, relishing in the wonder of being //here// with her dragon, feeling the joys of pleasure as a mixture of her own and Inaskashath’s.  She mostly takes from Nala, too lost in the skies, too focused on her own body’s responses to do much but abandon all reason and remain a pliant woman beneath Nala. Enough sense returns to her, her body spent from all the undoing, to ease Nala on her back and use her newly found knowledge to wring pleased sounds from Nala.  She’s still inexperienced and her fumbling may show, her intent clear as her lips press to ears, to collarbone, to breast, and finally low enough to let her tongue work Nala into a state of bliss.

Inaskashath finds sleep, leaving Rori to yawn and snuggle against Nala once she’s certain the bluerider has found release.  She tucks herself in against her former Weyrlingmaster, drowsing as her mind slowly returns from the trip to the sky.

It truly doesn’t take much for Nala to find release, so wound up is she from sharing in Jynth’s pleasure in the twine and her own in claiming Rori for herself, but with her inhibitions gone and success still singing through her, there’s no indication by way of sounds from her that Rori fumbles the slightest bit. As she tucks herself in against her, she lifts blankets up over the both of them in an echo of the wing Jynth drapes over Inaskashath, too lost in the tangle of wires and impulses that her bond with her blue has knotted itself back into to even consider attempting a single word aloud for a good while. She drifts, her mind half in the flight weyr and half still possessed by her lifemate, her arms around Rori and her lips absently touching down against skin every now and then. In no hurry, it would seem, to leave the bed or the weyr – or to move at all – she keeps the world at bay until she absolutely must start to try and reclaim herself, connections here and there dropped in a manner that must be painful, for she gasps back to reality and tightens her arms around her bedmate. And the first thing she asks is what she steels herself for and must be expecting: “Are you embarrassed by us?”

Rori’s still drowsy when Nala’s lips wander along her body in casual kisses, a smile ghosting at the tip of her lips as she snuggles into pillows and blankets.  A contented cat, she all but purrs as she arches against Nala in response to wandering lips. She’s startled by the gasp and the arms draw her eyes open, leaving her to blink her mind into focus at the room she’s in, the bed she’s on, and the woman beside her.  She does not rush to say anything, not knowing to what she wants to say as she lays there and considers the question. She turns, moving to place an elbow beneath her so she can lift herself up from the pillow and stare down at Nala. Her green eyes are kind and her smile is a soft sign of contentment.  “No, how could we be? Inaskashath is small and Jynth is large. He flew her best. The others couldn’t keep up.” Her naiveness to the situation is clear in the casual blink of her eyes and then a tilting of her head as a blush creeps along her chest to splash across her cheeks. “Do I need to apologize? Um, well.  You’re the Weyrlingmaster..,” she trails off, growing redder. “Am I in trouble?”

There’s a sudden tension in Nala’s frame that speaks of not knowing what to do about being looked down at, but she doesn’t let herself try to gain the upper hand or retreat, staying as she is with dark eyes blinking steadily up at Rori. “You outrank me,” is what she states in response to the notion of being in trouble, watching her carefully now as if having expected a need to pose that question herself. “I do not know if a blue has ever flown a queen. There is no way to know if there will be a clutch. Even though he bested the others, it is unlikely anyone else will see it that way.” Her head tilts slightly. “There may be the exception of Honshu’s leaders. In any case, it is likely all the Weyrs of Pern will want to witness the arrival and hatching of a blue-sired clutch, should that be the way of things.” She lets the hand that has lingered at Rori’s hip retreat. “I am not sorry for this. I will not apologise for his achievement or for his wanting her – or for his wanting to protect her. But I //am// sorry for the attention this will bring you.”

Rori sits up, tucking her legs beneath her as she draws a portion of the blanket up to discreetly cover her naked body.  She chews her lower lip, considering Nala with far more concern as she takes in the larger implications of the situation.  “Amorenth will clutch first. And we don’t face Thread. The other Weyrs can have an interest in the outcome and what it may mean for them, but it’s done and they do not control us.”  She inhales through her nose and then exhales loudly. “Though Honshu has Akanyth of Amorenth’s line as leader of Fort now. It’ll spark some political outrage, I’m sure, that Honshu has gone and defied what is ‘right’ again.”  She rolls her eyes and shakes her head, her youth shown in that flash. “It’s not as if we could have done anything about it. Amorenth wasn’t here to tell Jynth no and Inaskashath wanted him to come.” She twitches one of her shoulders in a shrug.  “I’m glad you’re not apologizing for Jynth’s success. Inaskashath is very pleased with herself and him.” She lets a hand wander out, falling back into a place of wonder for the moment she shared with her queen and the woman beside her. She lets her fingers press gently against Nala’s cheek.  “It’s worth the attention it will bring.”

Lying back, Nala makes no attempt to cover herself, though she’s less brazen with it than simply comfortable enough in her own skin not to worry about it. “It will be interesting to see how the Harpers attempt to sell it, at least. Whether it will be seen as another strike at tradition or progress in terms of equality within the Weyrs will largely be down to what they choose to write it as. We stand to be painted as villains or pioneers in the days to come.” She shifts a little onto her side as if she’d curl back up, only to be stilled by the press of Rori’s fingers to her cheek and the need to hold her gaze for a moment and more. “…I hope you won’t think me too bold if I choose not to race from this bed and your company. That said, you may well grow tired of me over the next few months.” Still, this doesn’t stop her from leaning forward to touch her lips to Rori’s and folding herself back down to seek out the comfort of blankets and pillows.

Rori blushes, looking aside in flurry of flustered thoughts and feelings.  She brushes her hands against the lips Nala so recently kissed and then trails it down along the arm still holding the blanket against her chest.  She flicks her gaze back to Nala, letting it trail along a body so familiar and unfamiliar to her now that she’s more self aware. Her hand reaches out, gently brushing along Nala’s side.  Rather than speaking, she leans forward and begins to kiss Nala, her body curving against the bluerider’s once more. Her hands wander as does her mouth, her body pressing tighter against Nala’s as she draws the sheet up to cover them both.  How far they go will be up to Nala, though it’s clear from Rori, she’s still wound up enough to need more if Nala is willing. There will be time later to talk about what it means that a blue caught a gold, or what challenges they may face, or whether or not they’ll get along through the process.  Rori’s lips brush against Nala’s ear, the lingering draconic lust finally released, as she whispers, “Thank you.”

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