Who: Nala, Rori, Jynth, Inaskashath
When: Month 10, 203 AT
Where: Rori’s Weyr, Honshu Weyrhold
What: Is it infatuation or something more?
Notes: They do it.

Jynth is not possessed of a nasty temperament or any active desire to hurt anyone, and while he has done his best to be attentive to both Ryerith and Inaskashath without upsetting either one of them, there’s no doubting that he’s been spending an awful lot of time with Honshu’s junior queen. He’s been a doting and protective mate thus far, deflecting any comments about his colour and what kind of queen she must be to allow herself to be caught by him, biting back only when talk might veer from idle taunting to any downright insulting remarks about his queen. Nala too has done her best to look out for Rori, sometimes watching her a little too closely when she’s almost certain she isn’t looking, though without stepping over any boundaries reformed after leaving the flight weyr. However, this evening, that looks set to change, whether owing to Jynth’s cuddling of Inaskashath or her own impulses, for she finds herself on Rori’s proverbial doorstep, lingering on her ledge and waiting for her to get home.

Unlike some more demanding mates, Ryerith seems unbothered by sharing Jynth’s affection with Inaskashath – owing, perhaps, to her rider’s permissive attitude on the subject as well. Inaskashath has shown herself to be completely besotted with the blue, leaving the insults and taunts aside in favor of watching him defend her honor. Inaskashath’s affection comes as tendrils of color in flickers of light against a night sky, the press of butterfly wings against Jynth’s mind as she snuggles in closer to him. Rori has not noticed Nala’s attention, which leaves her surprised to see the bluerider on her ledge. She’s got a sketchbook tucked under her arm and a pencil used to keep her hair pulled out of her face. “Hello,” she greets Nala, gathering up her skirts so she can move more quickly up the stairs to reach her door. “Want to come in? I’ll put some tea on for us.” She ushers Nala inside, letting the bluerider choose whether or not to explain what has brought her to visit.

There’s an instant where Nala seems to hesitate, just as Rori moves past her and into her weyr, and, though she has the time to supply actual words by way of answer, all she does is follow her inside and close the door, lingering there as if she’s completely forgotten why she was out on the ledge at all. Moments pass and she finally recalls how to move, still silent as she approaches Rori and quite abruptly reaches for her, meaning to tug her to her and simply hold her, if rather closely. Yet, even that she decides against as seconds tick by, her hold tightening a little as she dips her head to first press a chaste kiss to her cheek, then another to her jaw, before intending to deliver a very much not so chaste affair to her lips. Maybe it would be easier if she explained herself, but for a woman who hardly uses words to communicate with her own lifemate, perhaps it’s just second nature.

Rori’s tugged away from the tea kettle she’d pulled out of a cabinet and turns to face Nala, startled out of her thoughts. She hugs Nala back, “It’s nice to see you,” she murmurs, voice warm against Nala’s cheek as she finds herself still pressed into the hug. She shifts, unsure of what to make of the hug, until a kiss is delivered to her cheek and then all thoughts leave her mind as their lips connect. Her lips part in welcome of the kiss, her body easily molding itself more firmly against Nala’s. Her hands move from the returned embrace to lower, her hands gripping at Nala’s hips as she takes a step backwards. Her body presses back against the cabinet as she says nothing in response, lost to the immediate reaction of her body to the kisses.

Assured that there’s no immediate need for her to stop and remove her hands from Rori’s person, she certainly does not, a sound suspiciously akin to a low moan escaping her as Rori grips her hips. She manages to keep herself from doing anything more than claiming kisses and pressing as close as she possibly can to her, her lips starting to edge their way down Rori’s neck just as she hesitates and lifts her head to look down at her, her fingers flexing in their hold at her waist. “…You can tell me to go,” she murmurs. “You can order me to go, in-fact. But I think, if I do not go, I intend to have you right here against this cabinet.” True to her word, she waits, unwilling to seek anything more without permission or try to convince her through means of distraction.

“Why would I tell you to go?” Rori’s breathless as she stares at Nala, incredulous with the mention of her telling Nala to leave. “I’ve been hoping you’d come talk to me so we could, um, maybe not talk?” she blushes and laughs suddenly. “Why don’t we go back to not talking?” she asks, wrapping her arms around Nala’s shoulders to draw her closer to claim another kiss. Her leg hooks around to effectively pin Nala against her. Inaskashath nudges at Jynth’s shoulder, her pleasure a mixture of her own joy and Rori’s pleasure radiating into her. << Is it always like this? >> she asks the questions her rider may not want to ask, her curiouristy driving her to better understand what her rider feels as Rori’s hands seek to make their way underneath Nala’s shirt. << The wanting after you and me have mated? >>

“Because…” But wherever Nala’s objection or explanation may have been going, it’s not pressing enough to keep her from continuing, especially when Rori hooks her leg around her. She has no objection to Rori letting her hands roam where they may, but there’s an intensity to her focus that betrays it can be no spur of the moment idea that’s brought her to her. She’s quick about getting clothes to yield and allow her access to skin, a hand straying to catch up fabric and lift skirts to tease as she seeks to steal away what sounds she might elicit with lazy kisses she can’t appear to help but smile into. Jynth noses his way along Inaskashath’s neck, considering his response. He’s no liar, nor artful at deception, his answer measured in its honesty. << Only with Ryerith’s rider and yours. Not others. Not before. >> Nala? She’s too busy sinking down to her knees to realise the significance of what he’s shared.

“Yes…,” Rori’s lost in the heat of the moment, Nala’s fingers drawing forth the louder groans from Rori’s lips behind those telltale flickers of a smile. As Nala drifts lower, Rori’s hands seek to press against Nala’s cheek before she steadies herself by grasping gently at Nala’s hair. “Yes..,” she murmurs again before she loses herself to Nala’s touch. The other words that are drawn out are a mixture of pleadings and groans of pleasure, her head tipping back to the wall as she loses herself over the edge again and again. “Wait,” she manages, tugging gently at Nala’s hair to draw her focus upwards. “I want to go with you this time,” she tells Nala as she seeks to join her on the floor, hands and lips moving against flesh as she loses all sense of reason in her rush to draw pleasure from Nala and share more of herself in doing so. Inaskashath expects no deception from Jynth and takes his information thoughtfully into her care. << There has only been Akanyth’s. But it is different. She is more nervous about doing wrong with Akanyth’s. Maybe that is because Akanyth is a most unbecoming bronze and has taken himself to Fort where he can stay. >> She huffs her annoyance at having to talk about the bronze who often sought to create misery for her. << It is right for her? It seems right for Rori. >>

It takes the tugging at her hair for Nala to stop and look up at Rori, devotion in her dark gaze that might not have anything at all to do with Jynth’s nearness to Inaskashath. For an instant, she resists, too set on continuing to enjoy drawing pleasure from Rori to actively consider her own needs, yet she soon finds herself unable to cling to that thread of intent when Rori touches her. She’s not beyond doing some pleading of her own, mindless that they’re on the floor and more than willing to take of herself what she offers, Rori’s name on her lips loudly enough to ring through the weyr. Only when she wants to curl herself around her does the matter of the floor present itself as an issue, leading her to coax her towards bed and blankets with kisses and promises of having her beneath those blankets before morning. << Maybe they are not the right ones, >> Jynth hazards, guilt colouring his tone at having spoken ill of others. << She would not make those noises if it were not right for her. >>

Rori grabs hold of Nala’s hand and allows herself to be drawn to the bed and the blankets, the continouation of kisses drawing a delighted giggle from her. “Bedtime already?” she teases Nala, turning to flop back on the bed and burrow herself into the comfort of her silken sheets. She draws one corner of the sheet up, waiting for Nala to join her before she tucks them both in amongst the warmth offered from sheet and afghan blanket. She snuggles into Nala’s side, moving to rest her head on the bluerider’s shoulder as her fingers trace lazy lines along Nala’s skin. “I’ll get back to making you tea and I have some cake leftover from something I baked the other day. But I was wondering,” she shifts herself upwards, turning to look down at Nala, her hair rumpled and pressing against her cheeks in various places from their earlier exploits. “If you might do me a favor?” she brushes her fingers along Nala’s lips, smiling softly. “That you… visit again?” She lowers herself down to claim a soft kiss before she snuggles back against the warmth of Nala’s body. Inaskashath is contemplative with the guilt Jynth shares, not nearly as hesitant to share her truth with the blue – whether or not it is speaking rudely about one Fort’s leaders. << Rori does not press me to like Akanyth. If she still likes his rider that is okay with me. She is good for her too. >> She snuggles herself closer to Jynth, crooning at him, << Tell me a story? >>

“Well, I thought it was one way of keeping you from putting your clothes back on,” Nala confesses, words drawled as she joins Rori in bed and waits until she has the sheets as she wants them before curling her close in a flash of something faintly possessive. She doesn’t hold her so tightly as to stop her from shifting to look down at her, yet, just as when Jynth flew Inaskashath, a flicker of unease passes across her features when she finds herself being the one who has to look up. It’s there and gone in less than a moment, the closeness of Rori too distracting to allow anything else to capture her focus for too long. “Are you suggesting that I should not be intent on sitting in the Galleries with my hands beneath your skirts and only have you make those noises here?” As Rori settles down again, she moves to gently brush her hair away from her neck to touch her lips there, waiting until she’s found a spot that she’d like to bite and bruise, a satisfied hum rising from her chest. That Jynth does the very same to Inaskashath – for all that he is unlikely to leave a mark – cannot be coincidence, though he twines his tail tightly with hers and easily drifts to lulling her with a story told in the images that he finds so much easier than words.

Rori’s blush is hidden by her head being tucked against Nala’s shoulder, the image Nala’s comment presented making her press her face into Nala’s chest and laugh softly. “I’d be such an embarrassment to Honshu were I to allow that,” she confesses, her fingers moving further up along Nala’s ribcage. “It’d be hard to tell you no.” She gasps at the nip to her flesh, Inaskashath’s response a mirror of her own as she hums deep in her throat. “Is it,” Rori manages to ask, breathless with flashes of need and want from her and Inaskashath’s mind making her have a hard time focusing, “Supposed to be like this?” she asks the question Inaskashath had asked earlier, reaching for Nala’s hand to guide it lower so she can feel her want again. “I love Arlet,” she tells Nala, “and I miss her. I want her. But I feel almost crazy with how much I want you.” She burrows her face in Nala’s neck, nipping at flesh. “I’ve never felt this way before.”

“I find it difficult to believe that the Weyrlord has never entertained notions of having his Lady there while they are both chained to the Galleries,” Nala remarks, unable to resist twitching her fingers where Rori has guided her hand. Unlike Jynth, she has little trouble with bending the truth when she needs to, her silence as Rori nips at her neck one that could easily be as contemplative as owing to distracting. Ultimately, she surrenders the truth more as a matter of practicality than anything else. “It could be Inaskashath,” she murmurs, suddenly shifting to roll Rori beneath her, pinning her arms above her head with one of hers, while the other continues its attentions. “And if it is and it wears off… I will not expect anything of you. Jynth has caught a lot of greens and I only ever wanted Aislara after… until now. The one choice I made before him… it felt something like this. So, I know it does not have to her. But, equally, it could be.”

“It doesn’t matter who it is,” Rori pants out, squirming in delight beneath Nala, her eyes wide and luminous as they look up at the bluerider above her. “I want you now. I’ll want you later. I’ll want you always.” Her words fade away against the pleased moans that come to replace them, Nala’s movements reducing Rori to a pliant woman. Once she’s shuddered more than once and found release, she draws Nala back against her, wanting to curve herself firmly about Nala. Inaskashath’s lulled into silence by Jynth’s mental stories, her own body tightly tucked against his blue hide. Sleepily, Rori’s fingers seek Nala’s to curve around. “Who was before him?” she asks, kissing at Nala’s shoulder. “I had no one before Inaskashath. I chose Arlet before she flew, knowing she couldn’t be with us during it. I wasn’t prepared to close my doors like Aerishani does. And I’m glad I didn’t,” she kisses further along Nala’s neck, nibbling at her ear.

Nala can’t smother the satisfied smirk that surfaces when Rori finds release, letting go of her wrists to lounge down beside her and let her curl around her, tangling their legs together. “…There was a man,” she says slowly, her eyes gone a little distant, though she tips her head back to encourage Rori and her kisses. “We were… together for a time. And then we were not. I thought I… loved him. Looking back… I am not entirely certain anymore. Some days, I believe I did, but others…” She twitches a shoulder. “I don’t like to think on it much. Jynth chose me. He saved me. It is all that matters.” Catching her fingers in Rori’s hair, she lowers her mouth to hers to catch a kiss before tightening both arms around her. “Maybe nobody is ever again the person they were before Impression.”

“I like the person I became after Inaskashath chose me. I hope I can continue to grow into a rider she can be proud of. I don’t often feel like I will be, not when I look at Aerishani, and know how much I have to learn.” Rori rises then, squirming her way out from Nala’s embrace to stand. She abandons any need to hide her nudity, her hand reaching out to draw Nala with her. “My bath is nothing luxurious. But it will fit us both. Let me clean you up,” she moves in closer, hugging Nala’s arm as she guides her towards her bathing chamber. “Then I will give you tea and cake.” The bath takes longer than a quick scrub would provide, Rori finding new interest in her own exploration of Nala’s body and what her touch can do to the bluerider. Once they are both clean, Rori wraps Nala up in one of her fluffy bathrobes, intent on keeping her overnight if the bluerider will stay. Tea and cake is indeed consumed, stories and laughter shared, Rori’s delight in having someone at her kitchen table again evident in the ease of her smile and laughter. How the rest of the days turn out will have to be discovered anew – Inaskashath’s claim on Jynth largely known and how her rider chooses to spend her free time casually noted upon by the gossips of the Weyrhold.

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