Who: Arlet, Akemi, Rori, Akanyth, Maozheth, Inaskashath
When: Month 1, 203 AT
Where: Silverfield Hold, Honshu Territory
What: Inquiring after Kyramith’s rider doesn’t go well.

It takes a little longer than expected for Arlet to be willing to make that journey to Silverfield to ask after the woman who is her mother. In-fact, she sticks her head in the sand for a good week and more, addressing the subject only when Rori brings it up and only finally agreeing that they should go and visit when it really can’t be reasonably avoided any longer. Akanyth has few qualms about it, determined only that Arlet is //his//, no matter what they might find out and who they might eventually go and meet, set on not letting her from his sight if and when they find her mother. Having delivered Arlet down into Silverfield’s courtyard, he launches himself for the Hold’s fireheights, paying Yukijiath the same mind as if she were a queen – that is to say, with a grudging respect and cool distance. “…What if she doesn’t want to tell me anything?” is the last doubt on Arlet’s lips before the Hold is entered and the whereabouts of Lady Akemi sought.

Inaskashath is determined to make Akanyth wish //he// were the one she was paying attention to as she basks in the nearest field with Maozheth, delighted (and broadcasting that delight) by his playful fireworks and child-like chatter. See, Akanyth? Not all males are stuffy and boring. Rori reaches for Arlet’s hand, keeping it in her smooth grasp as the pair of them make their way into the Hold. It seems like a blur – one moment the goldrider and Arlet are asking after Lady Akemi, the next sees Rori ushered off by a servant to go and have a talk with Zinovia. She gives Arlet a hug before she goes, trying to leave some comfort behind as she heads out of the study where Akemi sits and reads a book. “How might I help you?” the bluerider asks Arlet, seemingly coolly indifferent to the unannounced visit from Honshu’s riders.

No matter his part in this, Maozheth is still a blue and thus beneath Akanyth’s notice, though he does find more than a measure of amusement in Inaskashath’s fawning over him and chooses to needle at her every now and then with the idea of a cartoon Maozheth desperately trying to keep up with her in flight. Arlet looks back at the door when it closes behind her, more glancing back at where Rori was than anything else, yet rather than settle for standing in silence like a fool, she gets right to it before she can think too long about anything. “Inaskashath says that your Maozheth knows a green dragon called Kyramith,” she presents, hands clasped behind her back. “I need to know where I can find her. Find her rider. She doesn’t live in any Weyr I’ve visited and you’re the only one we’ve found whose dragon knows her name.”

Akemi’s face grows pale at the mention of the green dragon. Her eyes sharpen and she sits up, fingers tightening on the edge of the table as her lips thin into a grimace. “Maozheth should not have shared such things so flippantly with Inaskashath,” her tone is flat and it’s clear there’s anger lacing her words. In that field, Maozheth bows down in the long grass and pulls his mental fireworks away from Inaskashath. He’s in trouble now. Akemi takes a measured breath and lets it out on the heels of a curse-word. “Why do you want to meet her?” she looks back to Arlet. “As far as I know, they don’t call any Weyr a home. All I know of her is that…,” she hesitates, tucking in a lie, “I found her through a man at a bar further out from here and Honshu. I imagine you could arrange to meet her this way, if that’s what you’re after.”

“Dragons don’t follow the same rules that we do,” is all Arlet tries to supply in Maozheth’s defence, which earns her a distant snort from Akanyth, who cannot help but revel in the blue’s reaction to what his rider has told hers. Both brows lift, her features beginning to take on an edge of distaste as she hears where Akemi found Kyramith’s rider and evidently reaches a conclusion that she’s not too fond of. “…Are you saying that she…” She looks down at the floor, blushing at what embarrassment she must take on for being connected to such a woman as she’s assuming. “I’m not… here to judge. Lady Silverfield must have… with someone else… to get with child. But… are you saying that she’s… hired out… by this man?” On the heels of that, she hastens to add, “I’m not after //that//. I just need to find her.”

Akemi blinks once or twice, her brows knitting in confusion as she tries to take in Arlet’s embarrassed behavior. When she realizes the implication, she bursts out. “No! Goodness, no. No!” It’s her turn to blush a rich scarlet as she clears her throat. “I’d //never//,” she seems to need to explain, “seek that out. I, no, just… no.” She shakes her head vehemently and looks up at the ceiling as she tries to catch her racing thoughts and settle into a steadier pattern of thinking. “She’s someone that can smuggle goods in and out of places, but isn’t someone you go and find on your own. The gentlemen will help get her a letter asking to meet her,” she decides upon that line of thought, not wanting to link her reason to seeking out an assassins with one of Honshu’s own riders.

Arlet just tries to look at anywhere and anything but Akemi for a little while, that is until she can clear her throat and supply her with an awkward, “Sorry,” to go with a twitch of her shoulders. “So… um… Could your Maozheth give Akanyth an image we could use to get there? Do you know the name of the man I need to talk to or is everything done on sight?” She claps her hands behind her back again. “We’re not going to go right away or anything, but anything you think that I’ll need to know would be really useful. It sounds like it might be the kind of thing I’ll only get one shot at… and if he doesn’t want to talk to me or won’t tell her about me, then–“ As her words run out, Arlet’s expression crumples before she can better control herself. “…I guess… I don’t know what I’ll do…” she has to admit, her voice barely audible.

“Why are you looking for Kyramith’s rider?” Akemi asks, looking shrewdly at Arlet. “I don’t know the man’s name,” she doesn’t mean to sound as hostile as she does, “Why would I have asked him his name? I was trying to find someone to help me do something illegal!” She puffs out a breath and reaches around her desk to try and find something for her hands to do. She’s mid-swipe for a piece of paper she’s not even looking at when she hears a shift in Arlet’s tone. Akemi looks up and catches the crumpling of the brownrider’s face. “If you want to tell me the why of your reason, I can figure out a way to get a hold of her for you and arrange for you both to meet. But I can’t do that blindly. Kyramith’s rider is not… someone you want to upset by wasting their time.”

“Why wouldn’t you ask his name?” Arlet demands, firing the words back without giving herself the time to think them through. “Even a fake name could have proved useful! How could you //not// ask someone’s name?” Irritated now, she folds her arms across her chest and snaps out, “She’s my mother,” and, “but if you don’t want to help me, then that’s just fine. I can’t say that I’ll leap to help Silverfield whenever duty sends me here, though I suppose I’ll spend a few days wondering just what illegal thing it was that you felt you needed assistance with.” She unknots her arms just as quickly as she folded them, her gesture a vague exclamation of frustration. “I don’t know who you’re afraid of, whether it’s her or him, or whether it’ll have to be fear of me telling someone, but I don’t really care, because if you can help someone then you //should//.”

Akemi rises from behind her desk in a snap decision, moving across the room to brush past Arlet and open the door. There’s a hardness in her face that wasn’t there a moment ago. “You do not throw threats at me about not coming to Silverfield’s aid,” she tells the brownrider hotly, “You had best rethink that statement and apologize to my Lady for even //thinking// of putting her and our people at risk because you’re a petulant child.” She holds the door open. “Leave. I’ll contact you once I’ve arranged her to meet you. But I don’t have to pretend to be civil with you any longer.” The fact that Kyramith’s rider is Arlet’s mother is not something Akemi immediately cares to think about – though she’ll consider her actions and the exchange of words she had with the girl late at night when she lays awake, worrying about the path she’s gone down.

“Really? I’d be more worried about my telling your Lady about your illegal activities, but if you’d really like me to see her…” For just a moment, there’s definitely something of Kyramith’s rider about Arlet, though without the practice or fury so close to the surface to make her statement anything more than a calculated threat. “I’ll see myself out,” is all else she spares Akemi as she passes through the doorway, headed back the way she was escorted without any need for someone to tell her the way. There’s no telling whether it’s Arlet’s encouragement or Akanyth’s own devious choice that has the brown dragging dark, shadowy claws at the perimeter of Maozheth’s mental presence just as they leave, yet the howling laughter is definitely of his own, delighted volition. Hopefully, Inaskashath doesn’t hear it.

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