Who: Zinovia, Akemi, Yukijiath, Maozheth
When: Month 13, 202 AT
Where: Silverfield Hold, Honshu Territory
What: Yukijiath rises for her second flight. Zinovia has an idea.

With her maiden flight some months behind her, it isn’t all that long before Yukijiath starts to glow again, the influence of a green enough to press at some of Silverfield’s residents who have never had much cause to be near dragons. It’s led to some embarrassing incidents already, people seen taking quite public risks that they’d usually never dream of, and as Yukijiath glows ever brighter even the Hold’s Lady is no exception. At least her affections have only the one target – which cannot be said of everyone else – and while she prowls the Hold in search of her wife, her lifemate slips down from her sunny perch and into the pen that keeps the beasts meant for her and Maozheth separate from the animals destined for breeding or the table. << Are you going to catch me? >> Yukijiath calls, her words meant only for Maozheth, yet she delights too much in spilling blood, skewing her focus so that her sultry voice drifts over every remotely sensitive mind in the Hold.

Not all of the residents at Silverfield seem bothered by the more amorous nature of their partners (or newly found love), Akio has enjoyed the attention of “new blood” more than most. Akemi has had more than a few conversations with her twin, trying her best to explain the part of Yukijiath and to try and quell his behavior out of embarrassment. That she’s been on the receiving end of her wife’s attention has not given her much room to try and do much else but enjoy the proddiness of Zinovia. Today Akemi has stationed herself down at the stables, trying to soothe her own rising irritations of Maozheth’s impatience by grooming her horses. She’s nearly done with Old Man’s mane, having braided it to match her own braids that Zinovia is always quick to plait into her hair. Maozheth’s pull to the feeding grounds sharpens Akemi’s senses as the blue lands on top of a beast and slashes it’s neck with a fierce bite and fling that throws the head in the opposite direction. He laps at the spurting blood with a fierce focus on Yukijiath. << I will be the only one to catch you >> he tells her, the spark-fizz of the end of a firework being lit building him up for the chase.

By the time Zinovia reaches the stables, she has more than a little of Yukijiath’s darker side colouring both her thoughts and impulses to go with the cocktail of hormones she’s subjected to, the idea that Akemi might have things other than her to focus on something that simply doesn’t cross her mind. Once she’s in her sights, she won’t be deterred, lunging for her to hook fingers into fabric at her waist. “You have five seconds to decide if I have you here or in our bed, but I //am// going to have you,” she tells her, low and predatory. << I will remind you that you said so in the years ahead, >> Yukijiath claims, whether or not she has any real chance of remembering for long enough to even get Zinovia to remember for her. She splashes her way quite happily through the puddles of blood she’s left at her paws, dragging down another beast just for the crunch and shriek of its last moments, only a half-hearted interest taken in draining any blood from it. Maozheth is given no warning when she launches for the skies, kicking up mud and blood in her wake as she pushes to swiftly put distance between herself and the ground.

Akemi reaches for Zinovia’s hand and gently removes it from the fabric she’s clutching. “We don’t need our people seeing us here,” she tells the greenrider softly. Her fingers tighten against Zinovia’s as she hurriedly hauls her out of the stables. She hails one of the apprentice beastcrafters and tells him to put Old Man away without giving an explanation. They’ll find the safety of their bedroom (and a locked door) right as Yukijiath launches herself into the sky. Maozheth launches himself after Yukijiath, a dismembered, entrail spilling, herdbeast still in his clutches as he flies after her. He waits until they are far enough outside the pen and he has enough height to drop the ‘leftovers’, nudging at Yukijiath’s mind so she can //watch// the satisfying splatter of the creature’s impact on the ground. He has risen for no other green aside from her and without the competition of older and stronger males around him, he delights in the chase of Yukijiath, taking his time as he plies her with mental images meant to entice and distract her enough for him to capture her later.

If only because Akemi leads and she needs to be close to her, Zinovia follows obediently and rather blindly, her mind more in the skies than on the ground and her steps weaving a little. It means that any who happen to catch sight of her on the journey get a good look at her following along in a lovesick fashion, but she notices no-one but Akemi, half-tripping over her skirts to keep up. With the door finally locked behind them, she finds no need to keep her hands off her, unwilling to bother with the heavier fabric and lacings of her own clothing when she finds it much quicker to tug at and get inside her wife’s, pushing her back against the wall while she claims kisses. Outside, a stablehand observes the carcass hitting the ground with an aghast expression, while Yukijiath only gives a roar of delight and spins herself through loops up through the clouds. She lets the images that Maozheth shares draw her focus every now and then, yet it’s as her exertions begin to catch up with her and her wings start to ache that she finds them more interesting than forcing herself to keep driving higher, drifting now rather than truly flying.

Akemi lets Zinovia take the lead on the how and what once that door is locked behind them. She’s slowly being drawn upwards with Maozheth, her unease of the sensation of being so with //him// keeping her from tugging at Zinovia’s clothes herself. She gasps at one point, shocked back into her body, long enough to grab for Zinovia like she was drowning. “Take me to bed,” she tells her raspily. Maozheth’s mind is a riot of colors, the flash and spark of fireworks against a darkened sky. BOOM! Crackle, fizz. BOOM! Crackle, fizz. He chases after Yukijiath like a cat chasing a dangling toy, his momentum steady as he admires her in those clouds. He waits until it’s clear that she’s drifting before he swoops up to close the distance between them. He hovers above her, his arms reaching, but not touching << May I? >> he asks of her, and waits until she accepts him before he twines his body firmly with hers. Akemi has the echos of Maozheth’s mind in hers as she asks Zinovia a similar question, “May I?” before her lips and fingers draw her to silence as she seeks to please her wife.

Zinovia just about hears Akemi mention the bed, but it takes her a few moments to process it and consider thinking beyond anything that doesn’t involve tracing her lips down her neck and across her collarbone, pulling fabric out of the way where she can’t immediately figure out how to get rid of it. She pushes away from the wall, kicking with one foot to propel her backwards and tug Akemi with her, backing up and up until she finds the food of the bed and does nothing more dignified than simply fall onto it, scrambling back until she’s too much Yukijiath and less interested in capturing than being captured. While Yukijiath pauses, considering more that she’s been asked than pondering the outcome, hovering between one wingbeat and the next, a hazy Zinovia reaches for Akemi and murmurs, “Please,” plainly not beyond begging, as she did when that first flight went so wrong. It’s a sentiment echoed by her lifemate, green twining tight with blue for a fall from a height that will surely have Silverfield welcoming more than one new baby in the next year.

Maozheth’s mind is a riot of colors and explosions, fireworks echoing out into the darkness as he takes Yukijiath safely to the ground. He does not have to protect her from any other and so he settles them comfortably near one of the wheat fields, on full display to the residents of Silverfield. He curls himself around her, wing draped over her to shield her from view. He’s got one last gift for her, an image of that broken body he’d tossed to the ground, the white of bones stark against the red of blood. << Love you >> he purrs, letting the exhaustion drag him towards sleep. Akemi’s not //there//, it’s a blur of wings and hands, as she kisses and coaxes and takes over the dominance of the bedroom. As it was with Maozheth, so it is with her, she is a tender lover, joyous in her wife’s pleasure. When the dragons land on the ground, Akemi finds herself wiping tears that escape her eyes as she rests with her head on Zinovia’s chest. The trickle of her tears will betray her as she’s silent, her shuddering explained away by exertion.

<< My love. >> Yukijiath’s voice takes on the same purring tones as she curls herself in against Maozheth and tucks herself beneath his wing, delighting in taking that image and manipulating it just enough to make bones neatly snap a gruesome lullaby as she follows him down into sleep. As her lifemate’s mind drifts just distant enough from her own for her to separate paws from hands and field from bedroom, Zinova blinks back some focus to her gaze, the fingers that have been idly roaming across Akemi’s shoulder blades pausing only for a fraction of a moment when the sensation finally registers. She closes her eyes again, ducking her head down a little to brush her lips to the top of her head. “What’s wrong?” she asks quietly, the words tentative ones that betray a measure of fear for what answer she might receive.

“I’m just… so happy,” Akemi says, brushing her fingers against her cheeks to stop the tears that keep flowing. “And I’m crying,” she makes a noise that comes across as a strangled sort of laugh, her eyes closing as she burrows her face against Zinovia’s shoulder. “I don’t deserve you or any of this,” she tells her, “this… lovely Hold of yours, your people, your kindness,” she sniffles, trying to get a hold of herself. “And that… that was so magical. You, and me, Yukijiath and Maozheth.” She curls her arm about Zinovia and snuggles in closer, wanting to curl with her wife as her dragon curls with hers. “We’ll prove it to you. That we’re worthy of your love.” She presses her lips against Zinovia’s arm. “I promise. And we’ll take good care of the future generation. A good, healthy, happy family.” She lifts up then, smiling through her teary-eyes as she makes eye contact with Zinovia. “You’ll have to guide me on all of that. I don’t want to raise our children like I was raised. But, if you like, maybe Akio can be an uncle?”

Zinovia’s sigh of relief is audible, the few notes of pleased laughter that follow lost in how she moves to accommodate what Akemi wishes, letting her curl her around her and get comfortable before she relaxes against her and tangles their legs together. “You don’t have to prove anything to us,” she insists, looking up to meet Akemi’s gaze. “How could you not deserve to be loved and respected? If your family made you feel like that, you had better hope we don’t cross paths. I don’t think that anything I have to say to them would be befitting a Lady or a greenrider.” She reaches up to tug her down a little and steal a kiss. “This baby is yours as well as mine. Of course Akio is their uncle.” And yet something makes her falter there, a flash of guilt or concern possessing her features. “…I thought… maybe… if you…” She starts again. “I have to have another one pretty soon after this one… The closest thing to us having a child of our blood would be… for him and I to… for him to be the one I… ask…”

“As Lady Holder you have clear value,” Akemi tries to explain, lifting her hands above her and stretching her fingers towards the ceiling. “As a girl of a trader caravan, I had the same expectations of marriage and child-rearing. Only, I wouldn’t be cherished for it. I see how your people look at you,” she offers shyly, lowering her hands as she tilts her face to look at Zinovia. “That’s earned adoration. You’re good to your people.” Akemi goes completely still at Zinovia’s next statement, digesting the reality she once again has to face – //she// can never directly help produce the heirs that are Zinovia’s burden to bear. A flash of a dagger plays across her face and causes her to shudder, the stillness shaken off as she lifts up on her elbow to look seriously at Zinovia. “Anyone is better than that broken bastard,” she grinds out, “My brother would be kind.” Something hardens in her gaze. “And if he weren’t, I’d kill him myself.”

“We’re all good to each other,” Zinovia murmurs, reaching with one hand to gently toy with the end of one of Akemi’s braids. “…I didn’t want to spring the idea on you later,” she says quietly. “And I don’t want to do it at all if you’d prefer not. It isn’t as if I’d treat any of our children differently because of where they came from. If you want to bear children, I’d think of them as mine too. They’d not have anything less from me just for not being of my body.” She makes to draw the sheets up from the foot of the bed, settling fabric over them as high as their middles. “We don’t have to sort out anything yet. And you certainly don’t need to think about killing your brother.” Her lips twitch with a tiny smirk. “It would be most inconvenient if the Harpers had to haul my wife away into exile.”

“Remember when you met me how I was passing as a boy? I enjoyed that lifestyle very much. Maozheth made me comfortable with the //who// of me… but that person is not someone who would want to carry a child. I hope you understand. It feels… wrong,” Akemi shakes her head, pulling the braid from Zinovia’s fingers in the gesture. She leans forward to press kisses along Zinovia’s neck and down along her collarbone. “I’d hire someone else to kill him then,” she mutters, nippnig playfully at Zinovia’s ears. “Let’s leave him out of our bedroom talk, my love,” she murmurs against Zinovia’s ear as her hands begin to wander along the greenrider’s body. “I’m feeling more myself now,” she runs her tongue along the dip between Zinovia’s collarbones. “And I want you all to myself for as long as I have a good excuse to keep you in this bed.”

“I understand. I just didn’t want you thinking that you couldn’t, just because I have to.” If Zinovia has anything else to say, she doesn’t manage it or is merely unwilling to divert the attention to try, finding it far too easy to let Akemi’s lips distract her and steal away her ability to speak. She submits without a second thought, a pleased hum her only vocal response until she can’t stop the other sounds that follow. At least Silverfield’s staff have the sense to leave the two of them well enough alone for the span of hours when they have no care to think of anything but each other, Zinovia quick to pin her wife to bed and keep her from escaping it until they’re both too tired to do anything but curl up together to sleep and wait for Yukijiath and Maozheth to demonstrate any interest in moving themselves. And if no-one really moves far until the following morning, there’s no-one that really minds.

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