The Twins

The Twins

Who: Aerishani, O’rlen, Amorenth, Roreliuth, Ansen, Aronne
When: Month 12, 202 AT
Where: Infirmary, Honshu Weyrhold
What: The Weyrleaders’ baby sons arrive.

If there was a soul who knew exactly when Aerishani went into labour, there certainly wasn’t one who didn’t know the Weyrlady was in labour when only a few hours had passed, for Amorenth was not pleasant company for any – and not even Roreliuth beyond the confines of their weyr (when she could stay still enough to linger in the wallow). She’s swung from poking at her mate with accusations of it being all //his// fault – or his rider’s fault – that Aerishani is in pain, to threatening to bring down the whole Weyrhold if anything to happens to her, to fretting that her rider is too tired to see the whole affair through. Aerishani herself doesn’t make much of the whole thing, taking the pain and letting Amorenth shoulder what of it that she chooses, only very openly afraid every so often when the reality of there being //two// when she hasn’t ever birthed //one// hits her. Still, they are two that //live//, as she does she, two boys, as predicted by O’rlen and Amorenth to the extent that Aerishani has been unable to think of them as anything else. They have a room in the infirmary to themselves, and by the time the Healers vacate the place, she’s looking both besotted, exhausted and rather overwhelmed.

Roreliuth has taken all of Amorenth’s moods in stride and spoken to any of those dragons most affected by the senior queen’s moods to give her space. << The babes come >> he lets the news drift on an autumn breeze, as pleased by the birth of his rider’s children as he has been of his own. O’rlen’s witnessed many births from his craft but none of the human nature and none that hold such importance to him on the safety of the mother and the children to be born. He’s kept himself out of the way as much as possible, present when needed, and a strong hand for Aerishani to hold as she pushed his two sons into the world. He’s not nearly exhausted as Aerishani, though he matches her in feeling overwhelmed. He’s got one of their sons draped across his chest as he sits on a chair, a soft blanket tossed over the newborn to keep any chill out as they have skin to skin contact. He watches the Healer’s go with an eye of //where// in case they need to call them back. He shifts his gaze from his son to Aerishani and offers her yet another tired, radiant, smile. “You’re amazing. They are amazing. How wonderful to have two sons!” he kisses the top of the newborn’s head. “And they smell so… //good//. I didn’t realize babes could smell so appealing.”

“I expect you to be just as pleased if I ever end up giving you two daughters,” Aerishani teases around a yawn that the baby in her arms echoes before snuggling back down against her, his tiny form cradled over her heart. “They’re probably supposed to be cute and appealing so that we don’t panic at what we’ve got ourselves into and decide to run off,” is delivered in the same dry tone that speaks a little too much of just how tired she is. She can’t help but let a ripple of low laughter escape as she says, “Please don’t go thinking about any daughters for at least a few months,” and runs gentle fingers over the fluffy auburn of their son’s hair. “I think his is darker,” she hazards of the baby O’rlen holds, tilting her head a little as she glances between the red-headed boys, one seeming to have darker undertones than the other. “Maybe they’re not identical.”

“I’ll get two daughters next?” O’rlen’s clearly teasing but there’s that hopeful light he can’t quite hide from his eyes. “I like the idea of us having a horde of children.” His enthusiasm is easily subdued by her announcement. “I figure we should space them out by a few years, don’t you? You don’t need to be barefoot and pregnant… all the time. Though,” he cautions, grinning at her, “we’ll have to be more diligent about Betweening.” He looks down at the little boy in his arms and smiles at her. “What names did you have in mind for them? Identical or not, they’ll always have each other. I’m happy for them.”

“If my body decides that it only wants to bring children into the world in twos, you might get those daughters sooner than you think,” Aerishani replies, resting a little more heavily back against the pillows that support her. “I didn’t suffer some of the more awful things that you hear women talk about when carrying these two,” she quietly considers. “Maybe I’ll change my mind after a few weeks of no sleep and endless feedings,” and that she does sound daunted by, “but… I think I’m happy with letting nature take its course. What happens, happens. I’ve a feeling it won’t be so long before Amorenth rises again, besides.” As for names for their children, she looks between the sleeping boys another time and confesses, “I never did think of any names for girls,” in rueful tones. “I liked Ansen and Aronne. I don’t know who is who, though.” That, she seems prepared to leave to O’rlen, provided he likes the names.

“Ansen’s the one you’ve got,” O’rlen declares with absolutely no hesitation, “And this one’s Aronne. I’m sure by the time they are old enough they’ll do their best to try and confuse everyone, including us, who is who.” He kisses the top of his son’s head again and smiles at Aerishani. “Next time we’ll manifest girls, won’t we? By believing it to be true without considering other options.” He leans back in his chair and kicks his long legs up and rests his feet on the edge of the bed Aerishani is occupying. He slouches back enough to get himself and Aronne comfortable on his chest. “We’ll be hiring a nanny,” he tells Aerishani in that sure way of his, “because that’s the only thing that makes the most sense. I’ll be interested to see how Mersia does covering for you while you recover. With C’aol out and injured, I’ll have to see if Riel wants to step up. Perhaps it’s time that I start letting other people stretch into roles. I’ll have to see how they all feel about it. But we’re off for a good two weeks, and likely longer for you, right love?” he questions, looking up at Aerishani. “How long did the Healers tell you to rest and focus on the boys?”

Aerishani looks down at Ansen and softly murmurs his name as she soothes her fingers along his back, though the gaze she lifts to O’rlen when he mentions a nanny has some lingering edge of whatever primal instinct has seen her through much of the last few hours before she can think to try and conceal it, disgruntled even as she easily accepts the reality of things. Then, it could just as simply be mention of C’aol that does it. “I don’t want that man around our children,” is what she chooses to assign it to. “He might never recover enough to serve as Weyrsecond. It might be… prudent to look at other options for the role. Choosing Riel, I think, would send the right message to Fort and Telgar. We won’t be scared back into hidebound thinking.” She wrinkles her nose, plainly considering whether to speak the truth or not about what the Healers have told her, but then she glances between Ansen and Aronne again and confesses, “I’m not to consider full duties again for at least a month. They said it’s difficult enough with one, but if I’m not well then they won’t be well. Rushing back would be bad for all of us.”

“Plenty of time to consider what needs to be done another day,” O’rlen says aloud, realizing the direction of his thought and the impact it had on their mood. He smiles at Aerishani, moving to shift Aronne against his chest again. “Let’s remember that we’re a family first, my lovely wife. The rest of it all, is second. Even if our dragons don’t always agree with that approach, as Roreliuth is reminding me already of not forgetting our duties to our people.” He rolls his eyes, fondness clear in his tone as he shares his bronze’s input with Aerishani. He directs the conversation towards more light-hearted things and as he notices the fatigue dragging on Aerishani, he lowers his voice and begins to tell a story about his childhood to lull her to sleep while the twins continue to rest from their big entry into the world. Roreliuth finds Amorenth some time later, brushing his nose along her neck and shoulders before he curls around her. His mind is cool and crisp, the scent of lush soil after a light rain sparking his words. << We are lucky, you and I, to have such riders to tend to us. >>

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