No Accident

No Accident

Who: Jet and Akemi
When: Month 8, 202 AT
Where: Unknown
What: Jet meets with a client.

Akemi had met with the representative three times now in the dingy backwater bar she found through word of mouth to locate a group of people who have supposed interest in being paid to do… less than legal things. She’s made it clear that she’s seeking violence and it’s violence that’s been commissioned. Payment has been made, with further payment promised after the initial meeting with the contracted person, and then a final payment upon completion. Maozheth may not understand the full extent of what Akemi is setting out to do, all he knows is that she is keeping it from Zinovia and he is keeping it from Yukijiath. He arrives at the meeting place in a flurry of wings, having come from Between some distance off and flown straight for Akemi to consider any possible ambushes. He lands with a thump on the ground and emits a low throated hiss of warning to any who may be nearby. Akemi’s dressed as she used to do – her clothes sharply manly, her hair is slicked back and up in a faux-hawk of a style, and her demeanor is pure masculine energy as she awaits beside her blue’s forearm for the arrival of their ‘guest’.

There’s no sign of Kyramith when Jet emerges from the cover she’s adopted some way off, only Blaze and Inferno resting heavy on her shoulders, the latter spewing a lick of flame up into the air as the greenrider approaches – not that she bears any identification that could mark her as such. As is standard for ventures beyond the Hold, she has her sword at her side, along with daggers visible, whether they or the firelizards would be quicker in the end. “You’re the one with a bronzerider problem, I take it?” she drawls once she’s within hearing range. “Then, I know a lot of green and blueriders with bronzerider problems. Seems the ones who Impress and don’t grow to believe they’re Faranth’s gift to the world are few and far between.” She smirks, rocking back on her heels as she reaches a stop. “Not enough of them Between for my liking, in-fact.”

Akemi did not know who to expect and the sight of Jet as she crosses the distance between them and her flaming bronze firelizards gives her reason to take care with her words. She shoves her hands in her pockets, rolling her shoulders briefly to relieve tension there. “The problem is he’s a sadist who enjoys torturing women,” she tells Jet, keeping her voice low-pitched and gravely. “I’m tired of letting it go unchecked. The leaders who should be in charge of him do nothing.” She clenches her fist inside her jacket. “And were I to do something myself it would cause issue between Hold and Weyr.” She offers Jet a thin-lipped smile, some hidden anger sparking in her gaze. “I went looking for someone qualified to do damage. You came highly recommended.” She looks up at Maozheth who keeps his gaze fixed on the woman and her ‘crew’ with swirling yellow of uncertainty. “I’d love for you to send him Between and his sharding dragon,” she shakes her head, “but that would not be wise. Do you have something to suggest?”

Jet folds her arms, giving a shrug of one shoulder that sends Blaze into the air to watch for any who might stray too near, while Inferno stays firmly in place, yellow-orange gaze fixed on Akemi. “Before we go any further, when you say torturing women… If you’re suggesting that he forces himself on them, I can’t guarantee setting eyes on him and letting him live.” At least she’s honest. “Otherwise… It depends whether you want him frightened or you want him left with reminders that he’s mortal. I have arrows that will go cleanly in, but need professional assistance in extracting. He wouldn’t bleed to death unless he decides to rip them out, taking muscle and flesh with them.” She makes a swirling motion with one finger to suggest the shape of the arrow heads. “If you just want him hurt, I won’t hit anything vital.” And yet, Inferno’s gaze spins red as she declares, “But if he’s a rapist and you reveal his name, he’s dead.” Payment or not, it would seem.

Akemi’s gaze hardens at the mention of forcing women. “For dragonrider’s, you can have no choice when it comes to who has won the flight. He takes his liberties there. Is that rape? Not necessarily. But the marks he leaves on my wife..,” she hisses, “I would have him dead for it. But she wouldn’t understand, they’re bound in some Holder fashion, and there’s nothing to be done about it.” She clacks her teeth together to steele her loose lips and removes her hands to rub knuckles against her jawline. “I want him seriously injured. To a point where… it would be too hard for him to have sex.” Akemi pauses, keeping her eyes on Jet. “If you happen to tell him that were he to maim a woman //again// that you’d kill him? I’d pay you extra for him to have that fear.”

Looking Akemi up and down, Jet supposes, “There’s little to be argued if your wife is suffering at the hands of another because she believes a Holder’s ways are not to be questioned.” And still, flatly, she insists, “If she’s letting him treat her as you say because she thinks she ought to and not because she wants to? That’s still…” The word they’ve already used, but can’t seem to bring herself to dredge up again, her features an icy contrast to Inferno’s more heated and evident threats. “I could keep him down for at least six months, depending on the skill of the healers who tend to him. The lasting effects of the damage… I imagine discomfort for at least a year. Whether he’d be willing to… deal with the pain and get on with matters, I cannot judge.” The smile that curls at one edge of her mouth is not a pleasant one. “I can tell him whatever you like and take your money regardless, but it’s no guarantee of fear.”

Akemi steps forward, holding out the sack of money she had brought with her for payment. “Then do your worst by him,” she tells Jet without any qualms. “If it leads to his death, so long as it’s not linked back to a contract hire, I don’t care.” She steps back once the money has transferred hands, moving back to Maozheth’s side swiftly. “How will you signal to me it’s done?” she asks, once her hand rests on Maozheth’s shoulder as she looks to Jet expectantly. “I can leave payment with you once I know he’s in the care of a healer.” She inhales a breath and lets out sharply. “If you can make it look like an accident, or something that isn’t easily traced back to your line of work, would help me immensely. If my wife were to not suspect my hand in this… the better. I’ll pay extra for that.” She waits for Jet’s answer, lips thinly pressed together.

Jet doesn’t hesitate to take the money, enough faith placed in Inferno that she sends him Between with it shortly after she’s opened up the sack to take a look at the contents. “’Contract hire’. You make it sound so clinical. Are you sure you know what you’re in for?” Still, she waits not for an answer, insisting, “So many arrows will never be an accident, bluerider. Remember that. No-one will think he was mistaken for wild game. There’s no reason anyone should suspect you were involved at all, unless you play the same hand you’ve played with me. I hope you’re better at concealing your feelings from your wife.” Something there makes her hesitate, her voice softening only marginally when she declares, “And I hope you’re not.” Drawing herself up, she draws her sword too. “I expect information on the target tomorrow, by firelizard. I’ll signal you in the same fashion when it’s done. You have twenty-four hours from the time you give the final intel to call it off. After that, nothing will stop me.” She lifts her sword, looking squarely at Maozheth when she says, “You reveal anything about this to anyone and you share your target’s fate,” even though she speaks to Akemi. “Go.”

Akemi takes the criticism in stride, not feeding it with further quips from her – Jet’s words are not wrong. “It’ll be delivered,” she tells Jet, “and Maozheth will disclose nothing. We know how to be discreet.” She moves up Maozheth’s arm then, swiftly buckling herself into straps and sending him into the sky above them. She takes some time to put distance between the field and the woman she’s paid for blood before she bids him Between. It will be some hours before she returns to Silverfield, needing time to hide away the interaction from her mind and coaching Maozheth into similar secrecy. The next day, as agreed upon, the firelizard delivers the note for the person Akemi has paid to maim. C’aol, bronzerider of Honshu Weyrhold. That it is delivered at first light shows Akemi’s resolve in the choice she has made. Whatever the outcome, the contract has been signed and paid for. Clinical or not, Akemi’s sought a solution she hopes will have the power to effect change she couldn’t on her own.

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