Let Him Walk

Let Him Walk

Who: Jet, M’tan, Kyramith, Sirhyth
When: Month 9, 202 AT
Where: Court of Shadows, Honshu Territory
What: Jet has regrets. Just not the ones you’d think.

Though she has never hesitated to move through the Hold proper following some of the less than pleasant tasks that she takes on, it’s after Jet has left C’aol //alive// that she finds herself too full of fury and other, conflicting, emotions that she doesn’t dare brave stepping through the doors, instead seeking shelter with Kyramith in the building that belongs to green and bronze. They’ve left the double doors slightly ajar to let whispers of the spring breeze through and into the darkness beyond, lights and cooling unit left off for the time being. Inside, Jet sits curled up between her lifemate’s forearms, cloak still wrapped around her, though its hood has been pulled down, her sword held firmly beneath one green paw. Blaze and Inferno have taken up perches on Kyramith’s shoulder, though the young queen they’ve claimed as theirs and is, as yet, too young for all that will be expected of her, lies in the crook of Jet’s folded arms.

Sirhyth’s wings beat the air roughly outside of the doors as he lands, his landing long practiced and unhurried. He gives his wings an ample stretch upwards and flaps them once before refolding them. He shakes his head and a shiver runs down his body, ending with a flick of his tail before he awaits M’tan’s removal of his straps. His rider is unhurried, not knowing that his mate is within the building beyond him. He hauls the straps to his shoulders and walks in ahead of Sirhyth and hangs them up on the appropriate hooks. Sirhyth moves easily past his rider and heads to bump his nose gently against Kyramith’s shoulder, his warm breath a puff of air offered down to Jet. << She is unwell after? >> he asks, his mental blanket of shadows offered as a loose drape against the greens mind. M’tan ruffles at the back of his neck, moving closer now that he sees the dark shape of Jet within Kyramith’s arms. “You want me to stay?” he asks, trying to gauge her mood with a glance to the firelizards that can be her ‘tell’ with the colors of their own eyes.

Jet lifts a gentle hand to run careful fingers along the line of Sirhyth’s jaw, murmuring a warm, “Hello, you,” that manages to swallow up the anger and worry in the swirling yellows and oranges of her firelizards’ eyes. Kyramith tilts her head to nudge her nose in against her mate’s neck, uncertainty rippling through mauve-tinted skies licked by flashes of pale lightning. << Perhaps we did the wrong thing, >> she confesses, her voice steeled to a cool practicality. Her rider closes her dark eyes for a moment, looking up at M’tan when she can manage it and not look so sick at the same time. “Always,” she tells him roughly, reaching with that same hand for him. “…I let him live,” Jet utters, swallowing hard. “I know that was the deal. But the way he spoke…” Her lips twist, teeth bared as she hisses, “He //excused// it.” Then: “He laughed. I should have ended him. I should have finished the job. He could still…” Do it again.

M’tan moves to sit himself beside Jet, listening to describe the reason for her anger. He’s quiet for a moment, taking the time to reflect on a solution to the problem presented before them. “You did what was needed by the client,” he offers carefully. “But now we have reason to bait a trap for this man.” He reaches for her hand, grasping her fingers tightly in his. “We play a long game here, with this one,” he tells her, waiting until they make eye contact. “Prolonged. Slow. Painful. Ending him quickly doesn’t teach any others //not// to do as he does. It only ends one problem. We know there are more in the dragonriding circles and beyond. Let’s think how best to make him an example.” Sirhyth curves himself about Kyramith, moving so his head is near to Jet’s hands to offer his support. He lets the mauve-tinted skies touch along his darkness and ease it towards the gray of pre-dawn. << We will make it right >> he decides, twining his tail with hers. << We will make this time better than ours was. >>

There are long moments where Jet doesn’t manage to look at anyone at all, her gaze gone distant while she does her best to shove down the fury that still threatens to escape, her hand holding tight to M’tan’s. Above, Blaze and Inferno give a low trill, encouraging the young queen to join them, successful as the three of them take wing and vanish Between, entrusting the greenrider into the care of mate and dragons. It takes a while before Jet can blink and focus, looking up at M’tan with dangerous kind of misery tainting her features. “You’ll have to tell me what to do,” she states lowly. “I can’t be trusted to let him walk if we cross paths too many times. I nearly finished him. I probably would have, if not for his bronze.” Once the tension in her has eased enough, she smoothes her free hand over Sirhyth’s nose, keeping her touch light and allowing the motion to soothe her. << This time will be ours, >> Kyramith decides, carefully folding her forearms more snugly around their riders, the facets of her eyes slowly easing from yellow to the beginnings of blue.

“You’ve done your duty. We know who he is and where he is now. We’ll keep eyes on him,” M’tan decides, snapping his fingers in the air as if calling something into being. It’s only a few seconds that pass from the snap before Pray appears from Between and moves to perch on M’tan’s leg. He tickles at the brown’s chin and scratches along an eye ridge. “Pray loves to spy on people, don’t you bud?” he asks. “Wild fire lizards find other dragons and ‘lizards interesting, don’t they?” He hmms in the back of his throat and then bumps his shoulder against Jet’s. “If he breaks the rules, we kill him.” He doesn’t seem bothered at all by that statement. Taking a life is that simple sometimes. “If we aren’t careful, we’ll get the reputation of being defenders of what’s right, instead of all that we want.” He leans in to kiss her cheek. Sirhyth keeps himself tucked in close, thrumming in the back of his throat. << That is how it will be >> he agrees with his mate, << Ours and no others. >>

“If he breaks the rules, he’s dead,” Jet agrees, giving the slightest bob of her head. “Then, if he’s hurt women in the way it’s been suggested, maybe one of them will take the opportunity while he’s vulnerable and sort that out for us.” Her lips curl again as she admits, “Much as I’d like to do it myself.” She closes her eyes and turns her head, dropping her forehead down to M’tan’s shoulder for a few moments of silence. “If we earn a reputation for efficiently destroying people who torment others, I can live with that,” she murmurs. “Particularly if it earns us a decent income and makes anyone think twice about getting too close to our family.” Looking up again, she supposes, “Maybe you ought to visit Honshu and listen for their reactions to the state of their Weyrsecond. I’m not sure I’d be able to do it without being tempted to smother him while I was there. At least, not in the next few days.”

“I’ll make my excuses for a visit,” M’tan tells her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and tucking her against him as he presses a kiss to the top of her head. “I’m sure by now there have been rumors of two dragonrider’s taking up residence at this Hold. I’ll make an official visit.” He holds Jet in silence for a time, taking in the scent of her hair, and the feel of her body tucked against his. He stirs after a while and makes his way out of the cocoon of dragon limbs to turn and offer her his hand. “Come, love. Let’s clean up and try to end the day as normal parents.” He waits until her hand is in his, tugging her closer so he can kiss her soundly. “I’m proud of you,” he tells her, “And I love you.” He draws her against his side then, leading her out of their dragons’ ‘room’ and back into the wider world of their home.

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