A Day of Escape

Who: Aerishani, O’rlen, Amorenth, Roreliuth
When: Month 1, 201 AT
Where: Undisclosed Beach
What: Getting away from Honshu for the day.

With the weyrlings settled and the daily schedules at Honshu back to a manageable level, O’rlen has decided to whisk Aerishani away. The Southern Continent is not lacking in hidden beaches so it’s to one on the western coast that Roreliuth leads Amorenth. The beach from above is curved into an S-shape, steep cliffs keeping it isolated from the jungle above (and likely any unwanted animal or human guests). Roreliuth wings himself down near a propped up shelter, the wood and canvas used to generate shade on the otherwise sunny beach clearly having been man-made. O’rlen busies himself with taking down the sacks he’d packed on Rorliueth’s straps and the straps himself as he awaits Aerishani to join him on the white sand shore.

Aershani has spent much of her time in one meeting or another of late, often too tired at the end of the day to do anything more than leave her clothes in a crumpled heap at the foot of the bed she shares with O’rlen and crawl beneath the covers with him, sleepily reaching for him in the mornings to prove that her desire for him has diminished none despite her exhaustion. Touching down on the shore, Amorenth stretches as she folds her wings, the rusty highlights along brow and shoulders glinting in the sunlight. She lets her rider slip down from her straps and methodically remove them without interfering, though then she shoves her head against Aerishani’s chest, affection given while none but her mate and his rider will see, before turning to move smoothly towards the water.

O’rlen moves to take the gear from Aerishani once he’s settled Roreliuth to let the bronze trail after his mate. He moves to stash it in the shelter, tucked neatly to the side. He shucks off his shirt and lets the sunlight gleam on his muscled chest. “I should’ve gotten some of that cream the healer’s use to prevent burn,” he notes as he glances to his rather pale and freckled body with a quick smile. “But I’ll risk it,” he adds as he winks up at her. He sits himself down in the sand to shuck off his boots and socks, rolling up his pants. “You want to swim?” he asks her, looking towards the lapping waves not too far off. “We could join once those two have scared all the fish away.”

“I think you just want to burn so you can lie there and look sad and have me rub things on you,” Aerishani accuses through a light ripple of laughter, flopping down to the sand to do nothing more than lie there for a moment or two, ignoring the fact that it gets into her hair. She doesn’t seem too concerned about modesty, lifting a leg straight up to undo her laces and throw shoes behind her, one after the other, the pastel skirts of her sundress fanned out around her. “I’d love to swim,” she agrees, “but you might have to rescue me if we get out too deep. I, er…” Her blush has nothing whatsoever to do with the sunshine. “I only learned after I Impressed. Not had much practice.” Tipping onto her side, she slides a hand up O’rlen’s arm and to his shoulder, meaning to coax him down to her, seeking a kiss. “Thank you for thinking of this.”

“Truly? I’ll have to take you to the beach more often,” O’rlen tells her as he eases down beside her, easily tucking his body slightly over hers and bracing himself on one arm as he reaches down to capture a soft kiss. “There are plenty of fun things to do in an ocean,” his eyes are dancing with unconstrained mischief. “That don’t involve much swimming at all.” He falls to kissing her more, his hand idly making it’s way up that sundress before he stops himself and lazily sprawls beside Aerishani. He tucks his hands behind his head and gazes up at the blue, cloudless, sky. “It’s important to take breaks.”

Threading a hand into his hair, Aerishani can’t help but smile as O’rlen kisses her again, sighing softly as his hand wanders up her dress, only to make much of giving a dramatic huff of frustration when he stops. She grins, letting her head loll to one side so that she can look across at him and suggest, “You’ll have to teach me,” in a murmur. “I don’t think showing me what it’s like to enjoying sharing a bed has been too much of a chore, has it?” she teases gently. Carefully, she inches herself around to set her head down on his chest, lying at a right angle to him. “Are you okay?” she asks, a weight to her words that suggests she doesn’t mean right this moment. “Is there anything I can do to make things easier for you?”

“Nothing’s hard for me, love,” O’rlen’s response is easy as he moves one hand to pillow his head and the other to curve over Aerishani’s body as she settles against his chest. “People are healing. There’s faith getting restored. Once this business with Lady Silverfield is finished, we can go on and enjoy watching the weyrlingss join our Weyrhold.” He toys with a strand of her hair, rolling his fingers around it idly as he grows quiet. “What about you? What more do you need? I’m hopeful that that Mersia can become a solid junior to you. We need a proper gold support system for you and Amorenth.” He wriggles his shoulders in the sand and laughs. “Why are we talking about business? We should be swimming, sleeping, or…,” he lets his hand wander to playfully grasp at her rear. “Other fun things.”

“If the decision is to let her Hold, I don’t know whether Amorenth will be proud that her daughter gets to be different or annoyed that she’ll not be within her grasp,” Aerishani quietly muses, closing her eyes. “There’s also the matter of whether she should be permitted to marry or not, as a Holder, since she’s also undeniably a rider. And if //she// is allowed…” That’s a whole other matter that needs dealing with. She shakes her head a little and insists, “Me? I don’t need anything. Well, except to feel like less of a fraud, training a junior when I’m not sixth months out from my own training.” It’s not a thought she wishes to dwell on, so she sits herself up and clambers to her feet, pulling her sundress over her head to leave her in only a slip of an excuse for underwear encircling her hips. “Would you like to show me how to swim?” she asks with a tiny smirk.

O’rlen’s body pauses when Aerishani makes mention of marriage and he has to avert his gaze from her to hide the secretive smile that surfaces. He looks back once he’s controlled his features and loses all sense when he takes in the sight of her body before him. “It’ll be hard to focus,” he tells her as he rises to his feet and reaches for her. It’s a sharp tug to her hip and a tip of her chin upwards so he can claim her lips in a fierce kiss. He holds her close against him and kisses her until he has to move back for breath. He holds on to her hand and walks them down the beach towards the water. He’ll hold on to her hand as they move into the waves, the buoyancy of the water making it easier to bob in the water than that of a lake. “Do you know how to float on your back?” he asks as he looks to her with a smile.
“Focus isn’t important,” Aerishani blithely claims, too pleased with the response the shedding of her clothes has garnered from O’rlen to truly care about much else, so she lets him grab her and matches his fierceness with her own as she slides her hands to his backside to press herself closer, relenting moments later to twine her arms about his neck instead until they must part for air. “I know how to float,” she answers once they’re in the water, tightening her hold on his hand. “And I sort of know how to tread water, but it’s mostly an ungraceful sort of flailing, really,” is admitted with a wry smile, her eyes bright. “And I know that you wouldn’t be able to tell me to stop if I spent some time on my knees in the shallows.”

O’rlen’s face flushes from Aerishani’s suggestion and not the glint of the sun against the waters. “You’re determined to make me think of nothing else today?” he asks her with a husky laugh, his hand reaching to tug her closer. “Let’s swim first. We can delay the fun. It’ll be more delicious to have you after I’ve thought of nothing else for an entire day. And when you are through with me on your knees I’ll show you how much fun the water can be for us together.” He encourages her to float, angling his body so he can gently nudge her rear and back to help her maintain a casual float. Once she’s floating, he tips himself back and does the same. Every now and then he pumps arms and legs to keep his body up. Eventually he dips himself down beneath the water and swims around, keeping himself beneath the waves for long enough to encourage Aerishani to wonder when and where he’ll surface.

Not confident enough in the water to completely relax, Aerishani manages to make floating look like an effort for a good while, fighting against the pull of the waves just when she shouldn’t, until she finally realises that neither Amorenth nor O’rlen are going to let her drown and makes herself control her breathing enough that some of the tension leaves her. She startles when he vanishes, tipping herself back up to scrabble for the ocean floor, only to find that she has to tread water instead, which, as promised, is not a particularly graceful affair, though she manages to keep her head above water and turns herself about, lunging at where she thinks he’s going to reappear, only to be such a complete failure at finding him that she just starts splashing about instead, laughing as she calls to him to, “Cut it out!”

O’rlen does not ‘cut it out’ – at least, not fast enough to make it //seem// like he listened to her laughing call. Around and around he swims about her flailing body, bubbles only escaping his lips as he can’t hold back his laughter any longer. He’s cruel enough to reach for her and take her under the water with him before he surfaces with her in his arms. His laughter is a spluttering of water as he tips his head back to take in a gulp of air. He’s got one firm arm about her middle as he treads water backwards until his feet can touch the bottom. He keeps his arm about her as he grins at her, water slooshing down his face and grin far too wide to be completely innocent in his prank of her. “Shall we stop swimming and you can go and show me what it may be like to have you kneel in the sand?” he teases her, eyes glinting with humor.

Aerishani shrieks as she’s pulled under the water, though she just about manages to avoiding inhaling any of the stuff, surfacing with a litany of curses on her lips for him, employing creative language like O’rlen has yet to hear from her, unrepentant in that and how she splashes him further as he drags her back to safety. With her feet finally touching the ocean floor again, she turns to futilely shove at him, telling him, “Maybe you should be the one on your knees, after that!” Yet she’s true to her word and then some, the water lapping at the tops of her thighs as she shows him some other creative things she can do with her mouth, slowly and in absolutely no hurry at all, her revenge enacted in her refusal to give him what he wants on his terms and only on hers. And if she does it looking all too innocently up at him the whole time, maybe it’s just to give him time to think of exactly how to get rid of that look and make her curse him again instead.

The day can’t all be spent love-making — yet O’rlen makes it clear that it is a huge focus of the trip. Between kisses and eager touches, he’ll make sure that they break for food (the finest he could find), for drink (bubbly wine and juices), and for napping (in the shade so that he does not burn). It will be hard to leave once the sun begins to set, yet leave they will as the dragons wake from the own naps and O’rlen puts straps and the remaining gear of the day on Roreliuth. When they return home, O’rlen hopes that Aerishani has less stress weighing on her shoulders. He certainly has the air of a well satisfied, well rested, man when he returns to his duties the next day.

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