Vignette: A New Song

Who: Aerishani and Amorenth
When: Month 9, 200 AT
Where: Aerishani’s Weyr, Honshu Weyrhold
What: Amorenth will rise soon.

Well, that was it, wasn’t it?

Amorenth glowed, leaving no doubt as to which of its remaining queens Honshu would look to until disaster or death took them. Her lifemate would rise and claim the territory that she already thought of as hers, and with it she would take away any chance Aerishani had of living her own life. She didn’t resent the call to serve or that Amorenth was only doing what was natural, but that the prospect of having someone who loved her for her and not because she was a Weyrwoman and a queenrider; the prospect of having children and a family to call her own… retreated further and further into the distance the more she came to grips with what her future would be like.

And the flight itself…

The men she’d taken to bed just to get the whole thing over and done with had been intoxicated enough not to care that she was Fortian and Amorenth’s and inexperienced. They’d got what they wanted out of the experience and promptly slept, leaving her to flee the scene and put herself back together, trying to ease the distance she’d created between mind and body to endure it.

Amorenth had detested it.

She had detested it.

The flight was unlikely to be any better, she knew, though at least she’d forced herself into the act enough times that it was unlikely to hurt as much as it would otherwise. If it was C’aol… There was something about him that made her believe he would take pleasure in hurting her. She was determined not to give him that satisfaction, even if it meant she had to pretend and tend her aches in private. At least it wasn’t expected that she share her bed with her Weyrleader unless she chose to. Maybe it would be a bronze or brownrider with a weyrmate and they’d leave her well enough alone to nurse a heart broken before she’d ever had a chance to use it properly for herself. For others? That was a different matter.

<< You are not broken; you are Other, as I am. >>

I don’t want to be alone my whole life, Amorenth. I love you, but I want someone to love Aerishani, not Honshu’s Weyrwoman or the queenrider or the Harper or the… spy. She’d heard the tales so often, sometimes she was convinced they were true. I don’t want to be bedded for a rank or used every couple of years when you rise.

Amorenth considered this, yet she was resolute in her belief. << You have no need of mortal men. They will never understand you as I do. You are special and pure and mine and you should not have sullied yourself by letting common hands touch you. >>

And when you rise?

<< When I rise, we will be together. It will be different. Should any harm you, they will pay dearly, for then they will be mine to do with as I please. >>

We serve, Amorenth.

<< I will serve and they will learn and no-one will hurt what is ours. >>

Aerishani sighed and closed her eyes, pressing herself closer to rich gold hide that shone in the darkness of a weyr still tainted by smoke.

<< Sing for me, >> Amorenth requested, trying her best not to make it a command.

And because she tried and because everything was about to change… she did.

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